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Attaboy’s Winged Shmee


Attaboy's Winged Shmee, first shown at Attaboy's "A Touch of Evil Show" In LA,
has been made available as very special batch, each different and unique.

The Winged Shmee is an angel who's legs have atrophied
from unuse and who's wings have been long replaced by a more efficient jet pack; her hands and abdomen pulled by gravity into a rollickin'
rounded weeble. And sitting atop her head is a spouting crown of pollen growth.

This is an edition of 8+ 1 artist proof. The 8 1/4" tall resins are hand cast and hand painted by Attaboy. Each Winged Shmee includes an original Winged Shmee drawing, certificate of authenticity, and shipping to US destinations for $450.


Hello Kitty x MIMOBOT 35th Anniversary Release


Always classic and always in style, that's Hello Kitty x MIMOBOT! Equal
parts Hello Kitty and MIMOBOT, she's adorable rockin' the MIMOBOT suit
and wants to celebrate her 35th anniversary with you!

The Hello Kitty x MIMOBOT
is a hi-speed USB 2.0 that's 2.5" tall by 1" wide. She's Mac/PC
compatible, comes loaded with digital "mimory", and is available in 2GB
($24.95), 4GB ($34.95) and 8GB ($49.95) capacities.

The fun all starts with Hello Kitty's 35th Anniversary celebration, which is right
around the corner with the "Three Apples" exhibit
in October.

miss out on the rest of the Hello Kitty x MIMOBOT Series!

Jouwe Digi Wings Splash Pre-order

Jouwe 01

The Jouwe Digi Wings Splash version was released for pre-order yesterday. This 12" tall figure is currently limited to three colorways: Yellow (20 pieces), Green (15 pieces) and Burgundy (10 pieces). There will be a secret colorway (5 pieces) revealed later this week.

Each figure will come with a button and mini canvas print. They will run $100 plus $39 for shipping to the US. The Paypal account listed is, but I would shoot them an email to ask about availability before I sent money.


Lucha Moola Custom


DLuX has teamed up with Argonaut Resins on this one-off Kalua Moola custom. The Lucha Moola is painted up like a Mexican Luchador wrestler. This custom is currently available through Argonaut's online shop for $125.


Mr. Power Skullman


Mr. Power Skullman is the newest figure from Phalanx Creative. The piece stands 8" tall and is available in 3 colorways: Mr.Power Skullman G.I.D. Black (100 pieces); Mr.Power Skullman G.I.D. Red (100 pieces); Mr.Power Skullman Red (50 pieces).

Professor Dalton Smith is an obscure archaeologist who is fascinated in ancient tribe culture. In the journey of working in the New Mexico site, Dalton falls down into a deep cave.

While he feels panic and helpless, Dalton is given "warrior eye" by a mystery creature. The creature is using 'warrior's eye' to seek the one who was "born in righteous and fearless" to become a new generation of SKULLMAN.

Every 150 years, while the evil rise, the SKULLMAN will reveal to show the justice.


Look for the red and black GID versions to retail around $60, while the more limited red edition should go around $70. For wholesale information, contact DKE Toys.


Toy Break Episode 92: Dragon Con

Toy Break Episode 92 comes to you straight from Atlanta's Dragon Con. So if you couldn't make it out to the just need to watch this episode. Or if you were at the show...look for yourself!

We had
a blast at Dragon Con 2009 catching up with Doktor A, Chris Ryniak, Bryan
Collins, Laura Kuenzli, and our friends from the forum!

Wolfmonkey Munny Custom


Eric from Thunderpanda has released photos of his newest custom creation - the Wolfmonkey Munny. What is a wolfmonkey? I have no clue. It was actually going to be a werewolf...but due to lack of turned into a wolfmonkey.

Harold and Ted


Blamo Toys will be releasing the first "gray-scale edition" of Harold and Ted - a Blamo webstore exclusive. The handmade resin figure is limited to only 20 pieces. And 1 of those 20 is a super special, super secret, hand painted chase figure. This will be available once the Blamo website launches on October 1st.

REVIEW: Treeson and Other Stories Series 1



The Treeson & Other Stories storybook was released last year at the Taipei Toy Festival. Written and illustrated by Bubi Au Yeung, this is the first book from the author. Available in translated English, the book deals with everyone’s favorite spiky white creature.

You might remember seeing one of the many Treesons vinyl figures released over the past few years by Crazy Label. Well, the company has dropped a blind-boxed line based on the Treeson & Other Stories storybook. With this, they’ve expanded the number of characters in the Treeson figure world by eight new figures.


The Facts

Treeson and Other Stories
Series: Blindbox Series 1
Manufacturer: Crazy Label
Artist: Bubi Au Yeung
Material: Rotocast Vinyl
Height: 3” (average figure)
Points of Articulation: Some have 1
Designs: 8 total - Ren (1/16), Circle Boy (3/16), Newspaper Boy (3/16), GID Baby Treeson (1/16), Mini Treeson Pack (2/16), PinB (3/16), Heart Pack (1/16), Tree Block (2/16)

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Bioler Zomb at 3DRetro


3DRetro has ThreeA Toys' and Ashley Wood's Bioler Zomb figure in stock. This amazing 1:6 scale figure is fully articulated and amazingly detailed. And for only $ can be yours. These have sold out at other retailers, so pick one up while you have the chance.