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Twentieth Century Boy


On Wednesday September 30 (7PM to 11PM), in Hollywood, Japanese artist Masakatsu Sashie pays tribute to one of
Britian’s legendary pop stars and the original glam rocker T.Rex (Marc
Bolan) in the Twentieth Century Boy show. A life-long fan, up and coming artist Sashie is presenting an
exhibition of original paintings using endorsed images of the rock
star’s likeness. The works feature Sashie’s signature hovering orbs
that blend autobiographical details with culture references, past and
present, ranging from video games to Japan’s quintessential vending
machines, in an intricate painting-style that is grounded in a pop

Teaming up with Darren Romanelli (Dr. Romanelli), Eric Nakamura (Giant
Robot), and Rolan Bolan (T.Rex’s only son), this one night event will
feature new paintings, video projections and a special musical tribute
to the first in glam rock, T.Rex. A percentage of the proceeds from
Twentieth Century Boy will be donated to the Light of Love Foundation,
an organization established by Rolan Bolan and his mother Gloria Jones
that raises funds for the Marc Bolan School of Music and Film soon to
be built in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

1637 Vine Street
Hollywood, CA 90028

Vannen Halloween Exclusive


Vannen Art Watches have given fans this little teaser of an upcoming Halloween Exclusive release coming this October. Being a huge fan of the holiday, I can't wait to see the full reveal of this watch...probably coming next week.

Zombie Mez-Itz B&W Limited Edition Variant


Mezco has announced this cool - almost hand drawn looking - Zombie Mez-Itz B&W Limited Edition Variant.

The 6" tall figure features 5 points of
articulation (including a ball jointed neck) and individually rooted
“hairs”. Set to ship in mid-October, the figure is limited to only 108 pieces.

He pays homage to the classic horror films of yore with his old
school black and white color scheme. Together you can reenact your
favorite zombie stories, or create new adventures of your own while
feasting on the entrails of the unsuspecting!

Neo-Yoshi The Woodling Faerie


Charles Creature Cabinet has announced their newest ball-joint
figure. Neo-Yoshi, The Woodling Faerie (teen/mature Tiny), is Charles’
newest faerie. She’s a bigger ‘grown up’ version of Yoshi The Woodling
Faerie (CCC’s debut ball-jointed doll). This Neo-Yoshi is cast in CCC’s
Susu milk white resin and will be released sometime next week.

Prototype + 808orbit


Prototype and 808orbit are joining hands to announce something big for Hawai'i folks and urban collectors around the world. There aren't many details about what this secret special surprise announcement is...but apparently we'll be finding out before December 1st.

Gary Ham’s Bat


Gary Ham has posted up photos of his new handmade wooden bat figure. I love the Jack-o-Lantern shirt. Just in time for Trick 'r Treat!

With Halloween around
the corner, I couldn't help but be inspired to make this batty guy.
He's a whopping 14" high with an 18" wing span! I decided to be a
little more advanced in my wood working this time round by using
dowels, so everything can rotate and be disassembled or replaced at
will. I used black stain and acrylics to help bring him to life.


BeelzeWuz Custom


BeelzeWuz is the newest custom Dunny from artist WuzOne. With the tagline "Someone has escaped from hell......", this 100% hand-painted custom is set to displayed at a custom show in the near future.

Ouip and Nike+ Human Race


The folks behind the platform toy Ouip[wip] are collaborating with Nike+ Human Race an event that will be held on October 24th around the world. The limited edition 2.5" Ouip will be available in Yellow and Red versions.

The "Nike Human Race Ouip" will be distributed exclusively at the Human Race Expo at the Nike Shop of Myung-Dong in Korea from October 9th to 18th as a part of the race kit. Only 2,000 of the figure (1,000 of each color) will be made available.

Beauty & The Beast Show


Beauty & The Beast features the works of COPE2 and CHOR BOOGIE (curated by POSE 2). The opening of the show takes place at Mid-City Arts in Los Angeles on September 26th from 7PM until 11:30PM.

COPE 2 is a Graffiti legend from the Bronx whose reputation for bombing has earned him the title “God of Destruction”. He was recently tapped to customize a vinyl toy for the Bic Buddy Artist Series 1, and was hired by TIME magazine to create a unique billboard for them (see below).  CHOR BOOGIE hails from San Diego, CA and his work is purely legal, spiritual and therapeutic. A deep spiritual healing and recovery from addiction nearly a decade ago transformed his life and has had a major impact in his style of color therapy and techniques of creative innovation.

Blamo Toys Launch


The folks at Blamo Toys will be unveiling their website - featuring a line of hand-carved, hand-painted wooden well as leather and brass "plush-like" characters - on October 1st. For the launch of this new line of designer collectibles, they'll be releasing a total of 5 characters into the world Blamoville.

Two wooden figures: Billy the rabbit and Nimbus
Two leather figures: Rice baby and Munch
Their first resin figure: Harold and Ted

  • Munch
  • Ricebaby
  • Billy