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REVIEW: Mark Ryden’s YHWH



Mark Ryden is one of the most popular contributors to the lowbrow art scene. And since there is such crossover between the designer toy world and lowbrow art, for years, collectors have been clamoring for some sort of original Ryden art toy. And after three years, a pair of manufacturers and dozens of prototypes, we have our first (and probably only) Mark Ryden vinyl figure.

Teaming up with Long Gone John and Necessaries Toy Foundation, Ryden has released one of the most anticipated pieces of this year - YHWH. Based on the painting of the same name, the large pink vinyl figure has his fans in a frenzy.


The Facts

Manufacturer: Necessaries Toy Foundation
Artist: Mark Ryden
Material: Rotocast Vinyl
Height: 17”
Points of Articulation: Zero
Edition Size: 2,000 pieces (numbered on the bottom and box)

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SDCC 2009: Merit International


Merit International's San Diego Comic Con booth featured figures are artwork from Dez Einswell's Doodle Barn. While we've seen several of the products before, the little figures in the glass cans were something new to me.

Our SDCC Merit Int'l Photo Gallery

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SDCC 2009: Sideshow


The Sideshow booth was yet again one of the busiest at San Diego Comic Con. The booth featured a number of popular Sideshow lines (Star Wars, G.I. Joe and Indiana Jones), a custom Stormtrooper display and several new Hot Toys products. We'll be providing more details on the new product announcements in the coming days.

Our SDCC Sideshow Photo Gallery

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SDCC 2009: Toy Tokyo


If you were looking to be greeted by a topless Marilyn Monroe with Mickey Mouse...accoutrements, you'd obviously want to walk to the aisle right up against the wall at SDCC. If you've ever been to Comic Con before, you'll know that's where you can find the Toy Tokyo booth...which holds a treasure trove of collectible figures.

Our SDCC Toy Tokyo Photo Gallery

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BIC Buddy Release Parties


BIC Plastics will be officially introducing their first platform series BUDDY - designed by marka27 - starting on August 15, with three releases in three cities.
If you're in LA, NYC or Chicago, come out and meet the artists of Artist Series 1.

Los Angeles
August 15 @ Crewest Gallery 6PM - 9PM
Signing Artists: David Flores, Jesse Hernandez, Marka27, Angry
Woebots, Ritzy Periwinkle

New York
August 21st @ ToyTokyo 6PM - 9PM
Signing Artists: Sket, Kano, Cope2, Indie84, Marka27

August 22nd @ Rotofugi 5PM - 8PM
Signing Artists: Jesse Hernandez, Marka27


Bill the Yeti…Now Available


If you didn't make it to Comic Con, you're in luck! Strangekiss just released all three of their Bill the Yeti designer toys. Designed by David Lanham, this rotocast vinyl features removable fabric clothing.


Bill is available in three different artist renditions:

  • David Lanham - Bill the Yeti (limited to 250 pieces - $60)
  • MAD - Gangsta Bill (limited to 250 pieces - $80)
  • Frank Kozik - Mantra Bill (limited to 250 pieces - $80)

The 8" tall vinyl figures will be available to purchase individually or as a set. If you buy all three from Strangekiss, you'll save $10. To purchase one or all (I'd go with the trio), check out the link here.


The Qee Abides


It appears that Toy2R and BifBangPow are teaming up to release The Big Lebowski bowling pin Qee. I love the movie...but I doubt that I'd buy this. Now, if they came out with some character Qees...I'd be all for it.

Evil Spike – White Eyes Series


Makkinoso will be releasing the Evil Spike - White Eyes Series as a Gruff House Exclusive. Gruff House is a new webshop dedicated to selling 100% artist made toys. These three brand new Custom Evil Spike figure are each one of a kind, hand-cast in resin and hand-painted. Each 5.5" tall Evil Spike comes with a header card and stickers.

The Empire Muggs Back


Above is Nathan Hamill's (the designer of Boris) custom Death Star Mighty Mugg for The Empire Muggs Back online auction. That auction runs from July 31st through August 14th and features custom figures from artists, comic book creators, toy designers and celebrity fans. These will be auctioned off by the Make-A-Wish Foundation...and maybe you can pick up the above featured custom.

Tonner Twilight Dolls


On Saturday of Comic Con, we strolled by the Tonner booth to find that they had surprisingly unveiled three new Twilight Tonner Character Figures - Laurent, James and Victoria. I only had my cell phone with me, so the photos aren't top notch...but you get the idea.