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Mars Attacks…in 1:6 Scale


Even though Mars Attacks was widely panned as a feature film flop, I've always been a fan of the quirky alien apocalypse comedy. And I guess that Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles agree with my assessment of the star-studded movie...because they've released a pair of 1:6 scale Mars Attacks alien figures.

The Martian Ambassador ($119.99) features movable eyes, jaw and tongue as well as his movie accurate red robe. The Martian Solder ($119.99) is my personal favorite and comes with a Super Soaker 100. Oh wait...that's his ray gun. Sorry.


SpongeBob x Nooka


Nickelodeon/Viacom Consumer Products and fashion
design brand Nooka Inc. have partnered to create a line of
limited-edition, high-end wristwatches inspired by none other than SpongeBob
. In honor of the pop-culture icon's 10th anniversary
celebration this year, Nooka has created two limited-edition timepieces
featuring graphics and colors inspired by SpongeBob and "Bikini
Bottom," with additional collaborations to be released throughout 2009
and 2010.

The watches utilize two brand-new
Nooka styles - the ZUB ZENH (horizontal bars) 20 mm in Yellow and the
ZENV (vertical bars) Aluminum in Night.
collection, available for both men and women, will be available at
retailers in July, The watches will retail at $170 and $275,

Basically...if you're a fan of the TokyoFlash style watches and are a big SpongeBob'll probably buy this.

REVIEW: Darth Vader 1:6 Scale



In June of 2003, AFI (the America Film Institute) released their list of 100 greatest movie villains - and heroes. Over six years later, and many people still don’t understand how the most recognizable villain of all time finished in third place. That character – Darth Vader – is straight from one of the most popular science fiction franchises – Star Wars.

Darth Vader (the former Anakin Skywalker) is the original Star Wars trilogy’s primary antagonist. Fans of Sideshow Collectibles’ 1:6 scale Star Wars line have been clamoring for more of the major characters, and with the recent release of Lord Vader…they’ve gotten their wish.


The Facts

Darth Vader
Series: Star Wars Lords of the Sith
Manufacturer: Sideshow
Material: Hard plastic articulated body
Height: 14”
Points of Articulation: Over 30
Accessories: Ignited and unlit lightsaber; Interchangeable hands - 5 total; Display base; Unique ‘Force Choke’ hand (Sideshow Exclusive)
Outfit: Shin, shoulder, mantle and groin armor; Breastplate with chest box; Faceplate; Helmet; Jumpsuit; Inner robe; Outer cape with chain clasp; Boots; Detailed belt with lightsaber hook
Edition Size: 6,500 regular and 1,977 exclusive

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Griz Lee Bear


Rocket World will be releasing their special edition Griz Lee Bear made for TAD Gear, Inc. Each of the 500 piece edition will be numbered and individually boxed.
The 3.5" tall articulated figure includes a spork, combat knife, and human skull trophy accessories. Look for it to be released early September 2009.

Griz Lee Bear is a Special Edition Vinyl Figure produced for TAD Gear, Inc. He is related to Titus, but unlike his cousin, has had clearly too many espressos. Like Titus, Griz shares an obsession for good gear and loves his spork, Strider knife, and his skull trophy which is very versatile and doubles as a head rest or stool when needed.


The Vinyl Frontier Sneak Peek

The Vinyl Frontier - a documentary film that explores the world of designer vinyl toys - was previewed at a special sneak peek event during San Diego Comic Con. And if you weren't able to make it out for the showing, you'll be able to watch the 12 minute long clip posted above.

Sideshow’s Cobra Throne


Sideshow Collectibles is now taking pre-orders for their Cobra Throne 12-inch
Figure Environment
. Cobra Commander's seat of power brings new
dimension and context to the 1:6 scale line, offering a detailed
setting for 12-inch figure display.

Each piece measures approximately 15" in height and runs $199.99. It's scheduled for a 4th quarter 2009 release.


Disney Friends Cosbaby Series


Hot Toys has unveiled their Disney Friends Cosbaby Series. Each Cosbaby stands 3" tall, and features your six of your favorite Disney Friends (plus a secret chase) in baby forms.

Designs include:

  • Mickey
  • Minnie
  • Donald
  • Goofy
  • Stitch
  • Pinocchio

We’ll Be Right Back…After These Messages


Rivet is happy to present "We'll Be Right Back...After These Messages", a group exhibition inspired by cartoons from the 80s & early 90s. Artists include: Charlie Owens, Christopher Lee, Daniel Elson, Clinton Reno, John Lara, Tiffany Liu, Mike Maas, Scott Campbell, Shannon Bonatakis, Jason Limon, Thom Glick, C.J. Metzger, Matthew Hawkins, and Gunnar.

The opening reception take place today - Saturday, August 1st - from 7PM until 10PM. The exhibition runs through August 31st.