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Iron Man’s Hall of Armor

Hot Toys Iron Man 2 Hall of Armor 1

Hot Toys has revealed a new accessory to their sixth scale Iron Man figures - the Hall of Armor Collectible from the Iron Man 2 movie. These are where Tony Stark displays the armor in his basement workshop. The movie-accurate Hall of Armor is highly-detailed and has LED light-up functions.

Standing in around 14" in height, each Hall of Armor includes one transparent acrylic plate and seven types of stickers with holographic-like effect of Mark I-VII. Currently slated to be released in Q2 of 2013, Sideshow Collectibles has three options available to pre-order: Single Piece - $129.99; Set of Four - $469.99; Set of Seven - $799.99.

Hot Toys Iron Man 2 Hall of Armor 3
Hot Toys Iron Man 2 Hall of Armor 2

Cometdebris Lucky Bags

Cometdebris Lucky Bags 2

Koji Harmon's Cometdebris Lucky Bags have been made available to purchase. There are three types - Sametan, Kappa Shonen, and Large - ranging in price.

The Sametan Lucky Bag will include an unpainted mixed parts Sametan, featuring a variety of unreleased colored parts for $40.00.

The Kappa Shonen Lucky Bag will include a one of a kind custom painted glitter Kappa Shonen figure (silver rainbow glitter or a rarer clear brown with gold glitter) for $90.00.

And the Large Lucky Bag will include both of the figures above, plus an unpainted Kappa Shonen (unreleased or unpainted test shot color), and a Sametan sticker/button set for $185.00.

Cometdebris Lucky Bags 1

Uncharted Nathan Drake “Shiro” Charity Auction

ESC Signed Drake Auction

Naughty Dog and Erick Scarecrow have produced this special release custom Uncharted Nathan Drake "Shiro" 7" vinyl figure for the Child's Play charity organization for the holidays. Currently available to bid on over at eBay, this one-off figure has been signed by the Naughty Dog staff. It's currently up to $3,550 with an end time of December 31st 2012 at 4:18:52PM ET.

Albert Art is EarthBound

Albert Art Ness Qee

Albert Art was recently commissioned to customize an 8-inch Toy2R MonQee to resemble the character Ness from the videogame series EarthBound. (I never played the original SNES version of the game, but do remember Ness from the Super Smash Bros. games.)

Karakasa Tattoo Man Painted Edition

Karakasa Painted 1

Toy Art Gallery has released the first fully painted edition of the Karakasa Tattoo Man, their latest collaboration with Japanese legends Secret Base and designed by Hiroshi of Three Tides Tattoo. This version features detailed tattoos, and yellow, black and red sprays on light blue vinyl. You can pick one up for $100.00, and there will also be offered with a limited edition poster by Hiroshi for $120.00.

Karakasa Painted 2
Karakasa Painted 3

Nathan Hamill’s Metallic Buttons

Nathan Hamill Buttons

Nathan Hamill has added these Metallic Buttons by Button-Lab to his online shop. These are available in either red or green and in either 1" or 1.5" round sizes. You can pick them up for $0.99 (1") or $1.99 (1.5") or a 5 button pack (mixed sizes) for $5.99.

Happy Holidays from Plastic and Plush and Our Friends

Hot Toys’ Sixth Scale Scar Predator

Hot Toys Alien Predator Scar Predator 1

Hot Toys has revealed their 1/6th scale Scar Predator Collectible Figure from the Alien vs. Predator movie. From their Movie Masterpiece Series, the figure is available to pre-order from Sideshow Collectibles for $234.99.

Hot Toys Alien Predator Scar Predator 4
Hot Toys Alien Predator Scar Predator 3

The 1/6th scale Scar Predator Collectible Figure includes:

• Net on body and left & right arms
• Interchangeable expanded mouth
• Six interchangeable hands
• Articulated shoulder cannon
• Extendable spear
• Metal dagger with sheath
• Shuriken
• Shuriken with blades
• Detachable face mask with LED light-up function
• Pair of forearm armor with six interchangeable wrist metal blades of different lengths on the right and self-destruct device on the left
• Chest armor and back armor
• Shoulder armor with straps
• Thigh armor
• Leg armor
• Leather-like skirt with waist band
• Figure stand

Hot Toys Alien Predator Scar Predator 5
Hot Toys Alien Predator Scar Predator 2

Howie Green’s Holiday Light-Up Customs

Santea Claus & Elfy Tea

Lunarik Cup Tea Paper

Matt JOnes is wishing everyone a Merry Christmas by releasing a special pair of Custom Paper Toys for you to download for free. Named Santea Claus & Elfy Tea, this template is free to download here.