Inner Child by Nerviswr3k

SubUrban Vinyl has announced the release details of Nerviswr3k’s first designer vinyl figure – Inner Child. The 4-inch tall figure features 2 points of articulation – at the arms – and comes packed … Read More

“To The Candy Kaijyu Planet” Microbus

Tomenosuke has announced the third colorway of  Aya Kakeda’s Microbus. The glow-in-the-dark “To The Candy Kaijyu Planet” Microbus sofubi has been created through hand-coating, without the use of a spray mask. This version … Read More

Elephantos: Outbreak Edition

From turboPISTOLA, the Elephantos: Outbreak Edition resin figures made their way to the Days of the Dead: Atlanta horror convention this past weekend. Each figure is cast in resin and finished with multiple paint … Read More

REVIEW: Mutant Mania

Background Mutant Mania is a new series of mix and match wrestler toys from Australia-based Moose Toys. The figure is made up of four pieces – the head, torso, legs, … Read More

Vinyl Sugar: Vinyl Vixens

Funko’s Vinyl Sugar division has announced yet another series of vinyl toys – the Vinyl Vixens. Apparently, these are female figures…and they obviously have the DC Comics license as seen … Read More

The Big Bang Theory 3.75-inch Action Figures

Bif Bang Pow! has announced that they will be producing a series of 3.75-inch action figures based on characters from The Big Bang Theory. They’ve also produced an 8-inch MEGO  style … Read More

Scott Tolleson’s Weishaupt

Scott Tolleson has released a limited (small) run of his Weishaupt figure. These are sculpted by Double Parlour and the artist, and painted by Scott Tolleson. Each 6-inch tall figure … Read More

Tricera-Tank Release Info

Galaxxor and Goodleg Toys have teamed up on a limited edition run of Tricera-Tank figures. The 5.5-inch tall resin figure features three points of articulation (shoulders and tail) and will include … Read More

Toy Break 24 Hour Stream

The Toy Break crew will be embarking on another epic 24 hour live stream beginning today (Friday February 6th 2015) at 5PM PST. The event will include guests, artists, toys, … Read More

The Creature From The Black Lagoon Living Dead Doll

From the depths of the Black Lagoon, Mezco Toyz presents The Creature From The Black Lagoon Living Dead Doll. Featuring an all new body and face sculpt, the scaled terror … Read More

Toy Break Episode 343: Overusing It

Toy Break returns for an episode that features Ayleen and George on the Toy Break couch. Episode 343: Overusing It, features closer looks at Willo, Geoffrey and Brighton, Bebop and … Read More

CCC’s Fidelia: Filia Moon Firefly Faerie

Charles’ Creature Cabinet is taking pre-orders for the Fidelia: Filia Moon Firefly Faerie ball-jointed doll. The large 30cm (almost 12-inch) tall limited edition GID White Full Set includes: Face-up, tiny wooden CCC accessories box, random … Read More