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Don’t Drop the Puck on Ovechkin


Upper Deck will drop their newest All-Star Vinyl figure this coming Tuesday (May 15th) at 9:08AM PDTAlexander Ovechkin, the Washington Capitals young superstar, is one of the most exciting players in the game.  All of that being said, you will probably have to act fast to pick up one of these figures.

A Series of Strange Samplings Show


Matt Sharp and Toby Stanger will be at Revolution Tattoo and Art Gallery in Chicago this June.  On June 2nd, their 'A Series of Strange Samplings' will open with over 70 paintings and prints.  If you're in the Chicago area, you'll definitely want to get out to see what should be a great show.

Wheaty Wheat Adds a Few New Artists


Wheaty Wheat Studios recently acquired licensing for Evil Ice Cream (from Darth Rimmer and Kerry Horvath) as well as work by Luke Feldman.  It will be great to see what these artists will produce in conjunction with one of the top vinyl toy companies out there.


Edward the Gator


Now shipping from Max Toy Company is Bwana Spoons' Edward the Gator figure.  If you weren't able to get your hands on one of the original figures, Double Punch with have an exclusive red version of the figure.  Look for Bwana to be at their in store signing on May 19th.


REVIEW: Rocky and Alien 3D Movie Posters



Last year, McFarlane Toys launched their 3D Movie Poster line.  They already have some of the most notable films, particularly a number of cult classics, in production.  The company uses the original theatrical movie posters as their inspiration, and then sculpts a 3-dimensional likeness of that poster.

For this review, we are looking at the Alien and Rocky 3D Movie Posters.



Each movie poster is set in a cardboard box, without a front covering.  Since the line is meant to be displayed on its own, the packaging is somewhat insignificant.

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Lil’ Joe…Shawnimal Style


While still maintaining lil' joe's trademark evil grin and crazy eyes,
Shawnimals has added plenty of its aesthetic on top, and made him fuzzy
soft and more 'roundy' overall. The lil' joe plush is limited to 100
, each with a signed and numbered hang tag. In addition, the
plush are fully-packaged and come with a bonus 1-inch button badge. To
round off the package, a two-color screen-printed t-shirt featuring the
collaborative lil' joe design en masse will also be released (available
for a limited time from double punch, sold separately).  The lil’ joe x
shawnimal will retail for $20.

The lil' joe plush and t-shirt will be released Saturday, May 12th at
double punch, 1821 Powell Street in San Francisco. Come on by to meet
the designer and plush producer (Shawn and Jen of Shawnimals) from 4pm
- 7pm.

Since lil’joe is also the shopkeeper of our online store,, a small allotment will be ear-marked for sale on the
website.  Lil’joe x shawnimal will be on sale Monday, May 14th at 11am
PST on


Get Your Toy Out!


Kitoy, in collaboration with Artoyz and Crazy Label, is very happy
to announce you that the first photographic contest based on the
heading "Get Your Toy Out!" is launched.  The contest rules are very simple : choose between the two obligatory subjects "Pedestrianized street" or "Shopping arcade", then
choose only one or more of your toys, a digital camera and let's go!.

The jury is:

- Kitoy

- Partners Artoyz and Crazy Label

- Cartone french graphic designer

- Brian McCarty

REVIEW: Monster Theater



Dark Horse
has given the reigns to designer – dKiller Panda – to interpret some of the classic horror characters.  The Monster Theater line, from SD Toys, gives collectors a deformed look with a little bit of cuteness.  There are currently two sets available:  Set 1Vampi, London and Invisible; Set 2Frankie, Bride and Mummy.  For purposes of this review, we are looking at Set 2.



The figures are packaged side-by-side in a rectangular window front box.  This allows the in package displayers the chance to leave the figures in their box.  Also, there are plenty of illustrations, including drawings of the characters on the rear of the box.

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REVIEW: Mickey Mouse Runaway Brain – Candy Flake



Runaway Brain is an Oscar nominated Disney short was released back in 1995.  The 7 minute long animated short stars Mickey and Minnie Mouse, among other famous Disney characters. 

Mickey completely forgets about their anniversary, and due to some quick thinking, promises her a Hawaiian vacation.  In order to pay for the trip, Mickey takes a job at Dr. Frankenollie’s office…where the mad doctor switches Mickey's brain with that of his monstrous creation.

Span of Sunset has teamed up with Disney to produce the vinyl incarnation of the Runaway Brain Mickey Mouse…post brain swap.   The drooling rodent is currently available in 4 variants, however, we’ll be reviewing the Candy Flake edition.



In what might be the most amazing piece of packaging to hit the vinyl toy world, the Runaway Brain Mickey is stored in what looks like an enormous cereal box.  It’s complete with nutritional information, as well as some screen grabs from the animated short.


The front flap opens to reveal the figure, as well as a pack of cards and what resembles a DVD.  There is no DVD…it’s actually just a placeholder for the special Runaway Brain t-shirt that’s inside.

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