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Sarvos Lands


Hopefully you don't snooze on this one.  Onell Design has released the Standard Sarvos (in their online shop) as well as a Standard Sarvos that includes a Black Phase Arm and Gobon Blaster (via the Warp Zone).

New Work from El Maz

El Maz has a number of new limited edition plushies available, so we'll let him describe them:

Now that I am back home from the show, I wanted to share
my contributions to the Monster Art Rally show. The plush figures were done in
collaboration with Lina Britton, and they look fantastic in person. The plush
figures are her artistic interpretation in plush format of my characters. They
really raise the bar for what plush figures are (in my opinion) because they
have features like embroidered eyes/facial features and have a very polished
feel to them. I am super proud of what she was able to accomplish with



Title: Fred's Dream Part 4, Section A (Entangled)
Medium: Pen and ink and acrylic paint on watercolor paper
Size of Artwork: 16" x 20"
Size of Frame: 18.5" x 22.5"
Price: $723


Title: Fred's Dream Part 4, Section B (As The King Awaits)
Medium: Pen and ink and acrylic paint on watercolor paper
Size of Artwork: 9" x 12"
Size of Frame: 11.5" x 14.25"
Price: $361


Frederick J. Carrotson the 4th, also known as Fred the
One-Eyed Carrot
. He can be seen here sporting his brand new tentacle belt, along
with 2 of his children, Barney and Stanley. The tentacles on his belt are wired
and can be posed. Fred stands approximately 12 inches tall. These 3 are sold
as a set and are priced at $223.


Henry Q. Heartleford the 2nd, also known as The King of
. He can be seen here with his 3 children: Prince Monroe, Prince Sven, and
Prince Chaz. The King of Hearts stands approximately 8.5" tall. These 4 are
sold as a set and are priced at $178.


Count Herbert Von Spiderton the 8th, also known as Herbie
the Headless Spider
. The body is approximately 8 inches long, and with the legs
it is approximately 17 inches wide. The red heart on his back is embroidered.
The legs are wired and can be posed Herbie is priced at $156.


Lady Buttersley. The wingspan is approximately 10 inches,
and the tail length is approximately 21 inches. The tail/tentacle is wired and
can be posed. Lady Buttersley is priced at $156.


Edward R. Squidman Jr., also known as Squiddles the
Somewhat Giant Squid
. Squiddles is approximately 35 inches tall. The tentacles
are wired and can be posed. Squiddles is priced at $206.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these, please
send Katie an email at

Chaos Monkey White and Guerilla Versions


The Chaos Monkey White and Guerilla Versions (from artist Bunka) are Artoyz Exclusives that were released this past Saturday, October 18th.   There were only 100 pieces of each the DIY White and gren Guerilla versions.  Look for them to run 25€ each.


From Russia With Love


Idleware is showing off photos of their upcoming From Russia With Love resin figure. The sculpt consist of four parts: hat, figure, turret and  base of the tank.  The size,
including the hat, is a little over 6".  It will be
released on November 14th during the opening of the
"Russians" exhibition at rotopol in Kassel,
Germany. This set will be limited to 10 pieces (signed and numbered) packaged in a kaiju-like plastic bag with header card.

For more information about picking one up, check out Idleware's website.

REVIEW: Hellboy 2 – The Golden Army 3.75″ Boxed Set



Hellboy II: The Golden Army was released in theaters this past July.  And like the first movie, Mezco grabbed the license to produce action figures based on the film.

The Hellboy 2: The Golden Army 3.75” Boxed Set includes four of the key characters from the film: Hellboy (the evil-fighting red demon), Liz Sherman (the pyrokinetic BPRD investigator), Johann Krauss (a German psychic whose ectoplasmic being is contained in a suit) and Mr. Wink (a giant cave troll who protects the evil Prince Nuada). 



The boxed set is…well…in a window front box as a set.  In this way, it’s great to either display in the box or remove and place in a primo spot on your shelves.  Each figure includes a stand, so you’ve got options.  The packaging is Hellboy II themed, with photos of the figures (and included accessories) on the back.

