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REVIEW: The Mythicals – Cthulhu

Monster Factory Cthulhu 01


Toronto-based Monster Factory started a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise funds to produce The Mythicals line of handmade plush toys. The Mythicals started as a series of three characters: Spencer the Dragon, Margot the Unicorn, and Louie the Cthulhu. Thanks to hitting a number of stretch goals, they’ve added some yet-to-be-named Mythical characters: Pegasus, Yeti, and Sea Monster.

The campaign has already reached its funding goal. However, on Thursday August 14th 2014 at 11:02 AM ET, the Kickstarter run will be finished. The plush line won’t be limited to only those who back it on Kickstarter, so if you miss out, The Mythicals will be available to purchase from Monster Factory.

For this review, we were able to get our hands on one of the first Louie the Cthulhu plush toys.

Monster Factory Cthulhu 02

The Facts

Louie the Cthulhu
Series: The Mythicals
Manufacturer: Monster Factory
Material: Micro polar fleece
Dimensions: Approximately 10" tall
Pricing: $47.00 CAD (about $42)

Monster Factory Cthulhu 06


This was a pre-release version of the Cthulhu plush, which didn’t feature the swing tag. However, each Mythical plush will feature a special edition Kickstarter label and a hangtag displaying his or her name and hilarious personality. The tag will be signed by one of the creators.

Monster Factory Cthulhu 04

Our Opinion

Louie the Cthulhu follows the familiar look of other Monster Factory plush characters. He definitely fits in with their other characters. Louie has a chunky body with two sturdy legs in the front. This gives the plush a nice, steady base so that you can display it (without a hard cardboard base). He has small arms that attach between the head and body. Those arms have three little fingers (claws?) on them. Since Louie is a Cthulhu, he features a face full of feelers and a pair of wings…just like H.P. Lovecraft described it.

Monster Factory Cthulhu 05

Just checking out the quality of the plush…they’ve done a great job on the stitching. There are no random threads sticking out of Louie’s nether regions. And the transition on his belly, between the lighter green oval and the darker green of his body, is almost undetectable.

In addition to the Cthulhu, Monster Factory will be producing a Dragon, Pegasus, Sea Monster, Unicorn, and Yeti as a part of their Mythicals series. And if they hit the $30K mark, which they’re very close to, you’ll be able to get your hands on an extra large Cthulhu. Bigger and greener. Or something like that.

Monster Factory Cthulhu 03

For now, you can only get the Louie the Cthulhu plush by backing the project on Kickstarter. There are various pledge levels that allow you to receive anywhere between one or all of The Mythicals.

You can pick one up at the following...

Kickstarter campaign (until August 14th 2014): $47.00 CAD

Monster Factory Cthulhu Grades

REVIEW: Jade Stars – Year of the Horse

Year of the Horse 01


To celebrate 2014 - the Year of the Horse – Mini Magellan has released the first of twelve limited edition plush toys from their book “Jade Stars: The Great Race”. The book is written by Charles Huang and Stacey Hirata and illustrated by Jerome Lu of Hyperactive Monkey. The Year of the Horse plush was designed by Jerome Lu and by Patty Variboa of Fat Rabbit Farm, and makes a great gift for anyone born in the Year of the Horse (1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014).

In the Chinese lunar calendar, a different animal represents each year in a 12-year cycle. People born under a particular year identify with that animal’s personality traits, strengths, weaknesses and compatibility with the other animals.

The Year of the Horse comes seventh in the Chinese zodiac and people born under this sign are talkative, cheerful and love being the life of the party.

Mini Magellan has provided us with the Year of the Horse plush for this review.

Year of the Horse 02

The Facts

Year of the Horse
Series: Jade Stars
Manufacturer: Mini Magellan
Artists: Jerome Lu and Patty Variboa of Fat Rabbit Farm
Material: Plush
Dimensions: 17” tall
Accessories: The Great Race book (sold separately)
Edition Size: “Limited Edition”
Pricing: $59.99

Year of the Horse 04


The mini hangtag features a pair of horse illustrations on it. On the inside, there’s information about the Year of the Horse as well as the Chinese lunar calendar (similar to what’s printed above).

