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Kentucky Bluegrass Real Fighting Greasebat Release…kinda now


In...ohhhh...about 5 minutes (1PM on Saturday August 28th 2010), Monster Worship will be releasing the limited edition Kentucky Bluegrass Real Fighting Greasebat figure. This version was originally made for Jeff Lamm’s show at the Ultra Pop Gallery in Louisville Kentucky.


Here's how you can grab one:

Send an email (subject bluegrass) with your name, mailing address, and the email address to send the paypal invoice to. Orders will be filled in the order in which they are received. Emails will start being accepting at 1pm EST on Saturday August 28, 2010. Emails received before that time will be discarded. The email address is: KENTUCKY@MONSTERWORSHIP.COM

Invoices will be sent out by 11PM on 8/28 and you will have 24hrs to make payment. Only people who's orders were accepted will be notified. The figures will be $65 plus priority shipping in the US (around $8 including delivery confirmation), world shipping will vary.



REVIEW: Nekobots Designer USB Drives

nekobot 01


You've probably heard of Incubot Productions and their Nekobots Designer USB Drives. They've designed like old-school Japanese robots, but there's a special surprise when you pull them apart...a 2GB USB Drive. We'll be taking a look at a pair of the six Nekobot designs – Nekobot Blue 28 and Nekobot Stealth TG (a Exclusive).

The following is the entertaining character story that's printed (in broken English) on the rear of the packaging:

The Hero Robots are die by evil Rat King of HELL. Professor Serious and theNekobots unleash the ancient program, birth explosion of a crazy: giant HELL God Cat Robot Nekosaur! Will he fighting for human or BLOWING US ALL TO HELL?!!!

nekobot 08
nekobot 10

The Facts

Nekobots Designer USB Drives
Series: Nekobots Series 1
Manufacturer: Incubot
Artist: Alen Yen
Material: Soft rubber
Dimensions: 3.5” tall
Points of Articulation: 3 points (neck, arms)
Designs: Nekobot Blue 28; Nekobot Stealth TG
Accessories: 2GB of storage

nekobot 02
nekobot 03


The Nekobots are packaged in old-school styled Japanese mini boxes. There's a great in-action illustration of the characters on the front, with a turnaround illustration on the rear. Also on the back, there is a brief description about the line.

nekobot 12

Our Opinion

Over the past few years, we've really seen the price of flash storage drives drop. That's made it easier for toymakers to embed a USB drive in their products, without having to hike up the selling price.

Each Nekobot separates at the waist to reveal a USB dongle (that just sounds dirty). After plugging in the figure, the chest plate will light up – the Nekobot Blue 28 has a heart that glows red and the Nekobot Stealth TG has a skull that glows a reddish-yellow. There's a single file loaded one each flash drive, a “thank you” PDF file.

nekobot 04
nekobot 06

I had initially thought these were simply static figures, but having three points of articulation is a great little addition. It makes the Nekobots seem more like action figures. The material is also pretty interesting. It has a soft, rubbery feel to it. Some of the features of the figure are the chest plate, the raised Japanese writing on the midsection, the raised ToyboxDX logo on the back and the little tail he's sporting.

To date, there have been six Nekobots released...although four of those designs have sold out. Blue 28 is the Nekobot leader and is done up in classic ToyboxDX colors, while the Stealth TG is a Exclusive. Incubot also has (coming soon) a licensed Voltron USB drive that uses a body design similar to the Nekobot.

nekobot 14

OVERALL: Gone are the days of the ordinary flash storage drive. With art pieces like Mimobots and action figures such as the Nekobots, we're seeing more functional (and much more aesthetically pleasing) file storage solutions.

I like the retro Japanese robot styling of the Nekobot line. The glowing chest and articulation are just icing on the cake. I can see office workers around the globe picking these up to replace those *blah* ordinary flash drives. (The only issue they might have is that the Nekobots are only available in 2GB capacities).

