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The Jelly Empire – Bruce Lee Inspired

Jelly Empire set

Selina Briggs (The Jelly Empire) will be releasing a new round of customs in conjunction with Eric and Argonaut Resins. The release will take place this Friday (March 1st 2013) at 2PM ET.

Jelly Empire GHJ
Jelly Empire BLJ

There are two Bruce Lee inspired (one being the Green Hornet and Kato) crossovers sets. Each will be priced at $60.00 (shipping included within the USA) and available at the above link.

Jelly Empire GH
Jelly Empire BLT

Legendary Monsters – Only A Week Left

Legendary Monsters Sepia

The Legendary Monsters Kickstarter campaign has reached 50% of its goal with 9 days to go (Saturday March 9th at 2:36PM EST) . In addition to the glow version added to this campaign, they have decided to offer RETRO "Kickstarter only" versions of the 4 creatures to everyone in limited quantities of 50 each.

They've also added a stretch goal at the $30K level to include a documentary film that will cover the design and production of "Legendary Monsters." This DVD will be included with those that plege a full set of monsters or more.

Post Apocalypse Dunny Series

Kidrobot Post Apocalypse 1

Today (February 28th 2013) marks a wonderfully special day in toy history - another Dunny Series will be released by Kidrobot. Huck Gee's Post Apocalypse Dunny Series features 13 designs in blind boxes. You can pick one up for $9.95 in most every designer toy store listed over there --->

Kidrobot Post Apocalypse 3
Kidrobot Post Apocalypse 4

Troops of Doom Turns 5

troops of doom 5 years

Troops of Doom just turned 5 years old...with 523 comics and 118 extra photos to date. The next five episodes will feature "Become a Troop of Doom" contests where readers can have a character named after them and have a recurring role in the comic.

Troops of Doom is an action figure webcomic featuring GI Joe battling Star Wars for Lego technology. Launched in February 2008 and updated as often as possible Monday to Friday. Check it out for a laugh.

The Tone Tank Fist Hombre

Tone Tank Fist Hombre

The Fist Hombre bootleg action figure is the first full resin piece by Tone Tank. He cast every piece of this figure himself: from its giant.fist head down to its He-Man looking feet. The Fist Hombre comes complete with real knucklehead action. It measures in at 5.5″ tall and is limited to 100 pieces. You can pick one up today for $60.00.

Maintenance Sprogs Mk2s Release

CRose Radcliffe Mk2

Cris Rose will be releasing the first of his new Maintenance Sprogs Mk2s in a classic copper colorway today (Wednesday February 27th 2013) at 6PM London Time (1PM ET) via his store - These are an edition of 5 pieces of each (Radcliffe, Renold, and Rigel) and will retail for $65.00.

CRose Renold Mk2

3 years ago, the first Sprogs were released to the world. Renold, Rigel and Radcliffe were a bunch of little maintenance bots with cheeky personalities and a dumpy persuasion. At the end of last year, they were discontinued - here are their replacements!

Still retaining much of the charm and character of their Mk1 guises, Mk2 sees a major upgrade in robustness and power. Majorly chunky, these boys can lift heavier, twist harder and grab more accurately with their upgraded limbs and are 60% bigger, overall. The resin also sports new articulation at the neck and crown on the front.

CRose Rigel Mk2

Toy Break Episode 251 : Suitable For Having

Sarah Jo joins Ayleen and George for another episode of Toy Break. This week, Episode 251: Suitable For Having shows off some DKE goodies including Bunnywith figures, Jaguar Knight, Temper Tot, and much more.

Regular Show Vannen Watch

Vannen Regular Show

Vannen Watches and Cartoon Network Enterprises announced a partnership that will bring the network's Emmy Award-winning television series Regular Show to wrists everywhere via a line of limited edition watches set to debut next week. Featuring iconic art from the series and designed by Vannen's creative team, the limited edition Regular Show Vannen Watch will be available for sale online at beginning Wednesday, March 6th 2013 at 9AM EST. The collectible watches will be available for $75.00 and limited to 300 pieces.

Buff Monster’s Boob Ball

Buff Monster Boob Ball 1

Buff Monster and 3DRetro are releasing the Boob Ball - Grey Edition.

Buff says:

I'm really excited to be releasing The Boob Ball! I've used the boob ball graphic for many years on stickers and posters. I've always wanted to make it into a toy, and finally 3D Retro came along to make it a reality.

Limited to 150 pieces, look for this version to retail around $35.00. For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.

Buff Monster Boob Ball 2

Custom Urban Vinyl Art Documentary Film

plaseebo dopevinyl kickstarter

Help support the Custom Urban Vinyl Art Documentary Film by J. Ahern and get a shot at picking up this Kickstarter reward.

Plaseebo is donating a Night Gamer figure as a pledge reward to help get this Kickstarter project funded. The reward is now available...although not for long. Remember that there are a number of other great custom pieces available to help get this project funded by Wednesday March 13th 2013 at 1:25pm EDT.