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mimobot hk blotz 01


Mimoco has released a new blind box series featuring various Hello Kitty animals in Mimobot form. The Hello Kitty BLOTz series of 2GB USB Designer Flash Drives features 11 different characters in various pull ratios. Designs include: Bear, Fox, Giant Panda, Leopard, Panda, Penguin, Raccoon, Seal, Tiger, White Tiger and a surprise design.

Each MIMOBOT comes preloaded with digital extras, including wallpaper, icons and avatars. And there's a small LED light on the MIMOBOT's rear to indicate disk activity.

mimobot hk blotz 08

The Facts

Hello Kitty BLOTz
Series: BLOTz Blind Box MIMOBOT
Manufacturer: Mimoco
Artist: Sanrio
Material: Plastic 2GB USB Flash Drive
Dimensions: 2.5” tall
Points of Articulation: Zero
Designs: 11 different Hello Kitty Animal Designs

mimobot hk blotz 03


The BLOTz line is packaged blind box style, so you have no idea which of the 11 designs you've just purchased. All of the different designs are pictured on the sides of the box, along with their pull ratios. Inside, the MIMOBOT is held in a reflective bag (even more suspense) and includes a small booklet with details about the series.

mimobot hk blotz 09

Our Opinion

As you can see, the Hello Kitty BLOTz MIMOBOT that I pulled was the Penguin. It's a 1/9 ratio, which appears to be the standard ratio. Each MIMOBOT in this series features a 2GB capacity and is compatible with both PCs and Macs. There is some preloaded content, as mentioned above, specific to Hello Kitty.

I know it would probably increase the price of the blind boxes, but to make the BLOTz line even better...I would suggest throwing in a few higher GB MIMOBOTs as chase figures. Maybe one out of every 500 is a 4GB or something.

I'm not a huge Hello Kitty fan, but I can see why people would like these characters. They're all very cutesy looking. They feature Hello Kitty in what appears to be an animal suit. And they are all very colorful.

mimobot hk blotz 02

The printing on the MIMOBOT looks great. There are no paint marks or anything of the sort. The back does have some branding, with that HK (heart) Animals Mimobot smack dab in the middle of its back. I actually like the look of it.

While I usually deduct some points when blind box lines break that $10.00 price barrier, the BLOTz line is extremely functional. I have no problem paying $15.95 for a 2GB Flash Drive...even if I dont know which design I am getting. I'm hoping Mimoco continues this line with some of their other licenses.

You can pick one up at the following:

Mimoco: $15.95

Hello Kitty BLOTz Grades

Figure Quality: 9/10
   Sculpt: 9/10
   Paint: 9/10
Accessories/Outfit: N/A
Packaging: 8/10
Durability: 9/10
Fun Factor: 8/10
Value: 9/10

Overall: 8.8/10

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mimobot hk blotz 06
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mimobot hk blotz 04

The Walking Dead B&W Exclusives

mcfarlane walking dead rick grimes

McFarlane Toys has announce a pair of black and white exclusive figures based on The Walking Dead comic book series. These figures feature all of the detail, accessories, and play action of the standard full-color figures, but are given a "straight out of the comic book" grayscale look.

Officer Rick Grimes features gray-tone paint, plus matching black and white accessories - including his police bag, shotguns, pistol, and axe. This figure is exclusive to Toys "R" Us stores and will be available in September 2011.

The Zombie Lurker and Zombie Roamer will be available only as a 2-pack and are set to release this September 2011. As you can see...these have a touch of red as well (for those who like book). The zombies will be exclusive to Diamond Comics, so check your local comic shop.

mcfarlane walking dead zombie 2
mcfarlane walking dead zombie 1

Motorbot’s Treature Erectus

motorbot treature 1
motorbot treature 2

Dubbed Treature Erectus, motorbot has released this 7-inch tall rotocast resin figure that features two points of articulation. There are a limited number available in the deadbear shop. This run is made to order but there will be several one-offs available later.

As part of this preorder, he can be painted to your specifications. You'll need to make a note of how you would like him painted when you order. You'll be able to pick one up for $60.00.

36-inch Tall Artist Qee Collection Series Two

toy2r garcia 36

36 is the atomic number of Krypton.
36 is a perfect score on the ACT.
36 is number of possible outcomes in a roll of two distinct dice.

36 is also the height of the newest Qees coming from Toy2R.

The 36-inch tall Artist Qee Collection Series Two is coming, and it appears that one of the first of the 3 foot tall Qees will be from Mr. Jumping Brain himself - Emilio Garcia.

REVIEW: Frankentoast

goodsell frankentoast 1


While everyone talks about the movie stars and panel discussions, we know why you're really going to San Diego Comic Con...the exclusive toys. One such exclusive was available at The World of Mr. Toast booth. Artist Dan Goodsell added a new plush toast character to his imaginary world – Frankentoast.

