Valentine Fenegrygs

Taylored Curiosities has revealed the Valentine Fenegrygs. Blythe is traditional and waiting for her prince to whisk her off her feet. Jacque is romantic, but in the black roses and horror film … Read More

Adam Bomb Garbage Pail Kids Paper Foldable

Bryan over at Paper Foldables has created this Adam Bomb Garbage Pail Kids Paper Foldable. The guy’s a huge Garbage Pail Kids fan. How do I know? I’ve been at … Read More

Biotron Gashapon Custom Casts

BigManToys has released a limited run of their 3″ tall Gashapon Robotman/Biotron resin figures. This custom cast project is a little nod to Micronauts fans. I’ve used re-cast Blockman pilots … Read More

Argonaut’s Winter WonderLand Resin Series

Argonaut Resins will be releasing a Winter WonderLand resin series featuring their Tuttz Minis, Pharaoh Hounds and Sucio Mice platforms in matching colorways. The drop date for this new series will … Read More

Show Openings: January 22nd to January 28th

Friday January 25th 2013 Star Wars Themed Art Show Friday January 25th 2013 from 8PM to 1AM Guilty Studios 3243 N. San Fernando Rd Los Angeles, CA 90065

3D Sculpted Monster Head Pins

Sam Arshawsky (Garglemesh) has announced the open preorder for Series 1 of the 3D Sculpted Monster Head Pins (sculpted by David Arshawsky, former sculptor of the original Ninja Turtle figure … Read More

Jaguar Knight OG Edition

Jesse Hernandez and Pobber are teaming up to release the Jaguar Knight. Jesse Hernandez’s latest masterpiece is a weapon-wielding warrior from the ancient Aztec military. This 12-inch tall figure includes a a … Read More

Cannibal Fuckface Paper Foldable

Bryan over at Paper Foldables has teamed up with artist Johnny Ryan to produce a “Cannibal Fuckface” Paper Foldable. The character jumps off of the pages of Ryan’s Prison Pit … Read More

Cuddlehard: Fully Engorged Edition Released Tonight

Tonight (January 17th 2013) at 9PM ET, Daniel Smith (turboPISTOLA) will be releasing his newest mini figure from the OMFG! Series 2 line. The Cuddlehard: Fully Engorged Edition is an … Read More

Disney/Pixar: Mystery Minis

Funko has announced their 2.5″ tall Disney/Pixar: Mystery Minis series. The line includes 8 classic Disney characters (each one in 3 different poses). Look for them to drop on February … Read More

Dr. Lakra’s Mutant Laboratory

General Monsters’ first release is a collaboration with artist Dr. Lakra. Dr. Lakra’s Mutant Laboratory puts a little spin on the traditional puzzle. “There is no correct solution. Mutation is the purpose.” With … Read More