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The Grrr Skatedeck

Fuller Grrr deck

Fuller has finished work on his next skate deck design - Grrr. These are slated to be ship beginning in May, if not sooner, but they're already available for pre-order. There will be a total of 10 decks for sale, with each one running $60.00.

POP! Rocks The Beatles Yellow Submarine

Funko YS Lennon
Funko YS McCartney

Funko's POP! Rocks line adds (arguably) the greatest band in rock 'n' roll history - The Beatles.'s actually The Beatles Yellow Submarine. Now it'll take a few days to get that song out of your head. Look for John, Paul, George, Ringo...and the Blue Meanie to arrive on May 10th 2012.

Funko YS Harrison
Funko YS Starr
Funko YS Blue Meanie

Bellicose Bunny – Prometheus Edition

TAG Bellicose Bunny 1

Toy Art Gallery has produced a massive fiberglass sculpt of Nathan Hamill's Bellicose Bunny. The Prometheus Edition is a 40" tall x 45" long piece that's actually available for sale. Go ahead and contact TAG at if you're interested in purchasing this monster.

The painted pieces will sell for $2,400 and the plated pieces will sell for $2,700.

TAG Bellicose Bunny 2

My Cult Canvas – Four New Prints

MCC Superman drinking

Phil Gibson over at My Cult Canvas has released several new prints that will harken you back to the 80's, 90's...and maybe even the 2000's. If you're a fan of classic films, specifically cult classics, you should appreciate these (except the De La Sole is a music tie-in).

MCC this is an adventure

"5 o clock on Krypton" (12"x 16") $22.00

"This is an Adventure" (8.5" x 18") $28.00

"Hotel Chevalier" (10" x 16") $26.00

"De La Sole" (12" x 16") $24.00

MCC Hotel  Chevalier
MCC De La Soul

Zukie Emotion Charms and Tiny Zukie Charms

Zukies 1

Miss Zukie - Alison Perez - has released a handful of new items. The Zukie Emotion Charms are made of sculpey and hand-painted. This is a limited edition of 13 pieces. Pick one up for $8.00 plus shipping. The Tiny Zukie Charms (also made of sculpey) are airbrushed and hand-painted. These are available to purchase for $6.00 plus shipping over at the Zukie Shop.

Zukies 2

What’s New from Stitches and Glue

SandG Wing Commander

Paul over at Stitches and Glue has been one busy person. Now available through their online shop, the Wing Commander Wallis stands in at 15" tall. The piece "comes complete with its very own mahogany plinth inscribed with the caption 'Man's Quest for Flight'." If you're interested, you can purchase it for £1,500.00 (about $2,393).

The second character is "the curious cabbage cruncher" called Patch. Limited to only 3 pieces this monster stands in at 14" tall with an arm span of 30" wide (he's fully poseable)...and he comes with a cabbage leaf. Pick one up for £180.00 (around $287).

SandG Patch

Gus Fink’s Cryptia Custom Monster High Doll

Gus Fink Cryptia Doll

Gus Fink is selling a one-of-a-kind custom repaint of a Monster High Doll. "Creepy and Grim, she is a little devious girl." Named Cryptia, the doll is available for purchase over on eBay. The auction runs until April 4th 2012 at 8:14PM ET.

Elephantos Release – Tonight!


Daniel Smith (turboPISTOLA) is going to be dropping a few new ELEPHANTOS figures tonight (March 29th 2012) at 11:30PM ET. This drop will feature the first of the Glow-in-the-Dark figures, the first weaponized ELEPHANTOS and a couple other surprises.

Matt JOnes’ From The Deep

Lunartik Custom

Matt JOnes has shipped out his piece for The Heavy Metal Qee show, which will take place at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore from April 12th to the 19th.

We only get a sneak peek at it. It features Matt's new character "Quite New" waving from inside the head of a custom 8" Knuckle Qee Bear. (Working title of this piece is From The Deep).

My Cult Canvas gives you Hope, Empire and Jedi

MCC A New Hope

Phil Gibson over at My Cult Canvas has released a number of new prints. These three all feature a Star Wars theme and a unique style and are sold as a set. The Hope, Empire and Jedi prints each measure 12" x 18". The entire set can be purchased for $60.00 (shipping included).

MCC The Empire Strikes Back
MCC Return of the Jedi