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NYCC15: MOTU By the Power of Grayscale Edition


Super7 and Mattel have announced the By the Power of Grayscale Edition of their Masters of the Universe 3.75″ Action Figures. The retro 3.75-inch inspired figures will feature five points of articulation and come packaged on a classic-styled blister card with an accessory. Characters will include He-Man, Skeleton, Beast Man, and Mer-Man. They'll be available exclusively from Super7 at New York Comic Con 2015, via Booth #174 for $15.00 each.


NYCC15: Tenacious Toys Exclusives


Tenacious Toys has announced their 2015 New York Comic Con Exclusives, which includes both custom toys and resin figures from around the world. Tenacious Toys will be at Booth #208 in The Block. Other members of the same booth include: Suburban Vinyl, Bigshot Toyworks, Nugglife, Furry Feline Creatives, Manly Art, Cash Cannon, Playful Gorilla and Hungryghost. 

Some of the exclusives that you'll be able to pick up are listed (in order of pictured) below:

  • Mini Grayskull 1-inch resin figures by ETC Toys: 8 pieces - $5.00 each
  • Oop Blue 2.5-inch resin figures by Matt Obscure Perez: 15 pieces - $35.00 each
  • Beats Series Part 6: MPC 3000 LE by Patrick Wong: 6 pieces - $45.00 each
  • Codename Hulk by Sekure D: OOAK - $300.00
  • Kid Blob 1 & 2 by Sekure D: OOAK - $325.00 each
  • Totem Fatcap by Sekure D: OOAK - $200.00
  • Geekwok in Blue Carbonite 4.5-inch resin figure by UME Toys: 10 pieces - $55.00 each
  • Batty 3-inch Dunny custom by Wuz One: OOAK - $95.00
  • Turk 3-inch Dunny custom by Wuz One: OOAK - $85.00

POP! TV: Saved By the Bell


You'll be able to collect the entire Bayside High School gang, since Funko has announced the upcoming release of the POP! TV: Saved By the Bell series. Before Dustin Diamond's checkered personal life and Elizabeth Berkley's unique choice in films (add Dustin Diamond into that category as well), Zack Morris, A.C. Slater, Screech, Kelly Kapowski, Jessie Spano, and Lisa Turtle roamed the halls of everyone's favorite fictional school. Look for them all to drop in November 2015.


NYCC15: 2015 Designer Toy Awards Ceremony


The 5th Annual Designer Toy Awards will be taking place on the night of Saturday, October 10th 2015. Doors will open at 8PM at the Hudson Terrace (621 West 46th St. NYC). The venue is located a mile from the Javett's Convention Center, so those attending New York Comic Con will be a hop, skip, and jump away.

This year's DTA ceremony will again be hosted by Jesse Snider, a TV and radio host as well as comic book writer, voice-over actor, and rock musician. Snider has previously hosted MTV2 Rock and The MTV2 Rock Countdown, as well as shows on Fuse TV and HBO.

Attending the ceremony is completely free, although you MUST register to attend in advance- you can do that here. Also, they're offering a Fan VIP Pass, which is included with the purchase of either a Goodie Bag (filled with at least $70 worth of goods) for $50.00.

Vinyl Sugar’s Batman Dorbz Series 1


Vinyl Sugar has announced a slew of new Batman Dorbz figures. The Batman Dorbz Series 1 includes the blue-suited Batman, Joker, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Riddler, and Scarecrow. They'll be joined in a November 2015 release alongside the newest Dorbz Ridez - the 1966 Batmobile. Yes, that Batman has a slightly different looking cowl (I prefer the 1966 look). And I'm assuming you'll be able to swap out characters from the Dorbz Ridez.


NYCC15: Funko Exclusives Part 2


Funko has announced another round of 2015 New York Comic Con exclusives. These will be available at the Funko Booth - #722 from October 8th through 11th. The offering includes figures from their Funko's Pop!, ReAction, and Hikari lines and fromVinyl Sugar.

