Ed Emberley & Friends

Ed Emberley’s wonderfully simple books taught a generation of children to draw using the simplest of ingredients. Squiggles, triangles, dots, circles and the other building blocks of drawing came together … Read More

Gold Coin Summer 2010

Yesterday, Gold Coin marked the release of the first delivery of their summer goods. The printed goods collection includes a bunch of new graphic tees, a baseball tee style, and … Read More

Voltron and Stealth Robot Nekobots

The folks from Incubot have released a pair of new Nekobot figures. The first, pictured above, will be made available later this month. It’s, of course, a Voltron: Defender of … Read More

Cookies -n- Cream Summer 2010 Collection

Cookies -n- Cream have announced the release of Part 1 of their Summer 2010 Collection. They focused on creating simple pieces with black & white as the recurring motif. They … Read More

Brent Nolasco’s Cluster F**k

This is Brent Nolasco’s submission to the “Spaghetti Project Qee Show” that will take place at Spaghetti Project in Fredricksburg, VA on Saturday July 10th 2010. The piece is entitled … Read More

Perfect Forecast at Schmancy

Jesse LeDoux will have a solo show, entitled “Perfect Forecast”, opening on July 9th 2010 from 6PM until 9PM at Schmancy Toys. The artist says: “Since it’s a summer show … Read More

Celsius x Jouwe Digi Wings

Check out the Jouwe custom for the upcoming Celsius show that will be taking place at TAG. This one is called the Celsius x Jouwe Digi Wings. At first, I … Read More

CrappyCat – An Epic Tale of Junk and Stuff

CrappyCat is happy to announce the release of his crappy app. This app is designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch. (Android & iPad versions are coming soon) The … Read More

Ninja of the Month: Mountain Ninja

The Shawnimals crew are set to release their next Ninja of the Month: Mountain Ninja. Available on Wednesday July 7th, 2010 at 1PM CDT, this 7″ by 7″ plush will … Read More

JLed’s Pico and Wilshire

The Loyal Subjects and Joe Ledbetter have announced the upcoming release of Pico and Wilshire. Pico (6″ tall) is a Sabertooth Cat and Wilshire (12″ tall) is a Wooly Mammoth. … Read More

The Art Hustle Series 1

The Art Hustle Series 1 boxes will be available through their online store at 12PM Eastern Standard Time today (Thursday July 1st, 2010). They should also begin hitting select retailers … Read More

SpankyStokes Exclusive “Obsidian” Ozomahtli

SpankyStokes.com will be releasing their exclusive “Obsidian” Ozomahtli from Jesse Hernandez. The figure measures 9″ tall and features a gloss black/matte black finish – unlike any other colorway so far. … Read More