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Plaseebo’s ‘The Misfits’

Plaseebo Misfits 2
Plaseebo Misfits 1

So, Bob Conge (Plaseebo) posted up these two darkened photos to his blog accompanied by the phrase "Coming Soon The Misfits". It appears that "The Misfits" name might comes from the various figures that were used to make each figure. But I guess we'll just have to wait to hear all of the details.

Patrick Fatica’s Dye Infused Metal Prints

Fatica Print 1

Patrick Fatica will be releasing 13 limited edition Dye Infused Metal Prints on Wednesday August 1st 2012 at Noon ET. Each print is a series of 20 pieces on a silver metal surface.

"They are very luminous and the finish displays a shimmery affect that is very remarkable. This print is made by infusing dyes directly into specially coated metal sheets. The metal prints take on a magical luminescence. Because the image is infused into the surface and not on it, the archival qualities of this unique process are unparalleled. It is also Waterproof & scratch-resistant."

They'll be available in Patrick's store at for either $35.00 or $45.00 each.

Fatica Print 2

Hot Toys’ Iron Man Mark VII

Hot Toys The Avengers Mark VII 5

Hot Toys has released all of the pertinent details about their sixth scale Iron Man Mark VII Limited Edition Collectible Figure from The Avengers film. The movie-accurate Mark VII collectible is crafted based on the image of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark and features plenty of light-up functions.

Sideshow Collectibles currently has the figure available for pre-order at $249.99, with an anticipated shipping date of March 2013.

Hot Toys The Avengers Mark VII 4
Hot Toys The Avengers Mark VII 2
Hot Toys The Avengers Mark VII 1

The sixth scale Mark VII features:

• LED eyes and circle-shaped RT on chest (white light, battery operated)
• Interchangeable battle damaged mask
• Pair of damaged shoulder armor
• Removable chest armor
• Damaged chest armor
• Pair of detachable forearm rockets
• Pair of wrist laser on forearm armor
• Two pairs of interchangeable hands (with light-up function)
• Three sets of interchangeable thigh armor (missile, armor, normal)
• Fully deployed air flaps at back of the armor with built-in metal flaps
• Articulated flaps at the back of armor on left and right legs
• Metallic red and gold-colored painting on armor
• Figure stand with Mark VII nameplate and movie logo

Special Edition:

• Holographic Mark VII collectible

Hot Toys The Avengers Mark VII 3
Hot Toys The Avengers Mark VII 6

Vannen x Breaking Gifs – Lavandería Brillante

Vannen Breaking Bad

If you're not aware of the Breaking Gifs should be. It's a Breaking Bad Art Project featuring prints and various other goodies. Well, they have teamed up with Vannen Watches and Tristan Eaton to produce a limited run of watches inspired by the AMC show. The result is what you see above - what I'm calling the Lavandería Brillante watch. It's a theme based on Gus's superlab laundry cover business. Several of these were given away today, but I have a hunch that Vannen might release some to the public. 

Vannen Breaking Bad Tease

The Jelly Empire – Saturday Release

Jelly Empire Argo 3

Selina Briggs (The Jelly Empire) is offering up a glimpse at the Tuttz Collection that she has been working on with Argonaut Resins. In addition to the Tuttz resins, she's also showing off the new Zombie Jellybot 2.0 figures (each has an articulated head). These are slated to go up for sale on her shop on Saturday August 4th 2012 at 6:00PM ET.

Jelly Empire Argo 2
Jelly Empire Argo 1

Stubbs + LuLu from Jai & Jai

Stubbs 2

The Jai & Jai Gallery has released its first exclusive art figure - Stubbs + LuLu. Produced by Pretty In Plastic, the 4.5" tall Stubbs + LuLu figures are limited to only 60 pieces worldwide (even though they look the same, there are two different sculpts). Each figure - based on Chow Chow dogs - comes packaged in a handcrafted bamboo box. They are currently available from Jai & Jai for either $235.00 or $135.00 (depending on the colorway you're looking to purchase).

