Balloon Dogs and Gummy Bears…Oh My!

Mighty Jaxx has released their colored Balloon Dogs and Gummi Bears from the Funny Anatomy series designed by Jason Freeny and manufactured by Hong Kong based 4D Famemaster. They're releasing a total of 21 new products...all listed below.

There's the 8-inch tall Clear Balloon Dog Funny Anatomy (above left), which will feature four clear colorways: Clear Pink; Clear Yellow; Clear Purple; Clear Green. And the 8-inch tall Metallic Balloon Dog Funny Anatomy (above right) will include three colorways: Metallic Teal; Metallic Pink; Metallic Dark Blue.

The 4.25-inch tall Baby Clear Balloon Dog Funny Anatomy (above left) includes a trio of colorways: Clear Blue; Clear Pink; Clear Orange. And the 4.25-inch tall Baby Metallic Balloon Dog Funny Anatomy (above right) is made up of four colorways: Metallic Pink; Metallic Blue; Metallic Teal; Metallic Red.

Finally, they've released the 8.5-inch tall Clear Gummi Bear Funny Anatomy (above left), which includes four colorways: Clear; Clear Yellow; Clear Green; Clear Red. And the 4.25-inch Baby Clear Gummi Bear Funny Anatomy (above right) consists of three colorways: Clear Green; Clear Orange; Clear Red.

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