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Dr. Cube by Kennyswork


Dr. Cube, designed by Kennyswork, is one of the newest 1/6 scale figures from Hot Toys.  The figure has over 20 points of articulation and a detailed uniform that consists of a welding helmet, gloves and a pressure suit.


REVIEW: FluffyYukYuk



The newest plush character from OhNo!Doom is a green octopus looking character named FluffyYukYuk.  You might remember the mouth-chomping plush FluffyBadBad, which was released two years ago.  Well, YukYuk is the newest addition to the Fluffy family.

Don’t get too close. Don’t stare into their eyes. And most importantly, don’t call em snookems…because no matter how cute, cuddly, snuggly or cooshy they are, FluffyYukYuk is proof that cute things can and most definitely will bite.  That’s right! Real chomping action included with every FluffyYukYuk! You can bite dang near anything! So go ahead, chomp away!



It’s a mouth-chomping plush, so there’s not much packaging to mention.  There is a very large tag that’s attached to FluffyYukYuk.  It’s probably just as large as the plush, but it lists a number of user warnings.

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Toy Break Episode 30 : Finger Holes


Toy Break's episode titles just keep getting more and more risque.  Number 30 is called Finger Holes...obviously referring to the back of FluffyYukYuk.  But let the Toy Break crew explain:

Join us for a look at FluffyYukYuk by OhNoDoom!, Lenore figures from
Dark Horse, bunches of news, events, and more! Thanks for spending
another week with us here at Toy Break and happy St. Patrick's Day and

TOUMA’s Squeezel


The new 9" tall Squeezel vinyl figure come straight from the mind of TOUMA.  His extra large tail is made to double as a stand for your iPod or cell phone (unless you have one of those 90's Zack Morris models).  Look for Play Imaginative to drop this figure in June of 2008.

Give Buck Rogers a Hand


Go Hero will be revealing, little by little, bits and pieces of their Buck Rogers 1/6 scale figure.  They are now showing off the sculpt of the hands and the holster for Buck's Atomic Disintegrator.

REVIEW: Baby Treesons



Crazy Label’s Treeson vinyl was one of the hottest toys of 2006.  Based on Bubi Au Yeung’s story - Treeson and Ren, the character has now been released in a line of mini figures.

The Baby Treeson series does not have the tree branch that was sticking out of the larger figure’s chest.   But what it does have is a variety of colors and facial expressions.  Those different colors are: Classic White, Baby Blue, Pastel Pink and Almond Brown.



You can purchase the Baby Treesons as a 10-pack or individually.  Each individual figure is packed in a zipper bag in the matching color of the character that’s inside.  The ratio in the 10 pack is 2 each of the blue and white and 3 each of the brown and pink.


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Now Available: 3 Ice Bat Kaiju


They're available!  All 3 Ice Bat Ugly Kaiju vinyl figures are now available through the Ugly shop.  (Clear Blue, Clear Red and Solid Blue) Each one is $75 and will look great in your ugly collection....or Ugly collection.

3DRetro: New Items and Black Sale


It's Black Friday! Well not exactly the Thanksgiving shopping day but just as good. 3DRetro is pleased to feature some of the most awesome "Black" toys on the site.  These include the new Quadrics Black on Black figures and the extremely limited Michael Lau Black on Black figures.

Here's the best part. When you spend $200.00 or more use the coupon BLACKSALE and they'll take 15% off your ENTIRE order. The more you spend the more you save.  Don't forget to check out their other great new products like our Exclusive Red Tide Kozik Gobi.

Zog Production Update


Strangekiss sent out the above production update which includes photos and news about their upcoming Zog vinyl toy release.  Look for David Lanham's piece to be launched somewhere between mid 2008 and early 2009.  And keep an eye out for special variants!



The fifth installment of Jamungo's BOTM (Bud of the Month) will be released at LulubellToys on March 25th at 12 noon CSTBeaterman is March's BOTM and is designed by VanBeater.  As with the rest of the line, look for this piece to be limited around 200 pieces.