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TAG’s S.U.C.K.L.E. Clear Red Edition

TAG Suckle 1

Today (February 26th 2014) at Noon PT, Toy Art Gallery will release an exclusive edition of The Sucklord and DKE Toys' S.U.C.K.L.E. Mini Figure Series. Each of the 10 PVC figures in the set stands around 2" in height. The Clear Red Edition comes in a clear tub and can be purchased for $20.00 a set.

TAG Suckle 2

RoboCop vs. The Terminator Hardcover and Gallery Edition

RvT Gallery

While we don't talk about comic books that often on the site, this is one of those crossovers that a child of the 1980's couldn't overlook. Dark Horse has announced the re-release, nearly 20 years after its first publication, of Frank Miller and Walter Simonson's RoboCop vs. The Terminator four issue miniseries as a hardcover graphic novel and a gallery edition.

The RoboCop versus The Terminator hardcover graphic novel collection arrives on sale at finer comic shops everywhere on July 2nd 2014 for $24.99. The gallery edition will be available on July 9th 2014 for $125.00.

RvT Hardcover

Fool’s Paradise – Confession Set

Fools Paradise Confesion 1

In what is likely to be their most controversial art piece to date, Fools Paradise has opened the pre-order window (closing March 21st 2014) for their Confession Set. Slated to ship beginning in the third quarter of 2014, these handcrafted pieces can be purchased for $498.00 (includes shipping).

The set stands about 17"in height at the tallest point. Yeah...that would be the half-naked, crucified Stormtrooper girl. It's quite surprising that the suicide lightsaber bear Darth Vader half-naked girl isn't the most shocking element of this piece. Go ahead and discuss.

Fools Paradise Confesion 3
Fools Paradise Confesion 2

Sea Ghost Action Figure

Sea Ghost 2

The Sea Ghost limited edition 8" collectible "maker" action figure is based on the comic book character from Nemo Publishing and done up in classic Mego-style. The original character is designed by Capt'n Eli and Commander X creator Jay Piscopo and handcrafted with the help of Paul "Dr Mego" Clarke.

Preorders for the Sea Ghost Action Figure are now open. Regularly $20.00, you get it a 20% discount when you pre-order. 

Sea Ghost 1

Misfortune Cat Relic Custom

SoKo Cat Misfortune Cat

SoKo Cat has produced a custom 2.5” Misfortune Cat - the Misfortune Cat Relic. Available to purchase for $50.00, below is the story of this mysterious relic...

Although destroyed and rebuilt many times, the Temple of Meowlin has never been fully discovered! Located deep within Meowlin, the Misfortune Cat Relic has been overlooked for nearly two millennium!

Calligraphic inscriptions on the walls reveal that Misfortune Cat Relic was believed to have protected Meowlin Kung Fu students from misfortune in battle, and warded the monastery from the evil dogs in the nearby city of Dogfang.

Young Gohst – Party Favors

Playge Party Favors 1

Playge will release the Young Gohst - Party Favors Japanese vinyl figure from Ferg x Grody Shogun. The figure includes a painted body, clear brain and tongue assembly, head cap and mini strobe (batteries included). Set to be released today (February 24th 2014) at Noon CT, you can order one for $45.00 plus $5.00 shipping (US).

Playge Party Favors 2

New Lines from Lunartik x Titan

Lunartik Beatles

Matt JOnes (Lunartik) has announced - and revealed some photos of - some of the new Titan Merchandise produced vinyl figures he designed. Included are licensed lines including The Beatles, Battlestar Galactica, and Doctor Who Series 5. And, as always, Matt will be signing a limited number of Artists Proofs Figures when the lines are released.

Lunartik Battlestar
Lunartik Doctor Who

REVIEW: Uglydoll: Eat Dat!

Uglydoll Volume 3 EatDat

The third Uglydoll graphic novel from VIZ is called Uglydoll: Eat Dat!. The 80 page full color comic focuses on a central theme - food. Like the first two, David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim have brought it some guest artists to lend their art and narrative to the Uglyverse.

In Volume 3, they are joined by Travis Nichols, Ian McGinty, Phillip Jacobson, Dave Cooper, Joe Ledbetter, and Michael E. Wiggam. With 16 individual stories ranging from a single page to eight pages, the visual and narrative feel of the comic is constantly changing.

For $7.99, and at 80 pages, Uglydoll: Eat Dat! has more of a graphic novel type feel to it (maybe more of a compilation of graphic novellas). Uglydoll fans will be glad to get their hands on the third book in the series, and collectors/fans of the featured artists will enjoy seeing how they tackle someone else's characters.

Toy Break Episode 297: Games!

This week, Ayleen and George have produced a game-centric edition of Toy Break. Episode 297: Games! takes a look at some independent games, like Rivet Wars, Zombicide, and others.

New from Klei Entertainment and ESC-Toy

Klei Entertainment has launched the Klei Store and loaded it with some new collectables in collaboration with toy designer Erick Scarecrow and ESC-Toy.

Don't Starve Blind Box

The store launch highlights include the highly anticipated Don't Starve Blind Box Series. There are 12 figures to collect, with each one measuring around 3.5" in height. Each piece includes its own unique accessory, as well as 1 of 14 random accessories - for a total of two accessories in every box. These can be purchased for $12.99 each.

Klei Mark of the Ninja

The limited edition Mark of the Ninja 8" vinyl features swappable magnetic heads! Based on the award winning game Mark of the Ninja, you can be an unknown, an invisible ghost, or a brutal, silent assassin. You can pick one up for $49.99.