Mr. Whistlecraft’s Tarnished Daydreams Sneaks

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Doktor A's Mr. Whistlecraft's Tarnished Daydreams opens on April 1st 2011 at Ik'sentrik in Bath, UK. And they've shared some photos of customs that will be on display at the event.

The Steam Locomotive Perambulator (pictured above) is one of Stephan LePodd’s adventuring machines. It's a customized Mechtorian using Vinyl, Lead, ABS, Paper, Brass, Copper, Rubber, Steel, Wood’ Bamboo, Found Objects.

Denton Snark is the head of museum security. This piece is a customized “Benny” toy - designed by Kathie Olivas - using Vinyl, Lead, Acrylic, Copper, Rubber, Steel, Polymer Clay, Found Objects.

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