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New at Frozen Empire Toys


Now in stock at Frozen Empire Toys:

3" Dunny - French Series by Kidrobot - $6.95 (blind box) $173.75 (case of 25)
UniPo Series 5: Speed Demons by Unklbrand - $7.50 ea. $29.00 (full set of 4)
The Vivisect Playset by Strangeco - $7.99 (blind box) $191.76 (case of 24)
Macia Troopa - The Origianal Dark B-Boy by Mahon/Toys & Noise - $38.50
KFGU - Clear / GID Layered Magman by Touma/Wonderwall - $66.00
Animal Kingdom Stationary Set by Joe Ledbetter/Darkhorse - $5.00
Black Flocked Ripple by Sket-One/Kaching Brands - $44.00
Animal Kingdom Journal by Joe Ledbetter/Darkhorse - $9.50
White Ripple by Sket-One/Kaching Brands - $44.00
Original Golem by Tragnark/Kaching Brands - $72.50
Black Golem by Tragnark/Kaching Brands - $82.50
8" Murder Dr. Bomb by Frank Kozik/Toy2r - $58.00
Venom Goon by Touma/Wonderwall - $48.00
Coming soon . . .
Wish Come True Mini Figures by Friends With You / Strangeco
KFGU - Uglydoll Kaiju - Icebat by David Horvath / Wonderwall
Space Monkey Qee by Dalek - Complete Set of 14 by Toy2r
Brown SMASH by Joe Ledbetter / Toy2r  (mid march)
Barry the Vibrating Beaver by Jeremy Fish / Ningyoushi
Mongers - Kozik Breakfast 5-Pack by Kidrobot
Yellow PeeGee by Touma / Wonderwall
+ + + + + And Lots More + + + + +
Be sure to keep an eye on the Frozen Empire Toys website for frequent updates

My World Is Flat


Digital artist Superdeux will have his first solo NYC show - My World is Flat - at Gallery Hanahou.  With fresh graphics and funky characters, this
multi-media exhibit proves that you don't need a third dimension to
have a good time.  Featuring custom editions of the artist's popular
Stereotype toy series, limited-edition prints, wall stickers, and other
new work. The opening party takes place on February 28th from 6PM until 9PM, and the show runs until April 2nd.

Gallery Hanahou
611 Broadway, Suite 730

Kick Some Biblical Butt!


It's always funny seeing who displayed what at Toy Fair.  Even though the designer toy selection has dwindled down to about nothing - making the Urban Bazaar aisle more Bazaar than Urban - there are always a few companies who see what's "cool with the kids" and try to incorporate that into their own lines.

Hence the Spirit Warriors from one2believe.  The first two Biblical figures are Samson and Goliath.  Why not David and Goliath?  Or even better!  Davey and Goliath!  These stylized figures might make studying the Bible more entertaining for the kids.  But they just make me sorta sad...and anxious to see when the stylized lepers are released!

Vince Carter All-Star Vinyl


Upper Deck is bringing New Jersey Nets Guard-Forward Vince Carter to All-Star
form. The next All-Star Vinyl
release at the Upper Deck Store is a slam-dunk tribute to the
high-flying Nets superstar. Platinum Club members will get the first
shot at buying the figures on Tuesday, February 26, at 9:15AM PST.  The general public will then be able to pick them up on Wednesday February 27 at the same time.  The figure is available in the following editions:

Away (Blue Jersey): 1,000 pieces
Alternate Away (Red Jersey): 500 pieces
Home (White Jersey): 500
Black Edition: 250 pieces

So, do you think they nailed Vinsanity?  I think the figure needs a little beard stubble.

Harriet the Bearded Lady – Purple Edition


Keep an eye out for the purple edition of Harriet the Bearded Lady from Carnival Cartoons.  The figure, designed by Jared and Garnet, will be limited to a run of 200 pieces.  Look for them to retail around $55.   So, do you like this or the original red version better? 

Wholesale inquiries can be directed to DKE Toys.

Tinbot: Artist Designed iPod Cases


Tinbot (previously known as Tinpod) is a new
generation of iPod cases.  It adds a little flavor while protecting
your iPod.  The TINBOT features original designs from: renowned vinyl toy designers MAD, SKET-ONE and CHRISTOPHER LEE;  DC Comic book master JOCK; urban artists PARRA, KURT KETCHUM and 7SLEEPR.  There will also be a blank white Tinbot for the customizers out there.

The case is made of impact-resistant tin and comes equipped
with a headphone and charging port.  The interior is lined with neoprene
padding to cushion the iPod in case of scrapes, bangs, drops, grinds,
slashes or any other wear and tear that daily life dishes out.  They are compatible with the iPod Video (30GB, 60GB and 80GB) and iPod Classic (80GB and 160GB) and will retail around $29.95.

REVIEW: Glyos System – Pheyden and Exellis



There aren’t nearly enough retro looking toys out on the market.  But Onell Design has brought us back to the 80’s with their sci-fi inspired Glyos System line.  There are currently three different body designs available.  The figures that we will be reviewing here are the Nebula Pheyden (purple), Cyber Ghost Exellis (clear and orange) and the Solaris Exellis (glow in the dark red).


How a little back-story:

Rebelling against his tyrannical creators in the Glyos System, Prototype Sincroid Exellis battles for the freedom of his mechanical brethren as leader of the Lost Sincroid Revolution.

Hailing from the fabled Edge of Space in the mysterious Glyos System, Space Traveler Pheyden journeys through endless dimension securing the order of the infinite universe and patching holes in the fabric of time.



The Glyos Series figures are packaged in small, window front boxes that specify which character (either Exellis or Pheyden) is enclosed.  Each figure is secured in a plastic tray and includes a comic and a card with the characters listed on it.

Read more

Toy Fair Promo Video…featuring Uglydolls

The Uglydoll booth got some love in the official Toy Fair 2008 promo video.   You'll have to watch a little bit and see some of the goofy toys that people are trying to market.  But like the old Prego commercials always said...It's in there!

Mr. Toast…Slightly Crispy


Dan Goodsell is the artist responsible for bringing us The World of Mr. Toast.  It's a world full of food with personality.  Yep...bacon, eggs and muffins.  Good enough to eat.  Well, you probably don't want to try eating the new vinyl (might crack a tooth) or plush (too much fiber) version of Goodsell's Mr. Toast character.

The Mr. Toast vinyl is approximately 7" in height and limited to a run of 1,000 pieces.  Look for it to retail around $25.  And the Mr. Toast plush is the same height around should retail somewhere around $10.  Wholesale inquiries should contact DKE Toys.

UNKL x Boardeli Longboards


UNKL teamed up with Boardeli Longboards to design two styles of their 44-inch longboards.  Each design is limited to a run of four total pieces.  They will go on sale March 1 on Boardeli's website.  And if you pick up the Playing Card board, you will get a set of UNKL's UniPoker figures.