The Facts

Series: The World of Mr. Toast
Manufacturer: Self-produced
Artist: Dan Goodsell
Material: Plush
Dimensions: 7” tall
Edition Size: 1,000 pieces

goodsell frankentoast 2


The Frankentoast plush sports a rather simple swing tag. It has an illustrated version of the character, as well as details such as edition size and Comic Con 2011 Exclusive.

Our Opinion

While plush collectors might think that they get the short end of the stick when it comes to Comic Con exclusives, there are a few spots that have limited edition, special runs just for San Diego. Dan Goodsell and his crispy slices of bread (they're actually plush) seem to always make the annual SDCC appearance with an exclusive piece.

goodsell frankentoast 4

The Frankentoast is exactly what it sounds like. Mr. Toast...looking like Frankenstein's monster. The green plush features a dark brown crust. Little black arms and legs hang off the plush. The embroidered parts include Frankentoast's closed eyes, the slightly open mouth and that nasty incision (with staples) around his cranium.

The Frankentoast plush runs $10.00, which is about what I would have expected. The quality of the materials used isn't that of Uglydolls. But Frankentoast is extremely soft...I think because it's lightly stuffed (not packed with stuffing). It's a fun character, so if you collect plush toys or like old-school horror movies (or enjoy the occasional piece of toast)'d probably enjoy Frankentoast.

There are several of these 2011 San Diego Comic Con exclusives Frankentoast plushies available. So if you didn't get to SDCC, or didn't get a chance to pick one up, now's your chance.

goodsell frankentoast 3

You can pick one up at the following:

Mr. Toast Store: $10.00

Frankentoast Grades

Plush Quality: 8/10
    Stitching: 9/10
    Material: 7/10
Softness: 9/10
Packaging/Tag: 8/10
Cuteness: 7/10
Fun Factor: 8/10
Value: 9/10

Overall: 8.2/10

Arkiv’s Escapist Show hits TAG

arkiv tag postcard

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present the solo show "Escapist" from renowned Indonesian artist Arkiv Vilmansa. Featuring new works, sculptures, limited edition prints and release a new figure called "The Sumo".

The opening reception will take place on Friday August 5th 2011 from 7:00PM to 11:00PM, with the show running until August 26th. Arkiv will be attending the opening night festivities to do a signing and live painting.

Toy Art Gallery
737 Seward St. #1
Hollywood, CA 90038

arkiv tag sumo

Galaxxor 005 Release Details

galaxxor 05 1

From the Xenotron swarm known as the Kree-Tau Belt in the Prahvax System comes the fifth Galaxxor: Monster Hunter Robo, Galaxxor 005. This 5.5" tall action figure-style resin art toy was sculpted by Ben Spencer, hand cast in neon yellow bb-filled crystal clear by The Godbeast and hand painted by Ben Spencer. Galaxxor 005 features 2 points of articulation and comes packed in the traditional bag and header style with an exclusive header card art designed by Steve Seeley.

This figure is limited to an edition of only 4 pieces and will never be produced in this colorway ever again. Galaxxor 005 will be available for $75.00 each on August 5th 2011 at Noon CT via the Galaxxor Online Store.

galaxxor 05 2

Andrew Bell’s Toy Release details

abell sashimi blue

Andrew Bell has announced that both Android Mini Collectibles "Heroes and Villains" Summer 2011 Set and the O-No Sashimi "Bluefin" Edition will be available at the Dead Zebra Shop starting on Monday August 1st 2011 beginning at 11:00AM EST (15 GMT) and again at 11:00PM EST (3 GMT August 2nd). These will be limited to only one Android set and/or one Sashimi per household.

abell android heroes

Motorbot’s Golden Idol Meathead

motorbot golden idol

Motorbot has released a new resin figure - the Golden Idol Meathead (bonsai tree not included). These are limited to the number of pieces ordered - made to order. The figure stands in at 2 inches tall and is made of clear resin with tons of glitter. It comes bagged with a header...all for $15.00.

Ninja of the Month – August 2011: Cyclops Ninja

notm08 front

Cyclops Ninja - the mythical Ninjatown beast - in the Ninja of the Month for August 2011. The newest Shawnimals plush will go on sale beginning Wednesday August 3rd 2011 at 1:00PM CDT.

From the tag:

"Underworldly cave dwellers beware! This singlet wearing ninja of unknown origin has a little friend he'd like to introduce you to: Clubby. KLONK – right on your head! Thankfully, Cyclops Ninja has terrible depth perception, and can be confused with words like 'spelunker' and 'binocularly impaired'."

notm08 clubby

Like the rest of the NOTM series, you'll be able to purchase Cyclops Ninja for $30.00. You'll get the 7" x 7" plush (limited to 100 pieces) in his singlet, Klonking friend Clubby, a character sticker and a character button.

notm08 button sticker