Iron Man – Mark I (2.0) Tease

Hot Toys is showing what they’re calling the Iron Man – Mark I (2.0). This figure, obviously from the Iron Man film series, has been painted by the hand of … Read More

Shawnimals’ Ninja Builder

Shawnimals has announced a brand new App available through iTunes. Ninja Builder is a free app, although there are plenty of downloadable content packs available for $0.99 each. Ninja Builder … Read More

One More Thing…

Have you ever wanted to perform your own Apple keynote speech? Well, in icons has released a 1/6th scale figure of the late Steve Jobs. This limited edition piece is … Read More

Hot Toys’ Red Skull Teaser

Hot Toys has offered up a teaser image of their upcoming Red Skull (a.k.a. Johann Schmidt) collectible figure. As you can see…he’s holding the Tesseract (Cosmic Cube) from Captain America: … Read More

Rich Page’s Bark Custom

Rich Page has completed work on a new custom 3″ Dunny. Bark is a cheeky Tiki. He’s happy free standing or nestled on his custom beach base. If you’d like … Read More

The Double B Squad

Tenacious Toys has announced an exclusive collaboration with U.K. artist Tesselate – The Double B Squad. The Double B Squad is made up of 8 pieces, each one a customized … Read More

Twenty Questions: Matt Doughty (Onell Design)

Over the years, I’ve awarded Onell Design with various “Best Of” awards here on Plastic and Plush. And while I’ve known Matt Doughty for some time now, I still had … Read More

Monster Worship Altar Beast – Release Today

Monster Worship has announced that the first full color edition of the MW mascot – Altar Beast – will be released today (January 2nd 2012) at Noon EST. This version … Read More

Monster Kolor Artist Series

Monster Kolor has announced their new “Artist Series” of paints. The debut lineup features colors from the Sucklord, Todd Robertson (Mecha Virus), and Mark Nagata (Max Toy Co). The first … Read More

Miss Monster’s Handmade Sheamus Doll

Miss Monster has released a new original art doll. Sheamus is completely hand made, hand sewn, and hand painted. This is a floppy style doll and doesn’t have a wire … Read More