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Bumrush Customs For Sale


DynomightNYC has put the lot of Bumrush customs - from the recent custom show - up for sale right here.  While some of them have sold already, or they haven't gone up for sale, there are a bunch of amazing custom pieces available.  They range in price from $50 to $5,000.  Sorta.

Runcible Edition A


Runcible is a limited edition, 7" tall handmade resin figure from artist Cris Rose.  He's a gentle, nature-loving robot, who has found himself in a
world without humans or robots. Nature has reclaimed the planet, so he
tends the plants and animals while trying to find out what happened to
the family he was part of...

Each edition has something different cast into the clear head, the
visual representation of what Runcible is thinking of as he has no
voice. Edition A has a leaf, the most basic element of plant life.

Cris made all 5 - plus a special "Grandfather" one off custom
- available for pre-order this past Sunday.  The regular release will run £39.99/$74 while the "Grandfather" version will run £120.


Lunartik’s Self Army


We previously told you about Lunartik's Self Army exhibition that is going on at Forbidden Planet, and that Matt Jones is taking submission for custom pieces.  Well, here are a few closer looks at his Self Army custom figures.  (Obviously, they are custom Qees with a box head)


Noxious Fumes


The Noxious Fumes exhibition at Rivet Gallery will feature
a varied array of both
exquisite artistic techniques and visions from some of the most cutting
edge underground artists inspired by the show's theme of the
gas mask.

The event includes a mixture of local,
national, and international artists:

Annie Owens, Andy Clarkson, Brian M Viveros, Chet Zar, Chris Peters, Clint Carney, Davey Wong,
Doktor A, Todd Cameron, Kathie Olivas, Louis Fleischauer, Megan Green, UNKL,
Tin, Samuel Stimpert, Steve Cvinar, Terribly Odd.

The exhibition will be on display from October 4 through October 29th,
with the opening reception to be held from 7PM through 10PM on the 4th. 

1200 N. High St.
Columbus, Ohio 43201


CONTEST: Little Britain USA Mimobot



Matt Lucas and David Walliams rocketed to stardom in the UK and Australia as stars of the irreverent BBC comedy series “Little Britain.”  Now, they’re bringing their unique brand of laughs to HBO in the all-new comedy series Little Britain USA.  Written and created by Lucas and Walliams, the six-episode season kicks off Sunday, September 28th (10:30-11:00 p.m. ET/PT), with shows debuting immediately following new episodes of the hit comedy series “Entourage.”

To celebrate the program debut, Cornerstone created a promotional line of 1GB Mimobot flash drives.  The characters produced - Vicky Pollard and Carol Beer - are limited to a run of 4,000 pieces each.  However, they are not available to purchase.  But we're going to give away a set of the Little Britain USA Mimobots to one lucky winner.

The Details:

  • Post your favorite HBO show in the comments section.
  • Include your email address in the proper field.
  • One entry per person.
  • Open to US mailing addresses only.
  • The contest runs through Monday, October 6th at 11:59PM EST.



V.Germy Designs has released the first of their Germusu plush characters.  Germusu are single cell pouches (their mouth is a little zipper) in the shape of little germs.  The first character released is named Mooger, and there are 5 other plushies in the works.


Skulskin by Ajee


ExtendedPlayZ, a new label from Bonustoyz, presents Skulskin by Ajee.  Ajee is a female artist who was one of the secret artists in the French Dunny Series.  There are two colorways available: Green and Dark. The figures are 11" tall, including the mask, and limited to a run of 300 pieces each.  Look for them to be
released in mid-November and retail around $115.   For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.



With the presidential debates happening and the election a little over a month away, Matt Hawkins of has created a new (free) papertoy - Build-O-Bama.  He wanted to show his support for
Barack Obama in a "creative and positive way".

Matt says:

I've been thinking a lot about
my work and while I love to make funny little characters I feel like
it's my responsibility as an artist to speak my mind through my work
every once in a while when I feel strongly about something. Obama is
one of the first candidates to come along (ever) who has actually
inspired me to create art!

So go ahead and download, print and cut.  He's completely free!

REVIEW: Killa Instinct



One of the fairly new vinyl toy companies, BIC Plastics, has hit the ground running with the release of their first vinyl figure – Killa Instinct.  This vinyl piece is a graffiti writer that has been designed by a street artist - Marka27.  That name might sound familiar since his line of vinyl speakers – Minigods – is rather popular.

There will be a pair of parties in early October to celebrate the Killa Instinct release. They will take place at SURU (LA) on October 4th and MyPlasticHeart (NYC) on October 11th.



The figure is packaged in a window-front box (with a window panel on the top as well) with a graffiti theme.  While there’s not much reading material on the box, the artwork is…well…killa.  Inside, the figure is protected in a snapping dual plastic tray.  The bolt cutters and figure’s head are both protected with individual plastic bags.

Read more

New at Frozen Empire Toys


Now Available at Frozen Empire Toys:

2.5" & 2" X-Mas Bomb Set (Silver & Gold) by Frank
Kozik/Toy2r - $12.00
2.5" & 2" X-Mas Bomb Set (Green & Red) by
Frank Kozik/Toy2r - $12.00   
2" Potamus Mini Figure Series by
Frank Kozik/Toy2r - Blind Box - $5.50   
10" Dark Purple / Red
/ White Labbit
by Frank Kozik/Kidrobot - $39.95 
Deathbot - Gold
Gama-Go Edition Wooden Toy by Ningyoushi - $37.50   
Monster Mini Figures Series 2
by Mindstyle - Blind Box
- $29.50 
KFGU - Death Hammerhead by Joe Ledbetter/Intheyellow
- $76.50   
Gargamel Gargadeath - 2007 Halloween Edition by
Super7 - $57.50   
E Pluribus Venom: Shepard Fairy's Recent Work
- $29.95
Uglydolls - Puglee - 12" Plush by David Horvath - $18.50
Moofia: Bulletto
by Tokidoki/Strangeco - $29.95
Squirm - Ikageruge
Tribute Edition by Super7 - $47.50   
Oban Star Racer -
Original Molly by Muttpop - $40.00    
Red Army Dr.
by Frank Kozik/Toy2r - $40.00   
Once Upon a
Time - Book
by Jeremy Fish - $48.00    
10" Blank GID
Teddy Troop
by Adfunture - $57.50    
Yeti Plush -
Set of 4 by Curster/Esc Toys
- $90.00      
Visighost - White Day Edition by
Super7 - $57.50    
Standard Wee Sticker by
Shawnimals - $24.00   
Icy Bunny by Husky Kevin/Urabbit
- $44.00

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