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Brodeur All-Star Vinyl


The next highly anticipated All-Star Vinyl
release at the Upper Deck Store features NHL netminder, Martin Brodeur.
Platinum Club members will get the first shot at the
figures on Tuesday Sept 25th at 9:30AM PDT.


  • New Jersey Devils Home, limited to 1,500
  • New Jersey Devils Road, limited to 500
  • Black Edition, limited to 250
  • Any remaining figures will be made available to the general public on Wednesday
    Sept 26th at 9:30 AM PDT
    on a first-come, first-served basis while
    quantities last.

    Pure Blythe Custom #9


    The ninth custom Blythe doll from Pure Blythe is named Renata (aka Buttercup).  It's another great piece and is currently up on ebay for your bidding pleasure.  Bidding ends on Monday September 24th, but be sure to check into the time differentials if you don't live in the UK.

    REVIEW: Seamour Sheep and Marty Mole



    Metin Seven is a Dutch designer whose weekly three dimensional webcomic - Seamour Sheep – has garnered interest due to it’s funny story line and hilarious main characters.  The comic follows the adventures of a Scottish sheep named Seamour and a wiseacre mole named Marty.

    Metin teamed up with Crazy Label to bring Seamour Sheep and Marty Mole to life…in vinyl form.  Now, you can act out your favorite Seamour Sheep comic, or just sit them on your shelf and stare at them for hours.



    Seamour Sheep is packaged in a bright green box that shows the figure from various angles.  The bottom of the box has a comic printed on it and the figure is secured in a pullout tray with one twist tie.  Marty Mole’s packaging is a little simpler.  He comes bagged in a black bag that has information about the figure printed on the outside.

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    Suckadelic Toy Commercials

    The folks over at Suckadelic have produced this great commercial that spoofs the old Star Wars ads of the late 70's and early 80's.   Now, the language might be a little too graphic for younger viewers...but it's definitely a hilarious acting job by the Sucklord.   And there should be more spots for the vinyl figures that are set to be released.  Can't wait!

    Jim Koch Gosho


    We told you a few days ago about the Toys Kill show taking place at Meltdown Comics on October 6th.  Jim Koch will be debuting his limited edition Gosho Doll (from Super Rad Toys).  Here are some preview images of the piece.


    REVIEW: Erick Scarecrow’s Shiitakes



    I warn you, do not stare into the Shiitakes' cyclops eye for too long. These monster mushrooms have a variety of bizarre powers that eventually led to their escape from their creator. Presently they camouflage themselves as regular toys with a convenient clip-on in efforts for you to take them with you! But always keep a good eye on a Shiitake, you never know what they're up to.

    Erick Scarecrow’s Shiitakes line of clip-on plush toys was recently released through his ESC Toy label.  Series 1 contains 5 original colorways as well as several secret plushies.



    As with most plushies, the Shiitakes line has minimal packaging.  You might still find them in a plastic bag, but the plush will most likely only have a tag attached to it.  The tag has some background information as well as drawings of the characters.

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    Vote For Your Favorite Colorway


    The folks at Crazy Label (and artist Michael Fleming) are asking you to go ahead and vote on your favorite Putrid Pal toy colorway.  Actually, you can vote up to four times.  They'll use your opinion to produce alternate color versions.  I'm a little partial to number 8...especially with Halloween approaching.

    UniPo Skeleton Series


    UNKL has announced two additions to their UniPo line.  You might recognize the design from UniPo Series 4.  It was apparently so popular, that they've launched a Skeleton Series.  The pink colorway is limited to 200 pieces and will be exclusively through UNKL's website, while the silver version will be available at retailers and limited to a run of 500 pieces.

    Shiitakes Sightings Contest


    It's less than two weeks until the conclusion of our Shiitakes Sightings contest.  You still have a little time to get your Shroom and snap some photos...

    Esc-Toy Ltd & Plastic and Plush are very proud to announce the Shiitakes Sightings contest! All you have to do is get your hands on a Shiitake from series 1 and take the most funny and original photo.  1 submission entry per household and only digital photo files are accepted.   No explicit images using nudity, drug content, or gore will be accepted.   No DIY Shiitakes can be entered.  The contest is open worldwide and all submissions can be mailed to:

    All entries must be entered by 10/01/07 and no later than 11:59PM EST.  The prizes for the most original entries are...

    3rd prize***
    $50 gift certificate Rotofugi
    2 signed Shiitakes secret colorways

    2nd prize**
    $50 gift certificate Myplasticheart
    1 Signed set of Shiitakes collection

    1st prize*
    $50 gift certificate Toy Tokyo
    Signed Sketch by creator Erick Scarecrow
    1 Signed set of Shiitakes collection
    1 ULTRA RARE 12" World Champ Boxer Shiitake
    12” vinyl Liberty Esc-Toy exclusive

    Shiitakes Series 1 can be purchased at or the ESC Toy store.  Original colorways limited to 100 pieces each worldwide and secret colorways available at 50 pieces worldwide. The winner will be announced on 10-15-07.


    The Mole Ride Tour


    DGPH starts the
    Mole Ride Tour in California with 4 different shows, each one with a different theme and
    fresh new stuff including toys, bubble moles, canvases, street paints and a rare selection of never before shown artworks.