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Web Robots


I recently received some photos of a new product line out of Hong Kong.  They are called Web Robots and are based on different segments of computer technology and the internet.  The figures are actually made out of wood.  More information as it becomes available.


Another Chance to Win a RTW


Meltdown Comics is ready to say good bye to their last Red Tooth Wedgehead. If you want to get your hands on him, you'll have to put a little work into this one. 

The Breakdown:

Most MySpace comments with one of the Meltdown logos wins.

Meaning, you go to someone's MySpace account and you post a comment with the Meltdown logo & link (  Then you send Meltdown a list of where they could find them. Whoever sends the most wins. Simple as that.

Logos will be available tonight and Meltdown's website.

Contest starts today and ends at the end of this month.

Send your list to, Subject: RTW MySpace Contest

NTF & Fafi’s Irina


We’ve received word from DKE Toys that you should begin seeing Fafi’s Irina figure in stores within the next few weeks.  The latest vinyl toy from Necessaries Toy Foundation will be available in 2 versions.  The “Tan” - Collete - version was released a few months ago and sold out in Europe.  The “Pale” version is Irina with her white hair and purple outfit.  They should retail for around $60, which is a great price for a toy that stands at nearly 11” in height.  The Pale version is limited to 800 pieces while the Tan version is a 200 piece edition.

The following retailers will be carrying this figure:


The Artwork of Doug Boehm


It’s been 10 years since I graduated from high school.  It’s always interesting to see what some of your old classmates are up to, and sites like MySpace are key to rekindling old friendships and relationships.  Well, I caught up with a really talented artist from my class – Doug Boehm

His artwork has been seen in loads of publications, and he currently has a number of prints available.  Doug’s limited edition Stereo Friends print sold out in two days.  You still can pick up some of his prints at Thumbtack Press, however they are not limited edition.  Cool, nonetheless.

I feel that a number of his pieces would make great vinyl figures.  What's your opinion?  Check out more of Doug’s work at his flickr page.


Tado’s Hero mimobot


Mimoco’s second mimobot in their artist series (the first was Shawnimals) is the first release from their Flying Cat crossover project.  They have teamed up with TADO to create one of the coolest mimobots so far – Hero.

Hero is a loveable but hapless rogue, desperately trying to make his way in the world as a fortune-hunting swashbuckler! He'll bring you adventure, magic, riches beyond your wildest dreams, and above all a happy heart. When HERO takes a break from being stupendous, he likes to eat sweet melon buns and do jigsaws.

The figure is limited to 500 pieces in 256MB, 512MB, 1GB and 2GB sizes.  It’s up for pre-order now, but will not be released until April 21st.

3DRetro Lenin Print and Contest

Retroposter8jn has teamed up with Frank Kozik to produce this special, limited edition print of Vladimir Lenin in Dunny form.  The print is a limited run of 200 - signed and numbered.

Also, 3DRetro is sponsoring a one of a kind contestThey are giving away a Lenin Dunny as well as the above print.  You will have to take the Dunny design and draw your favorite communist leader - it can even be your version of Lenin or Mao.  All submissions will need to be emailed to  Your artwork is due by midnight on April 25th.  The winner will be announced on April 27th.

Follow this link to the blank Dunny template.

Skelanimals Plush by Toynami


Toynami's Skelanimals are looking for a home with that special someone to care for and love them, but not just anyone. They like people that have a warm heart, after all, they’re just bones. They need you to keep them warm and cozy. Snuggling is their favorite thing to do, especially when you watch a scary movie.  The 9" plush line consists of 5 dolls - Andy, Dax, Jack, Kit and Marcy.


CONTEST: Win Some Little Uglys

Plastic and Plush and Uglydolls are teaming up to give away 3 Little Uglys - Wage, Jeero and Ox.  So what kind of contest is it this time?  We're asking you to post a photo of your pet in our forum.  What if you don't have a pet?  Well a photo of your favorite plush pet will work!  Get your submissions in by 12:01 AM EST on Monday April 17th, because that's when the contest ends.


REVIEW: Big Puff Maki


Enjin Factory recently introduced the first character in their Instant Sapien line – Big Puff Maki.  The character was produced in 3 different versions – Disco Fu (black), Makizinger Zeta (silver) and Motto-Rebel (yellow).  Disco Fu Big Puff Maki has a matte finish while the other two have more of a glossy feel.

Sean D’Anconia is the designer behind Enjin Factory and Big Puff Maki.  His background is in the pop culture, clothing design realm.  Maki is part Bruce Lee, part James Bond, and part Shaft.  He’s a kung-fu fighting, afro wearing secret agent.


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12-inch RAH Symbiote Spider-man


Sideshow Toys is offering one of Medicom's most limited products, the 12-inch RAH Symbiote Spider-man. In Japan, this figure is a mail order exclusive, but Medicom has graciously allowed Sideshow to import a small number of this hard-to-find figure. In North America, the black costume Spider-man is available exclusively from Sideshow Collectibles. Each figure includes a display stand, interchangeable heads, interchangeable hands, and beautiful full-color comic book inspired packaging.  The figure is selling for $125 plus shipping and is expected to ship in June/July 2006.