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Eric Joyner’s Donut Logic Show


Corey Helford Gallery presents “Donut Logic”, a solo exhibition of new works by San Francisco artist Eric Joyner. For his third solo exhibition at the gallery, Joyner unveils a new twist to his decade-long odyssey of donuts and robots. “Donut Logic” will also debut the addition of cupcakes to Joyner’s signature glazed landscapes.

Twenty paintings make up Joyner’s constellation of oil-on-panel works. And the exhibition will feature a rare portrait of a female robot from the classic science fiction film Metropolis, dressed as a geisha posing in front of a cherry blossom tree. “Though the scene is lush, Maria (robot) makes the scene a bit unsettling” Joyner adds.

“Donut Logic” opens to the public on Saturday, August 14th from 7PM until 10PM, and the exhibition will be on view until September 1, 2010.



Love Conquers All: Art For Equality

love conquers

Thinkspace presents Love Conquers All: Art For Equality, a special exhibition supporting the fight for equality which aims to raise awareness for the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender) struggle in the process. This group show features the work of over 50 international artists. One of our favorites - by artist Kevin Titzer - is pictured below.

The opening reception will take place on Saturday August 7th 2010 from 7PM until 10PM, with the show running through August 28th 2010.

Twins Thinkspace detail 9 BG
Twins Thinkspace detail 6 BG
Twins Thinkspace detail 7 BG

Tonner’s Saloon Lilah…a few left

tonner saloon lilah

Tonner has returned from San Diego Comic Con with a handful of their SDCC Exclusive Saloon Lilah TCFs (from the Jonah Hex film) in tow. There were only 200 pieces made and they are extremely limited now, being that most sold at the Con. You can pick one up for $159.99 through Tonner Direct.


Toy Break Episode 130: Tank Head Rocks, Dude

George, Ayleen and Ben continue their San Diego Comic Con coverage with the latest episode (number 130) of Toy Break. Entitled Tank Head Rocks, Dude (they're talking about Jesse DeStasio's Tank Head), tune in for some entertaining toy talk.

Plastic and Plush – Now Award Winning


So...Plastic and Plush ended up receiving an award from a site I had previously never heard of ( as one of their top 50 toy blogs. Actually, I had no idea that there were 50 toy blogs out there on this world wide web thingy. They're probably digging deep to find those last few. "Here's a site where a guy tastes his Matchbox cars...okay! He's a winner!"

Ket At Night – Kitson Edition

uglydolls ket kitson

One of the newest Uglydolls, which sort of flew under our radar, is a special version of Ket. The Ket At Night - Kitson Edition is exclusive to the Kitson shop. He's a bright, bright blue...but that blue doesn't cost you any more than a normal Ugly. You can purchase Ket At Night for $20.00 each.

Pearl Munny Custom

pearl munny

Kyrre Havik Eriksen, an amateur artist from Norway, recently finished customizing a mini Munny covered with pearls. Hence...the Pearl Munny. Now, those aren't real the ones you get out of oysters. I actually have no idea what they are...but it makes for an interesting custom.

Where have you gone…Jon Schiller?



Following up on a story we brought you last week, it appears that Jon Schiller Design has all but vanished from the good ol' internets. His website, Flickr, MySpace and email accounts are all gone.

The topic of him plagiarizing popular anime characters ended up getting a lot of discussion on the 4chan boards (and some chatter here, as well). Apparently, he received a LOT of emails and had a canned response that he didn't do these designs - he had an artist do his work for him - and the person who did the copy-work has been fired.

Now, I'm not saying that Jon is a bad guy. Quite to the contrary, I've talked with him on several occasions and he seems like a nice guy. We really helped him get recognized here at Plastic and Plush. And he isn't the first artist to take liberty with another artist's work? Far from it, both Sam Flores and Shepard Fairey have been accused of doing that. But I think there was a better way to go about it, instead of blaming it on someone else and disappearing.

Hopefully we'll get a better (and clearer) explanation from Jon. He appeared to have a lot of time invested in his Little 9 character. But will collectors still be interested in his art?

Crime is Money by J3Concepts

ltd tee j3

J3Concepts is taking over LTD Tee for the whole month of August. This is the first in our artist takeover series, where we will feature one artist exclusively for one month. Each week, they will release a brand new, exclusive t-shirt & print box set by J3. The first in the series is titled "Crime is Money" from "TV Kills", revolving around the theme of power and corruption.

This box set is available for presale (only through LTD Tee) from August 2nd until August 8th. You can pick up the set for $26.99. And readers of Plastic and Plush can use the discount code "plasticandplush" to save 15% off their entire order.

SDCC10: DKE Toys Booth

IMG 2099

As we have come to expect, the DKE Toys booth was like a mini museum of everything that's good in the designer toy world. In addition to having exclusives from various companies and many different artists (Crazy Label, Sucklord, NTF, Jamungo, among other) it was just the best place to come to look at toys.

Booth Favorite: Andrew Bell's Never Look Back
I'm not really sure if that's the name Andrew is going for with this piece, but that was the name of the print. Remember how popular his O-No Sushi figure set was? Well, I like this one even better than the original. I asked him last year if he was thinking about turning this print into toy...glad he did!