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REVIEW: Urban Paper


If you’re into the designer toy scene, you’ve probably downloaded, printed out and assembled at least one papertoy/papercraft creation. But thanks to Matt Hawkins and his recently released 151-page book entitled Urban Paper – 25 designer toys to cut out and build…all you have to do is, well, cut out and build them. And while the title is rather self-explanatory, Matt has assembled a group of some of the biggest and best names to create papertoy templates.


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Seaweed Big Muscamoot


If you combine cool, creepy and cute together you'll get the newest figure from Squibbles Ink and Rotofugi. The first of The Lake Monsters project is the Big Muscamoot figure that's designed and sculpted by the uber-talented Chris Ryniak.

This is the Seaweed version. The Fire On The Water colorway was delayed, so this has actually become the first version to be released. Look for it to hit the Rotofugi brick and mortart shop at noon on June 5th...and online later. In my opinion, this little creature is a must have (although the price has yet to be announced).


The Handsome Family Foldable


The newest from Paper Foldables is the husband and wife band - The Handsome Family. You can download the template for free via the above link. And what's fun about this foldable is that they're actually attached, so you can push them together for a little smooching action.

Travis Lampe on VIMBY

Brian Keller of Beeswax Media has posted a well-produced and informative 3+ minute long video focusing on artist Travis Lampe. The clip features interviews with Lampe as well as Kirby Kerr (Rotofugi) and Joe Somers (Squibbles Ink) about his new Tear Drips vinyl toys.

FeeJee Mermaids


Every few weeks, Schmancy will be releasing a very exclusive toy by one of their favorite plush artists.  They'll be starting on June 3rd with the artist Robyn Fabsits.  She has made 20 FeeJee Mermaids that will be exclusive to Schmancy. Be sure to note the differences between the male and female mermaids (and the eye patches).


Mongler Panzer


Bob Conge's newest figure is called the Mongler Panzer. The ultra limited figure (only 5 pieces) will be available from the Plaseebo web store next Wednesday - June 3rd. Each piece is hand painted, signed and numbered by Bob.

The figure is constructed of a hand cast resin Mongler head with red glass eye inserts and an internal switched color changing LED unit over a hyper detailed plastic panzer. The head turret is poseable and the tracks turn. Each Mongler Panzer measures 3" wide by 6" long by 4.5" high and are priced at $275.


Toy Break Episode 78: Reviews Reviews Reviews

Toy Break Episode 78 is entitled Reviews Reviews Reviews. And if you've guessed that it's a show full of reviews...well...then you've guessed correctly. But if you're wondering exactly which toys they'll be reviewg, you have to check the show notes below.

Join us for a loot at George and Gary Grenade by Michelle Viligura,
Kiba the Tomorrow King by Ashley Wood, The Hook Living Dead Doll by
Mezco, and much more!

Living Dead Dolls Pencil Toppers



Mezco has introduced a new line based on one of their most popular products - the Living Dead Dolls Pencil Toppers. Each
topper is an accurate miniature recreation of your favorite LDD's head.

one contains the disembodied heads of: Sybil, Schitzo, and Sadie. Fits
most common size pens and pencils (not included) and each one is
individually carded. These would have FREAKED me out when I was in third grade..although they would have went well with my David Hasselhoff/Knight Rider lunchbox.

LVL 9999 Papa Sama Chocolate Edition


The newest creation from Erick Scarecrow is the LVL 9999 Papa Sama Chocolate Edition - Japan Exclusive. This colorway will be limited to only 16 pieces and only available via The figure will be released tomorrow (May 31st), so get your mouse clicking finger ready.

For more information on the background of the Papa Sama character, check out Erick's explanation:

Papa Sama is actually based on a real dog I used to have for 19 years
named Mikey. He was such a good dog. He was a mixed breed Maltese,
smart, strong and very tough. He didn't like other dogs, hated getting
haircuts, he got along with alley cats, ate cheese and spent alot of
time sleeping in my family coat closet. When he was in the closet we
would go to try and play with him but he used to growl as if he wanted
to be alone. Then come out when he was ready to play. His behavior was
so strange. As if he was an old man trapped inside a dog body.

REVIEW: Agent 99 Tonner Character Figure



The 2008 film version of Get Smart is based on the spy/comedy television show from the 1960’s featuring Secret Agent 86 aka Maxwell Smart. However, the film version is packed full of big name stars: Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway, Dwayne Johnson and Alan Arkin. And in lesser roles are names like James Caan, Bill Murray and my favorite villain - the Great Khali.

Tonner Doll Co, who has the license to produce Get Smart Tonner Character Figures, has released the two main characters – Maxwell Smart (Carell) and Agent 99 (Hathaway). While we’ve previously reviewed the Smart figure, it’s now time to take a look at the Agent 99 TCF.



The figure is packaged in the white Get Smart styled box. It features the movie logo on the lid. On the inside, the TCF is packaged in traditional Tonner style – ribbons and Styrofoam secure the piece, with a hairnet and plastic covering the exposed plastic sections.

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