Jade Stars Book 1

Our Opinion

The Year of the Horse plush is a companion to the Jade Stars: The Great Race book. You don’t need to read the book to enjoy the plush. And you don’t need the plush to enjoy reading the book. But both are being targeted to kids, meaning if you show them that there’s a plush toy to go along with the story, or vice versa, you’ll likely be manipulated into buying the other one.

Year of the Horse 03

Just by coincidence, I was born in the Year of the Horse. I’ll give you a hint…it wasn’t 1930. In addition to the Year of the Horse plush, Mini Magellan has also released the Year of the Snake, Year of the Ram, and Year of the Dragon plush toys. Since you’re likely to be interested in the plush relating to your birth year, it’s nice to see that they’re one-third of the way through the Chinese lunar calendar.

Year of the Horse 05

The piece is very well produced. I didn’t see any issues with stitching, as you can see from several of the up close photos. You can also see that in a house with five dogs, it’s nearly impossible to photograph a plush toy without it picking up an ample amount of dog hair.

Jade Stars Book 2

As far as the pricing, some might find upwards of $50 for a plush toy a little expensive. And pushing $60 is usually reserved for extremely low-run handmade items or very large toys. At 17” tall, the Year of the Horse plush is clearly larger than most of the plush we run into. But I think at $59.99, most people would expect that the book was included.

You can pick one up at the following: $55.99 (plush) and $17.95 (book)

Year of the Horse Grades

REVIEW: Monstermatic App and 3D Monster

Monstermatic 01


After successfully funding their iOS app via Kickstarter, Monstermatic launched a unique iOS app that allows you – as the user - to select a pre-made animated monster or create one of your own.

You then have the option of swapping out parts, changing colors, and even drawing on the monster. The app gives you the ability to take your monster into the real world with Augmented Reality Technology. Take photos of it and share with friends via social media. You can interact with your new pal by feeding, shaking, and talking to it (it’ll repeat what you say in a chipmunk voice). There’s also a mini-game (Farting Simon) that will keep you entertained as long as a regular game of Simon probably could.

Finally, you can purchase a tangible version of your monster - sending your creation to a 3D printer at Shapeways. We ended up getting one of the pre-made animated monsters for this review. It pretty much resembles a monster ice cream cone (check out the app version below).

Monstermatic 07

The Facts

Manufacturer: Shapeways
Artist: You
Material: Sandstone (3D printing)
Dimensions: about 2” tall
Points of Articulation: Zero
Pricing: $25.95


The figure comes securely packaged in a plastic bag with lots of packing peanuts...inside of a shipping box. In other words, there was no product specific packaging. But the guy wasn't going to be broken.

Monstermatic 03

Our Opinion

The Monstermatic app is one of the few that will keep my four year old entertained for more than a few minutes. There’s a lot of potty humor (ahem...fart sounds) that stimulate the mind of a youngster. Plus, he likes being able to create his own monster, having that monster repeat what he says in a weird voice, and being able to send that monster into the “real world” using my iPhone’s camera.

Monstermatic 05

But where other apps end your experience when you turn off your phone, Monstermatic allows your creations to live (technically speaking) in the physical world. By choosing the 3D print option, you can have that monster you just created – no matter how insane – printed by Shapeways in Sandstone (it’s done in full color) and shipped to your home. 

And this isn't just a platform figure with artwork printed on it, the actual shape of the figure varies depending on what you've created. Like the ice cream cone monster has raised sprinkles and a straw shooting out of its head.

Monstermatic 02

When you dig into the shop area, there are three poses that your monster can be printed in. There’s a slightly hunched over look. There’s one that I like to call praying to the sky (it’s looking upward with palms to the sky). And there’s a spooky monster hands over its head you can see below. Each one will run you the same $25.95 to purchase.

Monstermatic 04

There is the option to play the games and use the app so that you collect points. Those points can then be accrued and used towards money off your purchase of printed figure. For example, I collected about 37 points by playing a game of Farting Simon (I went to a church to play it), and that got me about 3 cents off of the figure price.

Monstermatic 06

When I received the printed figure, I was impressed with the final product. I’ve seen a number of 3D printed toys and collectibles, and usually it's a platform design with color added via post printing painting. When you get your Monstermatic figure, the colors are a part of the sandstone printing. It doesn’t have tight, defined lines of a production piece...but it’s definitely worth the $25.95 to see a character you produced turned into a 3D collectible.

