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New Show at Wootini Gallery

Name of Artist: Ray Tolan and Brian Plaster
Medium: Mixed 2D and 3D, Metal, Found Objects, etc.

For the past few years at Wootini, people have asked "Who made created the ceiling in the gallery?" Well, now's your chance to meet "him".  Ray Tolan has been worked on augmenting living spaces and creating amazing art pieces by warping all manner of things into incredible creations for over 20 years.  With similar tools, and a different style, Brian Plaster (Winner of the Dunny Azteca competition) is known around town for his designs at the Wine Bar and "The Dwell house", his art shows at his gallery/workshop "Room", among many other projects.

March 9th to April 9th
Opening March 9th 7-11pm

200 N. Greensboro St.
Carr Mill Mall
Carrboro, NC 27510

mimoco’s Core vimobot Series


mimoco’s first Pure Vinyl Art Toy series is here - the Core vimobot
.  The 4" tall vinyl line might look familiar...they are the same as the Core Series of mimobots (the designer USB flash drives) designed by Mexican artist Yahid "Serial Killer" Rodríguez. They will be presented in a blind assortment and limited to an edition of 2,000.  Also, a blank (white) vimobot will be avalable to customize...with an upcoming contest to realize your dream of being a toy designer.

REVIEW: I.W.G. Mini Rocket Ship



We were lucky enough to get our paws on one of Rocket World’s I.W.G. Mini Rocket Ships.  With 3 versions available – Classic Galactic Silver, Future Eco-Green and Covert Black Limited Edition – you’ll need to pick one up for your mini I.W.G. figures.  Produced by STRANGEco, the official Launch Party will take place March 9th at the Rocket World Gallery in San Francisco.

The story behind the rocket ship goes something like this:  The Astral Overseers gave the Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo a fleet of rocket ships to help fight the bad human poachers.  The rockets are fueled on ordinary garbage (with zero-pollutant emission…Al Gore would be proud).  Each of the rockets hold at least one mini figure (as well as human bones).



One word describes the box each and every I.W.G. Mini Rocket Ship is packaged in: retro.  From the font to the drawings to the style of the box…everything screams retro.

The rocket and mini figure are packaged in a plastic tray within the heavy cardboard box.  It does a good job protecting what is a somewhat delicate piece.

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