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Froggy Hat Cavey

Cavey Froggy

The Froggy Hat Cavey will go on sale in the Cavey Shop on Monday June 2nd 2014 at 3PM ET. Limited to 50 numbered pieces, the Froggy Hat Cavey is made from hot pink fleece with an emerald green froggy hat and features a pair of moving googly eyes. Each one comes with a black enamel Cavey badge and a clear vinyl Cavey Cube carry bag. You'll be able to pick up one of your own for £16.00 (around $27).

DC Comics Vinyl-Cubed

Funko Vinyl Cubed

The newest line from Funko is called Vinyl3 (or Vinyl Cubed). It features 2.5" tall interchangeable magnetic figures. As you can see above, the head, arms, body and legs can be disassembled and then swapped with other Vinyl3 figures via magnets or pegs.

Funko Vinyl Cubed Aquaman
Funko Vinyl Cubed Batman
Funko Vinyl Cubed Bizarro

The DC Comics Vinyl3 series will feature at least 10 characters: Batman (two versions), Aquaman, Bizarro, Superman, Robin, Joker, Harley Quinn, Deathstroke, and Black Manta. Look for them to be available in July 2014.

Funko Vinyl Cubed Superman
Funko Vinyl Cubed Robin
Funko Vinyl Cubed Joker
Funko Vinyl Cubed Harley Quinn
Funko Vinyl Cubed Deathstroke
Funko Vinyl Cubed Black Manta

Vagaries and Transfigure – Stranger Factory in June

Stranger Factory Vagaries

Stranger Factory has two exhibits opening next month - June 2014. Vagaries will feature new work from Carisa Swenson, Allison Sommers, Kelly Denato, and Michelle Lynch. And Transfigure is a new exhibit by Katie Carillo.

Both shows open June 6th 2014 and run through July 6th 2014. An opening reception will take place on Friday, June 6th 2014 from 6PM to 9PM.

Stranger Factory
109 Carlisle Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Scary Larry

Scary Larry 1

NolanJP (fEnJayPee Toys) has announced that the Scary Larry figure is about to head into production. Drawing inspiration from the work of legendary GPK artist John Pound (primarily his early Eerie Eric sketches), the figure will measure around 2.5" tall. Currently in the final stages of production under the watchful eye of Tru:Tek at the DisArt Studios, expect details of the first release (a cheeky homage to Cheap Toys!) to follow next week…

Scary Larry 2

Doctor Who Titans: Regeneration Collection

Doctor Who Titans

Titan Merchandise has announced the upcoming Doctor Who Titans: Regeneration Collection. The set (designed by Matt Jones aka Lunartik) features every numbered Doctor, including the 12th Doctor, as they look in their first (and in one case last) appearances. Plus, also included in the set is The Doctor’s wife - River Song.

Each 3" tall figure is blind-boxed, with some figures including a character-specific accessory. There are 4 hidden chase figures that are a part of the series.