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All the Sordid Little Details

sordid little details

Get lost in the details of six incredible artists' work this May 13th at the WWA gallery with the Industrial Squid curated All the Sordid Little Details. Contributing artists David Ball, Dan Barry, William Buzzell, Ken Garduno, Jesse Hotchkiss, and Jacob Livengood all craft meticulously detailed artwork that, due the painstaking methods and techniques used, allows for an insight into the hearts and minds of the artists themselves.

A collection of paintings, ink drawings and mixed media collages, All the Sordid Little Details will feature a variety of works, styles and themes all tied together by the intricate nature of the works. All six of these artists are driven by a compulsive need, not simply to create, but to create works that require an extensive amount of time and an extraordinary attention to detail in their completion.

Open to the public, the All the Sordid Little Details gallery reception is from 7PM to 10PM on Friday, May 13th 2011. The exhibition will run until June 18th 2011.

O-No Sashimi Release Details

bell sashimi

Andrew Bell has announced that his O-No Sashimi figure has been scheduled to be released at San Diego Comic Con 2011. And like O-No Sushi, there might just be a special colorway released at SDCC.

Ninja of the Month: Mole Ninja

notm05 front

The fifth of twelve all-new Ninjas from Shawnimals' Ninja of the Month handmade plush series is named Mole Ninja. Available on Wednesday May 4th 2011 at 1PM CDT, the 7" x 7" plush is limited to 100 pieces and sells for $30.00 each. Accessories include Claws, Lava Moth and Mask.

From the tag:

"Somewhere deep beneath Ninjatown lies a cavernous realm of darkness and mystery—but not necessarily of evil—where peculiar Ninjas reside. Legends says these digging dwellers possess bat-like sonar abilities, and snack on cookies made of mud and lava rock!"

notm05 closeup
notm05 button sticker

Toy Street 2011 Photos

toy street 11

If you didn't, or couldn't, make it out to Toy Street 2011, they've posted all sorts of photos from the event on the official site (linked above). Photographer Ryosuke Suzuki has put together some great shots of tables, people and the overall event.

Tesselate Release and Sale

tesselate jag

Tesselate is currently running a small sale through his shop. Included are some of his custom 3" Dunnys , as well as a couple of other figures. This is all to help raise some funds for production of his new resin, which is a lot more complex than my usual work.

He's also posted two new original resins in the shop - JAG & JEG - who are the first two members of the ED-IT p crew. They each come with their own custom packaging and vinyl stickers and run £22.00 each (about $36).

tesselate jeg

New Uglydoll: Suddy

uglydoll suddy

In May 2011, the Uglydoll crew (Sun-Min, David, et al) will release a new Uglydoll design named Suddy (available in four different sizes).

Suddy is a very busy girl with a lot going on. She's got no time for slow pokes and doesn't want to wait around for laggards. If you want to keep up with her, you'll have to live life in the fast lane. That means waking up in the morning and lived your life to the fullest! But what does that mean? It means she loves you and also candy.

Deady is Back and Big in Japan

toy2r deady qee

Toy2R proudly announces the development of the next artist 5" Mini Qee - Deady by Voltaire. Voltaire has created this new design that fits the new 5" Mini Qee format perfectly and will please Deady collectors across the globe.

Fans will be happy as we also announce that Toy2R is partnering up with Adventure Quest Worlds once again to include a special gaming code inside each figure package that will enable you to play the game as Deady in his new outfit featured on the Mini Qee.

Limited to 500 pieces worldwide, look for this 5" Mini Qee to retail around $28.00. It's expected to begin shipping this summer.

View the Mini Tea Custom Pieces

lunartik customs

Matt JOnes (Lunartik) has posted all of the Mini Tea Custom Pieces up on his Mini Tea Tour website. There are photos of each and every custom that's on tour. To see which artist produced the custom, just hover over the image.


1xRUN askew revok

ASKEW, Known Gallery, and 1xRUN have teamed up to raise money for REVOK’s Legal Defense Fund. The print, designed by ASKEW, will see 100% of the proceeds going to REVOK’s legal defense fund. In light of the recent arrest of REVOK, they’re releasing this print to help the cause.

All freeREVOK prints come signed and numbered. The maximum run size is 150 pieces, with each 22" x 15.75" print running $60.00.

Peskimo x Cavey

cavey peskimo

With less than one month until Cavey’s Birthday Party, this week, Holly has offered up a sneak peek of the Cavey that was designed by Peskimo. This one features removable clothes as well as a special pet. As with all of them, the design was converted to plush by Holly.

Remember that Cavey's Birthday Party takes place on May 26th 2011 from 7PM to 10PM at Fleet River Bakery in London.