Read more

New at Frozen Empire Toys


Now Available at Frozen Empire Toys:

IWG Astro Krieg Series - Classic Galactic Silver Set by Rocket World/Strangeco - $41.95
IWG Astro Krieg Series - New World Eco-Green Set by Rocket World/Strangeco - $41.95
Kaiju For Grown ups - Death Hammerhead by Joe Ledbetter/Intheyellow - $76.50
Kaiju For Grown Ups - Pink ChouChou by Gary Baseman / Intheyellow - $76.00
Play To-Fu Mini Vinyl Series - Blind Box by Play Imaginative - $6.95ea
IWG Green Flying Saucer by Rocket World/Strangeco - $49.95
Lederhosen Deathbot by Gama-Go/Ningyoushi - $21.95
Miss November 1978 by Paul Pope/Kidrobot - $60.00
Treeson Birthday Box Set by Crazy Label - $33.00
10" Blank GID Teddy Troop by Adfunture - $57.50
Icy Bunny by Husky Kevin/Urabbit - $44.00
Hi-Fructose Magazine - Issue #9 - $6.95
Hugh Hefner Peecol by Kidrobot - $9.95
8" Treeson by Crazy Label - $66.00

Available for Pre-Order (shipping week of 10/22)

The Scavengers Series 2 - Blind Box Mini Figure Series by Kathie Olivas/Mindstyle - $11.95 per blind box/$174.95 per display case of 15

Stay tuned for info about their upcoming Mad*L X Andrew Bell Exclusive and eye on the website for frequent

James Dean – Red Jacket Version


Well, I'm not really sure how many fans of James Dean are still alive, let alone collection 1:6 scale figures.  But Hot Toys has released another spot on version of everyone's favorite Rebel Without a Cause featuring his red jacket from the aforementioned film.  The figure will include an extra set of hands as well as a right hand featuring his "classic hand sign". 

So, I'm just wondering when they'll do a Jim Backus figure, who played Dean's father in Rebel Without a Cause (and Thurston Howell III in Gilligan's Island).

MYBU: Perfect Match Series 1


The MYBU: Perfect Match Series is a 3" platform toy recently launched by BUBU CO LTD.  The line features a
number of different characters and variations as well as a designer crossover series in the works for 2009.

The MYBU come in 5 different flavors - Babybu, Astrobu, Debonairbu, IceCreambu and Trendybu - in male and female characters for a total of 10 figures in a complete set.  The MYBU figures are highly detailed, from their lacy lingerie to a secret tattoo they have hidden underneath their clothes.  Each figure comes in a windowed box, stands 3″ tall and features removable clothing and accessories...meaning the more figures you collect, the more designs you can create using their interchangeable clothing.

MYBU is currently available in the US through Diamond Comics Distribution and their respective vendors with a SRP of $9.99. For other countries, contact

Read the descriptions for each MYBU and find out which BU are you!


CONTEST: Win a ‘Green Porno’ Prize Package


The name Green Porno just sounds dirty, doesn't it?   Well, it's actually Isabella Rossellini's 8-part film series about the mating habits of insects.   So...maybe it is sorta adult-oriented.   But it's also similar to the nature shows Id watch as a kid

So, we're teaming up with Cornerstone and The Sundance Channel to give away a green (environmentally friendly) prize pack to two lucky winners.

The prize includes the following:

  • Green friendly tote bag made from water bottles
  • Sundance Channel 'Green' speakers
  • Sundance Channel Boku notebook
  • +E (positive energy)Tank top

The Details:

  • Post your results from the quiz below in the comments section.
  • Include your email address in the proper field.
  • One entry per person.
  • Open to US mailing addresses only.
  • The contest runs through Tuesday, November 4th at 11:59PM EST.

Vladimir…For Halloween


After several sneak peeks, Jared Deal and Argonaut Resins have revealed their very limited special Halloween release - Vladimir.  Each figure is hand cast and painted, making each toy unique. Vladimir comes packed in his very own felt lined coffin display box that is also handmade, painted and numbered.  The interior of each coffin will match it's accompanying Vlad figure.  They also come with a certificate of authenticity signed by Jared Deal (designer) and Eric Nocella (sculptor).


The edition size is limited to 13, with the first 10 being made available at the Argonaut web store on October 31st (Halloween) at 12 noon EST.  Each figure stands 5" tall with the coffin measuring 5 1/2".  They will each run $70 plus shipping.  And remember...only 13, so you better not snooze on this one.