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Grumpy Custom 8″ Qee – Jungle Camo Edition


Riot68 has sent us some photos of his latest custom piece.  The 8" tall custom Grumpy Qee is all decked out in his camo gear.  He used spray paint, acrylics and paint markers (along with a protective top coat) to achieve the look.

REVIEW: Clone Trooper VCD



Sideshow Collectibles distributes several lines from Medicom Toy.  Among those is the Vinyl Collectible Doll, otherwise known as VCD, line of super-deformed vinyl figures.  The stylized figures have a little more attitude than the 1/6th scale variety and are not made to be an exact proportional replica of the character.

Among collectors, the Star Wars license is one of the most popular.  Sideshow revealed two upcoming VCD figures, C-3PO and Wicket, at San Diego Comic Con.  But one of the more popular figures is the Clone Trooper VCD.



Medicom does a great job with their product packaging.  The actual box is designed to resemble the Clone Trooper’s helmet.  The visor section of the helmet is a plastic windowpane, so you can see part of the figure inside.

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Spider Baby Boom


David Horvath had planned on showing off one of Sun-Min's Spider Baby Boom mini figures per day.  However, not all good things come to those who wait.  After a few days, he decided to reveal Toy2R's entire lineup to us.  When Spider Boom eats something, out pops a baby with that food on top of it's head.

REVIEW: Jeff Pidgeon’s Happy Beaver



If you’ve never read Jeff Pidgeon’s blog, you’re missing out on some entertaining opinions.  His Toy OTD (of the day) segment highlights old and new collectables from action figures to statuettes to Happy Meal toys.

With a background in storyboarding, and credits such as the Pixar hit Monsters, Inc., Pidgeon knows what it takes to create a fun, appealing character.  He developed his Happy Beaver character several years ago, put it on some shirts, realized that folks like it, and proceeded to produce a vinyl figure.  It doesn’t have a background story, so it’s up to your creative mind to develop one.



Your Happy Beaver comes packaged in a box that is done up to resemble a log with a hole cut out.  The actual figure is bagged within the box.  And there is a message on the rear of the package: Hey kids! Keep your beaver clean and well fed, and you’ll always have a happy playmate.

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Previews Exclusive Minigod Midnight Edition


August is coming to an end and time is running out to get your hands on
the Midnight Edition Minigod Vinyl Figure by Marka27.  The long-awaited
16" figure comes with a full range speaker and has an integrated
amplifier for increased speaker power -- all the better to bump your
music!  A lone 9 volt battery will power the speaker and amp.  The figure
will has a minijack connector (seen on the bottom left-hand side)
providing compatibility with any music device with a headphone jack
such as an ipod, cd player, boombox, laptop or desktop.  This Previews Exclusive is limited to 300 pieces