MINDstyle Taipei Toy Fair Exclusives‏


MINDstyle will be releasing a trio of vinyl art toys for Taipei Toy Fair. The first is the 9″ Two-Faced Hazel from Kathie Olivas. This is a larger figure based off of the chase figure of the same name from the Scavengers Series 1. The TTF edition of Two-Faced Hazel will be released in Taipei for USD $100.00 and is limited to 200 pieces.


The second exclusive will be Kathie Olivas' Daisey. Taken from her tremendously popular Scavengers series, this TTF exclusive mini figure will be released in Taipei for USD $20.00 and limited to 200 pieces.


Finally…from one of summers hot new mini figure series launching this month, the Serv-O-Matics by Brandt Peters. This is the first exclusive outside the states, and the Testbot will be released in Taipei for USD $20.00, limited to 200 pieces.

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