  • Pop! TV: Sesame Street - Flocked Cookie Monster
  • Pop! Hanna Barbera: Series 2 - Ricochet Rabbit Pink
  • Pop! Games: Fallout - Power Armor (Unmasked)
  • Pop!: Stan Lee - Superhero 
  • Pop! Star Wars: Chrome TIE Fighter Pilot 
  • Pop! Movies: Penguins of Madagascar - Rico w Mallet
  • Pop! Disney - Cars: Mint Condition Mater
  • Pop! Tees: Star Wars Episode VII - Captain Phasma 
  • Pop! Tees: Stan Lee - Stan on Empire State Building 
  • Pop! Tees: Freddy Funko - Freddyzilla NY
  • ReAction: Universal Monsters - Black & White Creature from the Black Lagoon
  • ReAction: Terminator 2 - T1000 Frozen Patrolman
  • Vinyl Idolz: Shaun of the Dead - Bloody Alive Ed
  • Vinyl Idolz: Shaun of the Dead - Bloody Shaun
  • Marvel Dorbz: Thunderbolt Punisher
  • Dorbz: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Black & White 4-Pack
  • Hikari: My Little Pony - Glitter Color Storm Rainbow Dash
  • Hikari: Star Wars - Starfield Bossk

NYCC15: Argonaut Resins’ HugaBugs


Argonaut Resins has a new project that will be making its debut at New York Comic Con 2015. The HugaBugs will be a freebie for little kids that stop by the Argo Booth #402. There will be a very limited amount of these spongy squeezable hand-cast foam bug figurines.


The HugaBugs measure 2-inches tall and are based on the earlier released Mariposa resin figures. They will come in various pastel colors (as can be seen in the photo above). The all new soft Hugabugs have no wings but all of them will glow in the dark.


Mass Effect TITANS: The Normandy Collection


Titan Merchandise and Bioware have announced a new series of Mass Effect TITANS will be released in 2016.  The Mass Effect TITANS: The Normandy Collection is a series of blind-boxed 3-inch tall figures designed by Matt Jones (Lunartik). The above pictured characters are among those that you can pull, plus there are 4 hidden chase figures for you to hunt and collect.'ll need to wait until 2016 for these.

DHP – Apalala Teaser


Devils Head Productions is teasing a new sofubi vinyl toy that's in the work. It goes by the name Apalala, and you can read a little more in the cryptic story below...then tell me what it's talking about. Thanks.

The 'Ta fang hsi-yu chi' by Hsuan-tsang (a Chinese scholar who wrote about India) tells the story of Apalala. Kasyapa Buddha was a man with the power to control the weather. He did so by controlling the evil dragons that possessed the power to bring storms. In return for his good will in controlling these storms, the local people offered him grain. Eventually, the people started to forget to offer the grain and Kasyapa grew angry. He prayed that he would become a dragon, so that he could punish them for their selfish behavior.

This prayer was eventually granted and after his death he became the dragon Apalala. He made his home in a pond in Udhyana (an old name for the area of the Swat valley). He destroyed the area with powerful storms and rain. This continued every crop season until Sakyamuni Buddha visited the area. He persuaded Apalala that what he was doing was wrong. They came to an agreement where Apalala would stop his destruction in return for one crop every twelve years. Rather than relying on the people to provide the offering, he would take it himself by flooding the land.

KiKi the Tree Hugger – Silver Woods Edition


The folks at Flat Bonnie have created a new character for the Big Bad Wolf store in Hawaii. His name is KiKi the Tree Hugger. He has magic leaves in his bag that allow him to walk on the smallest of branches without hurting the tree. The Big Bad Wolf store will have their grand opening on Sunday October 11th 2015. They're currently taking pre-orders for the 12-inch tall KiKi the Tree Hugger on their website (link above).

KiKi the Tree Hugger - Silver Woods Edition will be a run of 10 pieces. You can currently pre-order one for $45.00. All orders will be shipping out beginning on October 15th.