You can pick one up at the following:

Monstermatic App: $25.95

Monstermatic Grades

REVIEW: Hot Toys’ The Wolverine

Hot Toys The Wolverine 00


Released in July 2013, The Wolverine is the sixth installment in the X-Men film series. The movie is based on the 1982 four issue limited comic book series from Chris Claremont (writing) and Frank Miller (pencils). In the X-Men timeline, the events of The Wolverine follow X-Men: The Last Stand, with Wolverine traveling to Japan to visit and old friend. Like the previous (and subsequent) films, it features Hugh Jackman in the role of Wolverine.

With Hot Toys having the license to produce sixth-scale collectibles based on various Marvel films, it was a given that they’d provide collectors their third Wolverine figure from the company. The figure from The Wolverine follows versions of the character from X Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men: The Last Stand, and is graced with a brand new head sculpt.

Thankfully, Sideshow Collectibles has provided us with this piece to review.

Hot Toys The Wolverine 22
Hot Toys The Wolverine 19
Hot Toys The Wolverine 21
Hot Toys The Wolverine 20

The Facts

The Wolverine Sixth Scale Figure
Series: Movie Masterpiece Series
Manufacturer: Hot Toys
Authorized Likeness: Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
Material: Plastic articulated figure
Dimensions: Sixth Scale
Points of Articulation: Over 30 points
Outfit: Outfit 1 - Black blazer; Black coat; Black shirt; Black tie; Black pants; Black belt; Black socks; Black shoes. Outfit 2 – White wife-beater; Grey jeans; Grey belt; Brown boots.
Accessories: Pair of fists with metal claws; Pair of fists with bone claws; Pair of fists; Pair of hands for holding sword; Engraved metal Japanese sword with sheath; Figure stand with Wolverine nameplate and movie logo
Pricing: $224.99

Hot Toys The Wolverine 01
Hot Toys The Wolverine 02


The front of The Wolverine packaging features the image from the black and white illustrated movie poster. It also has the movie logo below the image. The back (and sides) of the box features photos of the actual sixth scale figure. Inside, Wolverine’s claws, pants, and shoes are attached to the lid. And covering the figure, you have a card featuring another poster used to hype the film. The image shows Wolverine’s claw marks over the red sun of Japan’s flag.

Hot Toys The Wolverine 26

Our Opinion

Even though they’re all under the Marvel umbrella, films from the three studios (Sony, Fox, and Marvel Studios/Disney) that own Marvel movie rights often have different hardcore fan bases. While I’ve seen all of the Marvel Studios/Disney films, I’ve only seen a few from the other two studios. But I did get a chance to check out The Wolverine and found the film pretty entertaining.

Hot Toys The Wolverine 12

With the movie being set in Japan, there are plenty of references to ninjas and samurai. One of the main accessories that Hot Toys’ sixth scale Wolverine comes with is an engraved metal Japanese sword with a sheath. It’s made of actual metal and is engraved with six Japanese characters. The sword is by far the most impressive accessory included with the figure.

Hot Toys The Wolverine 13

While they might not technically count as accessories, Wolverine includes five sets of hands: Closed Fists; Open Hands; Sword-holding Hands; Fists with Metal Claws; Fists with Bone Claws. The metal claws are made of actual metal similar to that of the sword. For this reason, both the sword and claws should be handled with care. You probably don’t want to have to explain to a doctor how you stabbed yourself with a toy.

Hot Toys The Wolverine 11

You’ll also get a pair of outfits with Wolverine. He comes dressed in a black suit, shirt, shoes, and tie combo. But if you’re going for a less formal look, you can doll him up in grey jeans, a white “wifebeater”, and brown boots.

Hot Toys The Wolverine 25

The figure features a new head sculpt featuring the likeness of Hugh Jackman. Looking at photos of some of their past Wolverine releases, this is by far Hot Toys’ best sculpt. It’s the best representation of Jackman’s facial features. Also, with the difficulty some companies have sculpting and painting facial hair, I have zero complaints about the fairly hairy Weapon X.

Hot Toys The Wolverine 17

There are many nuances that can be overlooked. For instance, the crazy work on the arms. Yes…Wolverine is supposed to be a hairy dude, which is why you can see individually painted-on hairs speckling his arms. And all of the metal embellishments, which could have easily been produced in plastic to save money, show how it’s a high quality collectible. 

