POP! TV: Saved By the Bell

You’ll be able to collect the entire Bayside High School gang, since Funko has announced the upcoming release of the POP! TV: Saved By the Bell series. Before Dustin Diamond’s … Read More

NYCC15: 2015 Designer Toy Awards Ceremony

The 5th Annual Designer Toy Awards will be taking place on the night of Saturday, October 10th 2015. Doors will open at 8PM at the Hudson Terrace (621 West 46th St. NYC). The venue is … Read More

Vinyl Sugar’s Batman Dorbz Series 1

Vinyl Sugar has announced a slew of new Batman Dorbz figures. The Batman Dorbz Series 1 includes the blue-suited Batman, Joker, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Riddler, and Scarecrow. They’ll be joined … Read More

NYCC15: Funko Exclusives Part 2

Funko has announced another round of 2015 New York Comic Con exclusives. These will be available at the Funko Booth – #722 from October 8th through 11th. The offering includes figures from their Funko’s Pop!, … Read More

NYCC15: Argonaut Resins’ HugaBugs

Argonaut Resins has a new project that will be making its debut at New York Comic Con 2015. The HugaBugs will be a freebie for little kids that stop by the Argo … Read More

Mass Effect TITANS: The Normandy Collection

Titan Merchandise and Bioware have announced a new series of Mass Effect TITANS will be released in 2016.  The Mass Effect TITANS: The Normandy Collection is a series of blind-boxed 3-inch tall … Read More

DHP – Apalala Teaser

Devils Head Productions is teasing a new sofubi vinyl toy that’s in the work. It goes by the name Apalala, and you can read a little more in the cryptic story … Read More

KiKi the Tree Hugger – Silver Woods Edition

The folks at Flat Bonnie have created a new character for the Big Bad Wolf store in Hawaii. His name is KiKi the Tree Hugger. He has magic leaves in his … Read More

The Grim News for Grimskull

I rarely “get” why certain Kickstarter projects succeed and others fail. But I thought, for sure, that October Toys’ Grimskull toy from the Skeleton Warriors line would sail past its … Read More

NYCC15: Troopin Sane Wood Prints

SubUrban Vinyl has teamed up with John Grayson to give his original sold out silk screen Troopin Sane print the wood treatment. These wood prints, printed by Prints On Wood … Read More

Meisho Movie Realization Star Wars Line

Bluefin has dropped word of impending US release of the Meisho Movie Realization Star Wars Line by Tamashii Nations. The line pays homage to the Samurai aesthetic and reimagines several Imperial characters … Read More

NYCC15: NYCC Exclusive Liberty Purridge Plush

Furry Feline Creatives has announced their 2015 New York Comic Con Exclusive – the Liberty Purridge Plush. The 8-inch tall exclusive plush is dressed up in the spirit of New … Read More