Makerbot – Dynamic Uglydolls and Ugly Enviroments

Uglydoll Dynamic

In addition to the individual figures we previewed a few weeks back, Uglydoll and MakerBot have collaborated on several other 3D printable collectibles featuring four of the most popular characters - Babo, Wage, Ice-Bat, and Ox.

The Dynamic Uglydolls feature: Babo Delivers Treats, Wage Hits The Beach, Ice-Bat Takes Flight, and Ox Sails The High Seas. The digital file to create a figure is $1.29 each.

The Uglydoll Environments are: Babo's Cookie Otaku, Wage's Play-All-Day Toys, Ice-Bat's Organic Ice Stand, and Ox's Home-A-Loan. The digital file to create a figure is $2.49 each.

Uglydoll Environments

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