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The Simpsons Mini Series 2

kr The Simpsons 2

Matt Groening and Kidrobot have joined up to release a new 25-character series featuring some of Springfield’s most notable citizens  - including extended family members and lovable barflies, as well as alternate versions of your favorite nuclear family. The Simpsons Mini Series 2 is a blind boxed series that's currently available for $9.95 US (£9.00 UK; 10€ Europe) at Kidrobot stores, and select retailers.

Patty Power in Green

s7 patty power green

On Saturday November 6th 2010, Super7 will be releasing a new version of their Patty Power vinyl figure from artist Arbito. Could this green version just be a little moldy? Maybe they found it sitting out for a few weeks?'ll want to pick one up for $30.00 each.

Mini Robot with Headphones Commercial

Matt Henry created this short film (1:34 long) featuring random folks' thoughts on Lynette May's Mini Robot with Headphones Plush. Pretty entertaining...count the cliches.

Sketchbot Blue Version

sketchbot blue 2

Brooklyn based artist & animator, Steve Talkowski, has announced the launch of the second color variant of his designer vinyl character, Sketchbot. The Blue Version is limited to 300 pieces and packaged with a unique pencil accessory and matching sticker. Each figure measures 5" tall and features 6 points of articulation.

Wholesale inquiries should be directed to DKE Toys. Look for these to retail around $35.00 each.

sketchbot blue 1

Hot Toys’ Michael Jackson (Beat It Version)

ht Michael Jackson Beat It 4

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Hot Toys, the second of their three exclusive items is the 1/6th scale Michael Jackson (Beat It version) Collectible Figure. This exclusive item will be available at the 10th anniversary event in Tokyo in Christmas 2010.

Paying tribute to our King of Pop, Hot Toys will release the collectible figure based on Michael Jackson's image from his iconic “Beat It” video. It features the following:

• Newly developed head sculpt with make-up
• Three pairs of interchangeable palms
• Orange-red jacket with zips and gold-color patches on shoulders
• Blue patterned T-shirt
• Pair of black pants
• Orange belt
• Metal chain on waist
• Pair of black shoes and white socks
• Figure stand with Michael Jackson nameplate and Beat It title

ht Michael Jackson Beat It 1
ht Michael Jackson Beat It 2
ht Michael Jackson Beat It 3

Bit.Trip FATE Arcade Bank Box Paper Foldable

pf bt02

Bryan of Paper Foldables fame has released the next paper piece from Bit.Trip - a series of retro-esque rhythm-themed Nintendo Wii (WiiWare) games starring CommanderVideo - is the Bit.Trip FATE Arcade Bank Box. This is the 3rd Paper Foldable for the Bit.Trip series and Bryan describes the design as follows:

My original idea was for an interactive diorama scene, sort of the inverse of what I designed for Bit.Trip RUNNER. Then I came up with the ol' skool arcade cabinet bank idea! Took some time to get the design just right but it was worth it, as I am really pleased with the outcome! The back of the foldable is the iconic CommanderVideo torso, turn around and it's an arcade machine complete with joystick and coin slot! Insert your loose change and use it as a bank! The bottom section pulls out, so you can use it as a hiding box too! Save up your quarters to download FATE!

And you can now download and make the Bit.Trip FATE Arcade Bank Box right here.

pf btvector

Robbie Busch’s Tuttz as El Diablo

ar BluePantsTuttz

Argonaut Resins knows how to celebrate Halloween. END is teaming up with Robbie Busch to release this trio of amazing Tuttz customs (as Robbie's El Diablo character) that will go up in the Argonaut online store this Sunday - Halloween. Each Tuttz will come with a mini original gouache acrylic canvass with Robbie's take on the Tuttz cat, a clear tint Skull (from their older EL DIABLO resin releases) and a custom hand painted box.

ar MonoTuttz
ar RedPantsTuttz


Galaxxor Wave 2

galaxxor wave2 1

The latest batch (Wave 2) of Galaxxor figures - done up in UV resistant crystal clear black light reactive plastic - are heading from The God Beast to Ben Spencer (Galaxxor). These are unpainted I'm guessing that there will be some paint applied to the final pieces.

galaxxor wave2 2

Cometdebris Halloween

cometdebris halloween

Cometdebris (Koji Harmon) will be releasing 3 Halloween custom Tokoji Seijin figures via the Cometdebris Online Store on Saturday October 30th 2010 at 11:59PM PST (October 31st at 3:59 PM Japan Time). All of the custom figures are hand painted by Koji Harmon and will include accessories such as hats and masks. You can preview them in the Online Store before release.

Ouija Skin Design from Infectious

infectious Ouija

Infectious announced José Luis Guerrero as the winner of their August Free4all contest. His Ouija board design is available in the following skin sizes: Laptop, iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Blackberry. José describes the design as, "A good way to represent it is on electronic gadgets because they actually help people to make contact with others."

They'll be sending out Planchettes designed by José to the first 50 laptop skin orders. So when your friends start bugging you about staring at your laptop for too long, you can invite them to sit for a little chat with the spirit world! And no sorry, it's not made out of real wood...