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The Hard Sell Juke-Box


Bigshot Toyworks
sent along these photos of the upcoming Hard Sell Juke-Box robot that they developed for DJ Shadow.  The piece, sculpted by Scott Wettershneider, is based on the poster art from Paul Insect.  The vinyl piece is 7" in height.  Klim and Bigshot are producing some very cool robot figures.  And who doesn't like a good robot every once in a while?


Tough x Apexplorers Adam


Adam is a 1/6 scale figure that's created and designed by Winston Classic Creation LtdHot Toys  produced both the regular and the special black version of the figure.  And both Adams come decked out in gear from the Hong Kong fashion brand - Tough.


A Pair of New Custom Slobots


Mike, of Slobots fame, has released some photos of his new customs that will be on display at the Lift Detroit show (opening April 29th).  These customs use the Mighty Muggz body as a beginning point.

Devilrobots 18″ evirob


If you weren't aware...evirob was created by Devilrobots in 2001, with "where the weirdest
things are" as its concept.  And now they are teaming up with Play Imaginative to released an 18" tall figure.  Pretty big...that's a foot and a half for you non math majors.

REVIEW: Boba Fett mimobot



After mimoco released their first series of Star Wars mimobots, collectors chimed in with the characters wanted as USB storage devices.  Yes, if you’re not familiar with mimobots, they are designer toy USB devices available in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB sizes. 

Series 2 of the Star Wars line was launched with four new characters: Princess Leia, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker (X-Wing), and Boba Fett.  For purposes of this review, we’ll be looking at the Boba Fett mimobot.



Much like Series 1, the Series 2 Star Wars mimobots are packaged in a clear, cylindrical plastic case.  This allows you to easily display them with your other Star Wars collectibles.  Each figure includes a small booklet that outlines the series.  And the edition size (and the number of the figure you received) is printed on the top lid.

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Guys and Ugly Dolls???


Hmmm...this is a different spin on the usual Uglydoll news story.  The New York Times appears to believe that most Ugly collectors are boys.  In my personal dealing with readers and collectors, I'd say it's probably 50/50...or maybe even more females collecting Uglydolls.  But it makes for an interesting story...

Skellbot Prototype


Butch Adams is producing a line of hand cast resin (possibly) figures.  Based on his original sculpt that could quite possibly be the child of Hellboy and a Toyer, the above version - Rojoaka - will be available as a run of 27 pieces.

REVIEW: Fawkes



Tonner Doll Company continues their Harry Potter figure line with the release of Fawkes (Dumbledore’s beloved phoenix).  Unlike the Tonner Character Figures, this piece is grouped with other various accessories.

If you’ve never seen the Potter films, you probably wouldn’t know that Fawkes is Dumbledore's pet phoenix.  Much like the mythical creature, whenever Fawkes dies, he bursts into a flame and is reborn out of the ashes.  The character first appeared in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (the second book).



The window front packaging allows you to see both the figure as well as the stand.  While you probably won’t be displaying this piece in the packaging, it’s nice to be able to see the details before you purchase (if you’re doing so in person).

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Kujira the Whale


Kujira the Whale is the first in a series of toys, from Owl Australia, depicting the brutal acts of humankind.  Each Kujira is handmade from solid high definition polyester resin and comes with a hand carved wooden harpoon.  He's available in three colours to accommodate the most fastidious of mammal lovers and also a limited soft rubber edition, that bounces, kinda floats and is easy on the eyes.

With only a week or so until whaling season ends Kujira can be a keepsake for all those who didn't get their full quota this year, a paper weight for all those important scientific research papers that may get blown away in a storm of controversy or just someting to practice killing in your spare time.  The next in the series to be released relatively soon is Otok the seal. Otok means basking seal in Inuit, he comes with a hefty club and matching head wound.


Shin Tanaka T-Boy Vinyl


Inspired by Shin Tanaka's paper toy series, the artist has teamed up with Play Imaginative to produce a 7" tall T-Boy vinyl figure. 

T-Boy has a strong sense of
curiosity. However, he is a bit shy... Therefore, he pulls his favourite T-shirt
over his face, but he is always searching for something cool.  If he can
find a nice T-shirt, he changes into it, and his search for new designs
continues forever!

Sometimes I go for that look (t-shirt up over the head), but it's usually just to scare the neighborhood children.  Rawwrrr!!!!