Stubbs 1

Mini 10-Doh! Series 1

So Analog Mini 10 Doh 1

Squid Kids Ink has released their Mini 10-Doh! Series 1. These 3.5" tall mini figures will remind you of playing the old NES on your parents' console TV. The series consists of 16 designs from 12 different artists.

Artists include:

Andrew Wilson, Doktor A, Jerome Lu, Jesse Hernandez, Kozik, Kwestone, Luke Chueh, Matt JOnes, Nakanari, Nate Mitchell, Scott Tolleson, and Tracy Tubera

Look for these to retail around $10.00 each. For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.

So Analog Mini 10 Doh 2

Frozen Burger Bunny

JLED Frozen Burger Bunny

The Loyal Subjects have released another version of Joe Ledbetter's 10" tall wooden Burger Bunny.The third colorway of four, the Frozen Burger Bunny is limited to a run of 50 pieces. Remember...this is made of wood, so the $300.00 price tag shouldn't be that surprising. And there's a separate shipping and handling charge included.

Jason Freeny’s Industrial Evolution

Freeny PM Bath

Jason Freeny is showing off his hand sculpted, life sized metamorphosis of a toilet plunger evolving into a man eating critter..."Industrial Evolution". This isn't trick photography or Photoshopped, and Jason has actually documented the entire process over on his Facebook page.

REVIEW: The WorryBug

Worry Woos WorryBug 560


Andi Green has released the second plush from her book – Wince, Don't Feed The WorryBug. The WorryBug is the sixth plush delivered from the pages from Green's Worry Woo Monsters series of books (which currently sits at five books).

The WorryBug loves to make you worry. Why? Because worries are its favorite treat. And the more you worry… the more it will eat! It loves to push your worry button, hoping that one worry will lead to another. So to all of you worriers: DON’T FEED THE WORRYBUG or your worries will grow!

Worry Woos WorryBug 04

The Facts

The WorryBug
Series: Worry Woo Monsters
Manufacturer: Monsters In My Head
Artist: Andi Green
Material: Plush
Dimensions: 10” tall (7” tall when seated)
Pricing: $12.99

Worry Woos WorryBug 10
Worry Woos WorryBug 09


The WorryBug has two tags. The first is the basic tag featuring The Worry Woos logo. The second tag actually doubles as a bookmark (it's thicker than a normal tag). It has a photo of the plush on the front, with an illustrated WorryBug and short bio on the back.

Worry Woos WorryBug 03

Our Opinion

Even though you might not be able to tell, The WorryBug is in scale with his pal Wince. You can see him with Wince in the book image below, and they're very similar in plush form. This smaller size might also attribute to why The WorryBug runs $12.99 (other WorryWoos run $21.50).

Worry Woos WorryBug Book

The softball-sized WorryBug plush has big eyes, although they're probably not as large as the illustrated version - those dominate his face. The arms have been made of long pieces of yellow rope, which is a nice change in material. Other features include a stinger and wings on the back side and ears and antennae on his head. (Oh...and there's The WorryBug's single tooth)

In my opinion, The WorryBug is the cutest of the plush Worry Woo Monsters. Some of the other characters might have a leg up as illustrations, but I think the smaller size lends itself well to this specific Woo.

Worry Woos WorryBug 06

And I think that kids will also love The Worry Bug plush. Even though it's a collectible, the real audience of Andi Green's Wince, Don't Feed The WorryBug and the accompanying plush toys will be the little ones. And not only will they be read a great story at bedtime, but now they can play with the characters from the book.

You can purchase one at the following: $12.99

Worry Woos WorryBug Grades
Worry Woos WorryBug 01
Worry Woos WorryBug 02
Worry Woos WorryBug 05
Worry Woos WorryBug 07
Worry Woos WorryBug 08