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Custom Toy Show in Montreal


Vinyl frenzy hits Montreal! camiondepompier, the new specialized art
toy store that opened its doors last month, is holding its first event
ever in October. Sixteen artists from the city have been invited to
customize BUDs and Nades for the occasion. Will be present: NVC Crew,
winners of Plastic & Plush's Best Toy Customizer of the Year award
in 2006, who will also present a retrospective of their work, graffiti
artists Omen and Fantom, animators Fred Caron, Rémy Larochelle and
Dulciane Desautels and many others!

317 Ontario E. #1
Montréal, QC
H2X 1H7

Dunny Four & More

Master Chief Loves mimobots


If you've been living under a rock for the past few days, you probably haven't heard of a little game called Halo 3.  I have a PS3 and Wii, so my video game budget didn't allow me to pick up an XBox360.  But the third and final installment (in this trilogy) is the most anticipated title since E.T. (albeit much better in quality).


Not only is Master Chief ready to protect the world, but he's going to protect your important files as well.  Mimoco has announced a new crossover to produce the first series of
Halo mimobot designer USB flash drives.  Licensed by Microsoft and Bungie Studios,
the Halo mimobot Series 1 will be available in three limited-edition colorways
Master Chief Green (edition of 5,000), Red Spartan and Blue Spartan
(3,000 each).


Halo mimobot Series 1 is now open for pre-orders at
and will be released officially at E for All Expo in Los Angeles on October 18th


And as always, the mimobots are loaded with Halo-related content including:  wallpapers, screensavers, and soundBytes™ to unpublished pages from the
Marvel Halo comics, sections from the Halo 3 strategy guide, and excerpts from
the upcoming Halo novel. Additionally, the in-game talk show “This
Spartan Life” has provided Mimoco with an exclusive episode only
available on the Halo mimobot Series 1.

Seamour Sheep USB Lamp


This might only be a 3D rendition, but you're able to see what Metin Seven and Crazy Label are attempting to create with the Seamour Sheep vinyl figure.'s a USB powered Seamour Sheep lamp.  They've been designed and are now in the testing phase.  Can't wait to see how they work.


Monsta Faktory’s Custom Teddy Troops


Monsta Faktory is creating a line of 10 custom Teddy Troops figures.  What will be different in this custom series is that they'll be sold off as a blind boxed series.  Each custom will be military themed and have dog tags.  There will also be a special chase figure.  Interesting...

Toy Break Episode 12: Ring Ring!


The folks at Toy Break are at it again.  Episode 12 of the always entertaining webcast is entitled Ring Ring! and is chocked full of previews, reviews and toy news (that sorta rhymed, right?).  And if you're interested in what kind of content is in this episode, read the show summary below.

Join us for a look at more Marvel Zombies, MINDstyle's City Critters,
Super Rad Toys Axis of Evil, Pheyden by Onell Design, and a visit with
Rich Vanover and Ben Goretsky at Wheaty Wheat Studios! Smells like
another fun episode of Toy Break!

Harriet Carney Now Available


Step right up, step right up and feast your eyes on Carnival Cartoons' newest vinyl figure - Harriet the Bearded Lady.  She is the newest addition to The Carney's line, which features the heavily tattooed Buzz Carney.  We've seen the prototype, but the lady with the 5 o'clock shadow and the red bustier is now available to purchase.  The red edition is limited to a run of 200 pieces, so be sure to pick one up before she shaves that wonderful Amish beard.  Look for the 7 3/4" tall figure to retail around $54.99.  Wholesale inquiries should be directed to DKE Toys.

Create Some Seamour and Marty Art


The folks over at Toytastic are running a competition for Seamour Sheep and Marty Mole (from Crazy Label).  You'll have to bust out your crayons with the sharpener on the back of the box...make sure your markers aren't dried out...because you can use any medium you like to create original Seamour and/or Marty artwork.  You'll have until October 31st to enter the contest, so best of luck.

Get To Know Your Shroom – Boxer


So, you thought you had all of the Shiitakes there were?  You were mistaken.  Here's the World Champ Boxer Shroom art created by Erick Scarecrow.  This piece is part of the 1st prize for our Shiitakes Sightings sure to enter!!

"Boxer Shroom doesn't speak to much with his mouth
but says alot with his gloves. He always gives the competition a fat

REVIEW: Batgirl Tonner Character Figure



You might remember Batgirl (aka Barbara Gordan) from her introduction in Detective Comics back in the 1960’s.  However, I remember watching repeats of the old Batman TV series, starring Adam West.  The show featured Yvonne Craig as Commissioner Gordon’s librarian daughter and ran for two years on ABC.  In the comics, there were several others who played the role of Batgirl, however, Gordon is most commonly known as Batgirl.

The DC Stars collections from Tonner Doll Company has immortalized Batgirl as a 16” tall Tonner Character Figure (TCF).  The figure is based on the comic version, since the television Batgirl wore a purple and yellow outfit.



The box that Batgirl is packaged in is similar to the rest of the DC Stars line.  The figure is secured by a number of ribbons, which allows for easy removal and no scratching of the product.

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