You can pick one up at the following: Blue 28 - $29.99 Stealth - $39.99

Nekobots Grades

Figure Quality: 7/10
   Sculpt: 8/10
   Paint: 8/10
Accessories/Outfit: N/A
Packaging: 9/10
Durability: 9/10
Fun Factor: 9/10
Value: 9/10

Overall: 9.1/10

nekobot 05
nekobot 07
nekobot 09
nekobot 11
nekobot 13
nekobot 15
nekobot 16

VISEone’s Red Hulk Jouwe Custom

vise jouwe 2

VISEone's latest custom from his Comic Stripped series is for the Jouwe Custom Show that will open in Germany on October 2nd 2010. VISEone decided to pick a Marvel Special Edition comic – the "Red Hulk". Since the paper the comic was printed on was high gloss paper, it was a more difficult to apply to a round surface. But it looks like it came out great to me.

vise jouwe 1
vise jouwe 3

Toyer Enemy – Special Silver Black Edition Figure

toyer Enemy SB

Toy2R has announced the release of the special edition Frank Kozik designed Toyer Enemy figure - the Special Silver Black Edition figure. Standing over 10" tall with 7 points of articulation, this version is limited to only 48 pieces worldwide.

toyer enemy wall


“Mega” Sized Guts

guts heart

I Heart Guts has replaced their life-sized plush organs with some Mega-sized (almost twice the size) innards. The first three to be released are:

Humongous Heart - I Got the Beat!
Gigantic Gall Bladder - You've Got Gall!
Huge Uterus - Womb Service!

Look for these I Heart Guts plushies to retail around $18.00 each. For wholesale inquiries, please contact DKE Toys.

guts gall
guts uterus


Rich Pellegrino Crazy 4 Cult Prints

1988 wonka

Gallery 1988 has released three prints based on paintings by artist Rich Pellegrino from this year's Crazy 4 Cult show.

Wonka is available as a 8.5" x 11" giclee print (50 pieces) for $25.00 each and as a 13" x 19" print (50 pieces) for $75.00.

1988 sobchak

Mr. Sobchak is available as a 8.5" x 11" giclee print (35 pieces) for $25.00 each and as a 13" x 19" print (25 pieces) for $75.00 each.

Ash is available as a 8.5" x 11" giclee print (25 pieces) for $25.00 each.

1988 ash


Kaiju Dragigus and Drazorus – Hawaii Style

maxtoy hawaii

If you're not a Max Toy Club Member, it's likely that you missed out on these. Kaiju Dragigus (spiky head) and Kaiju Drazorus (3 horns on head) were both made in Japan, designed by Mark Nagata, cast by Shimizu-san in Flesh vinyl, and painted by Goto-san with blues, reds and silver in that familiar Bullmark Hawaii style. This is my favorite version of the kaiju pair yet.

Ninja of the Month – Evil Syrup Ninja

notm 09 splash

Something evil has been brewing in the Dark Syrup pits deep within the Dark Forest, unbeknownst to even Mr. Demon and his band of baddies. Turns out an otherwise harmless Wee Ninja, drawn to the seductive toxic goo from afar thanks to a plate of waffles (no joke), has taken up residence inside. Inside the pits! Weird, right? Like a sort of Dark Syrup swamp thing! Eek!

notm09 1
notm09 2

Shawnimals is set to release the next Ninja of the Month - Evil Syrup Ninja - on Wednesday September 1st 2010 at 1PM CDT. When you order this $30.00 product you get...

• A handmade 7" × 7" plush Ninja limited to 100 pcs.
• Signed and numbered fancy hang tag
• Fun accessories – Dark Syrup spears and... a mysterious sash?!
• A character sticker
• A character button

notm09 button sticker

The Vinyl Frontier – East Coast Premiere

vinyl frontier

The East Coast Premiere of The Vinyl Frontier takes place this Saturday, August 28th 2010 at Tribeca Cinemas as a part of Acefest in NYC. The film is slated to run from 8:20PM until 9:43PM.

The Vinyl Frontier explores the world of vinyl toys and features some of today's top designers including Attaboy, Dalek, Ferg, Frank Kozik, Sket One and many more.

Tribeca Cinemas (One show only!)
Sat, Aug 28 at 8:20pm
Tickets: $8

DrilOne’s Custom Homer Qee

toy2r homer drilone 1

As part of a special invite, DrilOne was asked by Toy2R to customize the newly released 10" Homer DIY Qee. Not only did he use the classic Homer color palette but he incorporated his rusty technique to produce a Homer that's industrialized.

Toy2R is welcoming customizers of all levels to submit their Custom Simpson Qees to to be included in the gallery collection.

toy2r homer drilone 2