Kickstart Nevermore Toys’ Legendary Monsters

Nevermore Toys, headed by R. Todd Broadwater, has announced that they have started a Kickstarter campaign to help produce the Legendary Monsters, a new line of figures based on creatures from … Read More

2012 PAPAs: Best Blind Box Series

It seems like the blind box craze sort of slowed down in 2012. We didn’t review nearly the amount as previous years. And some series that were previously released blind-boxed … Read More

Legends of MIMOBOT: Presidents’ Day

Mimoco celebrated Presidents’ Day by releasing a pair of USB Flash Drives from their Legends of MIMOBOT collection. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are here to store all of your … Read More

AUTOPSY Night Gamer edition

Plaseebo is pleased to offer the AUTOPSY Night Gamer Edition by Jeremi Rimel of Miscreation. Jeremi re-sculpted the Night Gamers in his signature mortuary slice and stitch technique and hand … Read More

Patient No.6 – Big Gagarin in Rocket

Patient No.6 just finished work on his newest sculpture that he’s called the “Big Gagarin in Rocket”. Measuring in at 9 inches in height, this is a larger version included … Read More

GERM s003 [NUUK] Release – Today

This Squadt appears to be breaking bad…or something like that. The GERM s003 [NUUK] is set to be released today (Monday February 18th 2013) at Noon CT. And edition of … Read More

Release the Z0MZ – Citrus Brute and d20

DynomightNYC has released their January and February Z0MZ figures. The Citrus Brute (January) and d20 (February) are limited to 35 pieces of each design. They measure in at 4 inches … Read More

REVIEW: Ubooly

Background The Ubooly is a newly released plush that allows you to turn your iPod or iPhone into an interactive toy. You’ll just need to download the app from the … Read More

2012 PAPAs: Best Sculpting

Covering so many different figure platforms and types, the sculpting work is likely to vary dramatically. For example, sixth-scale collectibles often have very important face sculpts when they are an … Read More

Toy Break Episode 249: Does Steve Have A Macbook?

Ben returns to the Toy Break couch for this week’s new episode. Episode 249: Does Steve Have A Macbook? takes a closer look at Jaina Solo, Custom Robots, Doktor A … Read More

H.U.S.T.L.E Love Muscle Edition

Following the sell-out general release of H.U.S.T.L.E last week, Tru:Tek of Man-E-Toys is proud to present the latest ultra-limited H.U.S.T.L.E Artist Series: Wave 1 colorway… the Valentine’s themed “Love Muscle” … Read More

2012 PAPAs: Best Packaging

What might be only a barrier to some folks might be a work of art to others. I’m talking about toy packaging. Some people keep their collectibles mint in box…others … Read More