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Green/Purple Clear Karakasa Tattoo Man

Toy Art Gallery has announced a new edition addition to Secret Base x Three Tides Tattoo x Toy Art Gallery's Karakasa Tattoo Man. The Green/Purple Clear edition features intricate decal work on the arms, legs and face on clear vinyl. The figure stands approximately 7.5 inches tall. It will be available this Friday (June 1st 2018) at Noon PT via TAG for $130.00.

The Breakfast Bears from Kasey Tararuj

Kasey Tararuj - aka One-Eyed Girl - will be debuting a series of Scratch 'N Sniff toys at this weekend's Five Points Fest (Brooklyn, NY). The first set - The Breakfast Bears - consists of Pancake Bear, Need More Coffee Bear, Bacon Bear, Donut Bear, Cinnabun Bear, and Waffle Bear. These will be available, with other pieces, at Booth #532.

When you touch or "scratch" the bellies of each figure, it activates the delicious and realistic scent of each food. Pancakes smell like maple syrup, bacon smells like bacon, cinnabun smells like cinnamon, etc. It's a fun way to make the pieces more interactive and who doesn't love to smell their favorite foods any time of day!? The scent will last for hundreds of scratches. To make the scent last longer, avoid hard or excessive scratching or rubbing. A gentle brush is all you need to release the scent.

Steel Detective Batman from 3A Toys

The final Batman in the DC Steel Age line, Steel Detective is a pre-made, limited edition of 300 pieces that are currently available to purchase at Bambaland. The Steel Detective edition stands approx 14 inches tall and features LED illuminated eyes, 50 points of articulation including fingers and segmented neck armor, with cloth fabric outfit, utility belt, and cape evoking the classic Silver Age look. Designed by Ashley Wood, you can pick one up for $240.00 (worldwide shipping included).

The Steel Detective Batman figure features the following:

  • Two Batarangs
  • Fabric Outfit with Cloth Scalloped Cape
  • Faux-Leather Lace-up Boots
  • Flexible Armored Pauldrons
  • LED Illuminated Eyes

Early Bird SUM Pre-order at Five Points Fest

Plaseebo has announced that the first edition vinyl SUM figure will be available for pre-order from the PLANET-X booth #328 at this weekend's Five Points Fest (June 2 and 3 2018). The early birds - on Friday and Saturday - who place a pre-order will receive a signed original ink sketch by artist Bob Conge on the inside of a SUM 8” x 10" header card.

Below are a few of the available signed original drawings:

50 Years of The Outer Space Men at Five Points Festival

Hitting the scene in 1968 and licensed to Colorforms, The Outer Space Men were a group of seven bendable action figures designed by toy inventor Mel Birnkrant. Each of the original seven figures represented beings from other planets in our solar system including Alpha 7, The Man From Mars; Astro-Nautilus, The Man From Neptune; Commander Comet, The Man From Venus; Colossus Rex, The Man From Jupiter; Electron+, The Man From Pluto; Orbitron, The Man From Uranus; and Xodiac - The Man From Saturn.

After their initial success, they faded from the public eye in 1969 after man walked on the moon. It was in 2008 that wall street executive and co-owner of The Outer Space Men, Gary Schaeffer, published the long-awaited graphic novel reintroducing a whole new generation to The Outer Space Men world. With the huge success of the graphic novel, Birnkrant and Schaeffer issued a license to the four horsemen studios (seventh kingdom, mythic legions, masters of the universe) and released a new series of action figures.

To celebrate 50 years of The Outer Space Men, Clutter Studios has produced an 8-foot tall Colossus Rex. The monster figure will be on display at Five Points Festival this weekend (June 2nd and 3rd) at Booth #924.

Tomenosuke: Sofubi Flesh Gordon Pistol OG Color

Tomenosuke has another release that will please fans of 1970's cult classic films - this one being from 1974's Flesh Gordon (no...not Flash Gordon). The new sofubi Flesh Gordon Pistol OG Colorway will be released on Friday June 1st 2018 at 11:00am JST (May 31st at 10pm ET). The 8-inch long weapon (?) will be an edition size of 80 pieces in this color version. It will retail for 9,980JPY (about $90).

Tenacious Toys at 5 Points Festival

Tenacious Toys will be bringing a number of exclusives and hard-to-find imports to Five Points Festival (Brooklyn) on June 2nd and 3rd 2018. 

They will have the following items available in limited quantities...

Nerviswr3k Inner Child Purple Deluxe Set (includes a matching purple resin Pill Drone, deluxe stickered box and included original art from Nerviswr3k) - 20 sets - $85 each.
Nerviswr3k Red Switchface Pill Drone (resin Pill Drone set which features 4 magnetic interchangeable faces) - 5 available - $75 each.
Little Miss Pressure Pot Gray by UME Toys (2.5" tall resin figure from UK artist Rich Page) - 10 available - $30 each.
Vader Moth 13" resin sculptures by Forces of Dorkness - Limited to 5 pieces in 5 unique colorways - $100 each.
Bluenose Danger Dog 2" resin figure by Mike NEMO Mendez - Limited to 3 pieces - $40 each. (Blanks also available for $20 each)
Tenacious Toys snapback cap - Available in 6 different color combos - Special show price of $15 each. 
▪ Assortment of 1:35 and 1:12 Mechatro WeGos (Japan)
▪ DC XXRAY figures by Mighty Jaxx (Singapore)
▪ YOX by JT Studio (Taiwan)
▪ Bobby & his Shoe Collection by ANATOY (South Korea)

The One:12 Collective Logan

Mezco Toyz has released the One:12 Collective Logan figure for pre-order. The One:12 Collective Logan figure invokes his rugged and feral nature. He features three head portraits, a cowboy hat, a dog tag, a fitted tank-top with jeans, a belt with a western-style buckle, a leather-like jacket with a functional zipper, and cowboy boots. Logan comes with six interchangeable hands - both with and without his trademark claws extended.

The figure is currently available to pre-order, priced at $80.00. It will ship between November 2018 and January 2019.

The One:12 Collective Logan figure features the following:

  • Three head portraits
  • Pair of fists
  • Pair of clawed fists
  • Pair of posing hands (L&R)
  • Tailored tank-top
  • Belt with western-style buckle
  • Jeans
  • Leather-like jacket
  • Cowboy boots
  • Dog tag
  • One:12 Collective display base with logo
  • One:12 Collective adjustable display post

Hulu announces 26 Episode Uglydolls Series

Hulu is further expanding its library of family programming, inking a deal with Robert Simonds' STX Entertainment for the Uglydolls franchise. The deal includes a 26-episode series order of Uglydolls to be developed and produced as an animated kids series for Hulu, as well as the exclusive SVOD rights to the upcoming animated feature film following its theatrical run. Hulu will be the streaming home to both the series and the film in the U.S., with STX retaining the international rights.

STXtv will take on the dual role of studio and producer for the new animated kids series, which will be based on the animated feature Uglydolls already in the works at STXfilms for a 2019 theatrical release.

SUM’s US debut at Five Points Festival

From PLANET-X and PLASEEBO, the SUM vinyl figure will make its US debut at the PLANET-X booth (#328) at the Clutter Five Points Festival in Brooklyn on June 2nd & 3rd 2018. A few one of a kind SUM hand-paints signed by artist Bob Conge will be available at the show, followed by the general release in July. SUM has a switched internal color-changing LED unit with replaceable batteries and inset glass eyes.