To pick one up, check out the following:

Sideshow Collectibles: $224.99

Hot Toys The Wolverine Grades
Hot Toys The Wolverine 03
Hot Toys The Wolverine 24
Hot Toys The Wolverine 18
Hot Toys The Wolverine 23
Hot Toys The Wolverine 16
Hot Toys The Wolverine 15
Hot Toys The Wolverine 14
Hot Toys The Wolverine 10
Hot Toys The Wolverine 09
Hot Toys The Wolverine 08
Hot Toys The Wolverine 07
Hot Toys The Wolverine 06
Hot Toys The Wolverine 05
Hot Toys The Wolverine 04

REVIEW: AJ’s Toy Boarders – Surf Series 1

Toy Boarders Surf 1 01


To date, AJ’s Toy Boarders has released four series of their namesake figures. Following the release of two series of Skateboard figures and one Snowboard series, they’ve dropped yet another board-based – Surf Boarders.

The Toy Boarders – Surf Series 1 is similar to the previous three. There are eight different designs, featuring different characters in different surfing positions, and each bag contains a total of twenty-four figures – three of each design. And they have all been produced with that same little green army men aura.

Toy Boarders Surf 1 02

The Facts

AJ’s Toy Boarders Surf Series 1
Series: Surf Series 1
Manufacturer: Alfa-Row Inc.
Material: Injection Molded Plastic
Dimensions: Around 2” tall
Points of Articulation: Zero
Designs: Cruiser, Drop In, Lay Back, Nose Ride, Pig Dog, Slash, Tube Ride, and Wahine
Pricing: $5.95 pack of 24

Toy Boarders Surf 1 26
Toy Boarders Surf 1 27


Similar to the previous Toy Boarders series, the Surf Series comes bagged with a header card. All 24 figures are displayed similar in fashion to those little green army men, and the rear of the header card features silhouettes and names of each of the eight designs.

Toy Boarders Surf 1 06

Our Opinion

It’s tough to write about AJ’s Toy Boarders and not mention the similarity to plastic toy soldiers – or little green army men. The rise of those little guys was thanks in part due to a lead-poisoning scare in the 1950’s. So while the WWII plastic figures took off, the once popular metal versions were less in demand.

Toy Boarders Surf 1 08

Since the 50’s, there have been multiple iterations of these figures. Recently, we’ve seen a number of companies produce lines that emit that same retro feel. Of course, AJ’s Toy Boarders brings that same look and feel to board sports based toys.

The Surf Series 1 includes eight different designs. Ladies might be upset because there’s only one female figure (Wahine, which translates to a young female surfer). I like that most of the characters have different looks. There’s a somewhat out of shape, bearded dude, the aforementioned female surfer, and a longhaired surfer dude.

Toy Boarders Surf 1 16

Even though these are small figures – measuring around 2” tall each – there’s still some decent sculpting work. They didn’t just do a few different poses and mail it in on the detail work. Now, the production quality isn’t high end…but what do you expect for $0.25 a figure?

Toy Boarders Surf 1 21

Aside from skate, snow, and surf, I can’t think of any other sports that use a board. I guess they could make a play on the Boarders name and go the hockey route - show players getting boarded. There’s also pet boarding (at a kennel) and everyone’s favorite persuasion method – water boarding. I’m sure that there are plenty of other “moves” that can be designed under the trio of already released Toy Boarders series, but I’d guess a GID version of an already produced series would fare well.

To pick some up, check out the following:

AJ's Toy Boarders: $5.95 pack of 24

Toy Boarders Surf Grades
Toy Boarders Surf 1 03
Toy Boarders Surf 1 04
Toy Boarders Surf 1 05
Toy Boarders Surf 1 07
Toy Boarders Surf 1 09
Toy Boarders Surf 1 10
Toy Boarders Surf 1 11
Toy Boarders Surf 1 12
Toy Boarders Surf 1 13
Toy Boarders Surf 1 14
Toy Boarders Surf 1 15
Toy Boarders Surf 1 17
Toy Boarders Surf 1 18
Toy Boarders Surf 1 19
Toy Boarders Surf 1 20
Toy Boarders Surf 1 22
Toy Boarders Surf 1 23
Toy Boarders Surf 1 24
Toy Boarders Surf 1 25
Toy Boarders Surf 1 28




The latest vinyl figure from Necessaries Toy Foundation is called B-KAWZ:

B-KAWZ there isn't enough shit at Comicon already. B-KAWZ you are not a very discerning toy collector. B-KAWZ absolutely everyone bastardizes everyone else. B-KAWZ art imitating art is still art, geddit?

