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Toy Break Episode 246: RSome!

January Releases from ESC Toy

ESC Classicko Upchuck

On January 25th 2013, ESC Toy will release the Classicko Upchuck by Erick Scarecrow. The hand painted resin figure will be limited to 15 pieces worldwide. Each 6" hand made/painted resin figure comes with one 4" doll vomit clear resin chunk. (Signed and numbered by Erick Scarecrow) The Classicko Upchuck will run $150.00 plus shipping ($1 - US, $25 - Canada, $45 - Worldwide).

ESC Chelly Chainsaw Zora

Released on January 25th 2013 at 11AM ET, the Chelly x Zora Pearl Face by Erick Scarecrow x Frombies will be limited to only 11 pieces in this colorway.  Each 6" tall hand made/painted resin figure is numbered and signed by Erick Scarecrow. It will be available for $100.00 plus shipping ($1 - US, $25 - Canada, $45 - Worldwide).

ESC Meekay

The Meekay Elias Meese custom figure by Erick Scarecrow will drop on January 31st 2013 at 11AM ET. This one-off figure is a 9" tall hand painted vinyl figure and includes a special art print for this release. You'll be able to purchase this one-off piece for $400.00 plus shipping ($1 - US, $25 - Canada, $45 - Worldwide).

ESC WSM Warhol

And the Wet-Suit Maria Warhol edition by Erick Scarecrow is a 6" tall vinyl figure. Limited to 200 pieces worldwide, they will be available on January 31st 2013 at 11AM ET. Included with this release, there will be a limited edition giclee print limited to 20 pieces (so act fast). Pick one up for $45.00 plus shipping ($1 - US, $25 - Canada, $45 - Worldwide).

Onell Design’s February Sneak Peek

Onell February Sneak

Matt from Onell Design has posted up a nice teaser of some of the samples he received from their new February wave. The current projected release date is Friday, February 1st 2013 at 9:30PM EST

These particular color selections pay homage to some of my all time favorite figures from the classic Fisher Price Adventure People line. Can you guess which ones? The detail lines were left off of this run to try and capture that pure "toy" feeling from the old days. Man does that golden orange pop on the pure white! The hue is a close cousin to Glyaxia yellow, with a dash more orange. Some other colors will also be in the mix, with a selection of only certain molds available this time. A full list with specific details will be posted this week.

Flaky Friends Plush

Flaky Friends Professor Foster

Flaky Friends has released a trio of new plush creations. Professor Foster - a 7" tall over-educated community college law professor, Sweet Pea - a 3" tall charming little gal committed to helping her ruffian boyfriend change his bad-boy ways, and Bookworm - a 6" wide geek that loves curling up on your lap and reading along with you late into the night.

Look for these to retail between $6.00 and $10.00 each. For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.

Flaky Friends Sweet Pea
Flaky Friends Bookworm

Valentine Fenegrygs

Taylored Curiosities Fenegrygs Valentines 1

Taylored Curiosities has revealed the Valentine Fenegrygs. Blythe is traditional and waiting for her prince to whisk her off her feet. Jacque is romantic, but in the black roses and horror film kind of way. These two are entirely hand cast, sewn and painted and have hearts on their bums. Each 3.5" tall piece can be purchased for £20.00 (around $32).

Taylored Curiosities Fenegrygs Valentines 2
Taylored Curiosities Fenegrygs Valentines 3

Adam Bomb Garbage Pail Kids Paper Foldable

Adam Bomb Foldable

Bryan over at Paper Foldables has created this Adam Bomb Garbage Pail Kids Paper Foldable. The guy's a huge Garbage Pail Kids fan. How do I know? I've been at his apartment, which has a shrine to the 1980's trading cards...and we used to trade cards back in the day. You can download the PDF directly here.

Also, email Bryan ( a photo of an Adam Bomb Paper Foldable that you printed out for a chance to win one of three, randomly selected, packs of vintage Garbage Pail Kids.

Biotron Gashapon Custom Casts

BigManToys Biotron

BigManToys has released a limited run of their 3" tall Gashapon Robotman/Biotron resin figures. This custom cast project is a little nod to Micronauts fans.

I've used re-cast Blockman pilots in most of the clear figures, and there are a couple of GITD ones in there too.

The unpainted figures run $12.00 each, while the painted ones are $18.00.

Argonaut’s Winter WonderLand Resin Series

Argonaut Winter Wonderland 1

Argonaut Resins will be releasing a Winter WonderLand resin series featuring their Tuttz Minis, Pharaoh Hounds and Sucio Mice platforms in matching colorways. The drop date for this new series will be on this Tuesday (January 22nd 2013) at 10PM ET in the Argonaut Resins online store.

Argonaut Winter Wonderland 2
Argonaut Winter Wonderland 3

Show Openings: January 22nd to January 28th

Friday January 25th 2013

Show Star Wars Themed Art Show

Star Wars Themed Art Show

Friday January 25th 2013 from 8PM to 1AM

Guilty Studios
3243 N. San Fernando Rd
Los Angeles, CA 90065

3D Sculpted Monster Head Pins

Garglemesh Monster Head Pins

Sam Arshawsky (Garglemesh) has announced the open preorder for Series 1 of the 3D Sculpted Monster Head Pins (sculpted by David Arshawsky, former sculptor of the original Ninja Turtle figure line and more). The resin pins will be cast in assorted colors and stained (they will not be fully painted).

This series features 4 characters:

The Mummy
The Kappa
The Yeti
The Sea-Creature

Each 2-inch pin will run $5.00. If you order 2 of them, you'll get a free Glow-In-The-Dark Necronomicon pin. Sam also says that he'll also throw in a drawing of your choice with each purchase.