MAD and Rotofugi Hoodie

MAD and Rotofugi have teamed up on a very cool hoodie design. Look for this sweatshirt to hit Rotofugi in 2 to 3 weeks – just in time for the winter chill. No price yet…but keep your eyes peeled.

IWG Minis Pre-Order

Rocket World now has the entire line of Insurents Wilderness Gruppo (IWG) mini figures up for pre-order. They are just shrunken down replicas of the original vinyl toys. Each figure is also selling for less than $10. If you enjoyed…

Mixy and Joe Action Figures

Wheaty Wheat Studios is hitting the Action Figure shelves with their offerring of Mixy and Joe. CF, the author of the comic – Mixy, has this to say about the comic: Joe is a 10 year old boy, who just…

REVIEW: Blythe – Rose Bud

With the Behind Blythe exhibition currently touring the United States, folks are beginning to take notice of this unique, wide-eyed doll. Some male collectors might consider them “girlie”, but there are plenty of collectors who really enjoy the Blythe look….

McFarlane Toys 2006 Lines

Were you wondering what lines McFarlane Toys will be putting out in 2006? Well, there are a number of lines you might be interested in. Of course, I’m sure they will be adding new licenses to this list, but this…

Monsters That Scare Me Roundup

Rocket World Gallery exhibited the work of SEEN in the opening of Monsters That Scare Me on October 29th. You can now view and purchase any of the 42 hand painted canvases through the Rocket World website.

Instant Sapien

Coming to Free Bento in February… INSTANT SAPIEN: Blaxploitation meets Cyber-Punk in the wildly outrageous INSTANT SAPIEN designer-figure. “Big Puff Maki” (Blackanese-Disco-Elvis) stars in the first limited-edition set of hand-carved, faux-anime, molded characters. (production is made by machine of course)…