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Beat It!



Bryan from Paper Foldables has produced one of the most iconic pieces of outerwear ever to be shown on MTV. That's right! It's Michael Jackson's jacket from the Beat It video. It's free to download, print and fold up. And it'll make you want to stand around and watch a knife fight.

New Reading Monsters Release

UhOhToys will be releasing two new Reading Monsters today - Wednesday April 1st - at 10AM CST.


Hot Pink Explosion - Fluorescent pink resin, with glitter and glows blue in the dark. The piece is painted with silver and pink spray. Limited to 3 pieces, it will run $16.


Pink Clear GID - Clear, almost milky glitter resin with pink and silver spray. Glows blue in the dark. Limited to 3 pieces, it will run $16.

Mark Ryden and NTF’s YHWH


Hi Fructose and Brian McCarty dropped a bombshell on us. But it's a good kind of bombshell. Long Gone John and his Necessaries Toy Foundation are back (had they ever left?) and previewing their upcoming Mark Ryden piece - YHWH. Based on Ryden's painting of the same name, this amazing figure is bound to be one of our personal favorites.


While the pictured - pink - vinyl will be the standard edition, there are plans for two special edition versions (black - 80 pieces and white - 80 pieces). Look for these to be released in the summer of 2009. And for more information about the figure and the photoshoot, check out the Hi-Fructose blog.