Call it what you will, is it a blatant rip-off or a noble tribute? We at Necessaries Toy Foundation consider it a homage to two successful and very respected artists.

It is also commentary and parody.

Is it an original idea? We think it is, but only in an esoteric sense. In fact, it is a very original idea if you are a lateral thinker.

Appropriator? Perpetrator? Instigator?
It is what it is, and I yam what I yam.

B-KAWZ is a metaphor du jour. Merely this and nothing more . . .


The Facts

B-KAWZ: Appropriating the Appropriator
Manufacturer: Necessaries Toy Foundation
Material: Rotocast vinyl
Dimensions: 11” tall
Points of Articulation: Zero
Edition Size: 250 pieces (Gold Edition)
Pricing: $100.00



The B-KAWZ vinyl figure comes packaged in a large box that features a dissected illustration of the character over the various side panels. (It’s not as elaborate as some of the recent releases from NTF.) On the inside, the figure is secured between a pair of snapping clear plastic trays.


Our Opinion

Since KAWS is ultimately known for “reworking” other artists’ creations (Mickey Mouse, Michelin Man, Pinocchio, The Smurfs, The Simpsons, etc), it’s ironic and fitting that someone did the same thing to him. Hence…Appropriating the Appropriator. It’s minimally transforming a pre-existing artwork that was minimally transformed by another artist from its original state. So even though it looks like a KAWS piece…it isn’t.


The B-KAWZ vinyl is essentially Popeye with a KAWS head, squishing a KAWS Bendy. If you’ve skipped ahead and checked out the final grades, you might be asking, “Why is this deserving of a 10/10 for originality?” Well, I’m trying to think of another time a production toy has made fun of an artist and their penchant for manipulating other artists’ works. Based on that…I think it’s a pretty original idea.


Also, it’s well produced. The B-KAWZ figure is actually made up of three individual pieces: the main figure, a pipe that fits into a hole near the mouth, and a smushed KAWS Bendy that perfectly fits his right shoe. While the solid gold colorway looks nice, I always like something with a little bit of paint. And paint can always change the overall grade – for better or worse.


This might be one of the first “designer” toys where there’s no discernable designer. We know the artist that B-KAWZ is attempting to imitate (KAWS)…and we know the artist that artist is attempting appropriate (E.C. Segar)…but I have a feeling that all of the people listed on the packaging - Two-Bit Johnny (idea); Narwhal Camaro and Rave Duress (sculpting); Nic Romancer (design) – are pseudonyms.


This is the 12th release from Necessaries Toy Foundation. And while collectors often have to wait more time for an NTF release than - say - a release from Kidrobot, oftentimes, this makes it feel a little more special. There wasn’t a ton of hype leading up to the release of the B-KAWZ vinyl, but I feel that it’s one of their smarter productions. And sometimes when art and/or toys make you think or laugh to yourself…that’s a good thing.

For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.

To pick one up, check out the following:

Not many shops have this guy in stock, so you might need to search the secondary market.


We Are Indie Toys (Make Your Own Resin Characters)

We Are Indie Toys Front
We Are Indie Toys Back

We Are Indie Toys (Make Your Own Resin Characters) by Louis Bou is the follow-up to the 2010 published We Are Paper Toys. The 208 page softcover book features handmade art pieces from 30 different artists. Those artists include: Emilio Garcia; Jon Knox; Le Merde; Patient No6; Plaseebo; Dave Pressler; Cris Rose; Paul Shih; Suckadelic; Tado; Tesselate.

We Are Indie Toys Pages

The book gives readers a sneak peek at the handmade production of some of the most popular indie resin toys. There's a whole lot of behind-the-scenes photos of the sculpting, molding, production, and painting processes. Plus, each artist section features a short biography as well as a "Tips and Tricks" blurb from that artist.

With an SRP of $29.99, currently has it available for $22.43.

2013 PAPAs: Plastic Toy of the Year

PAPAs 2013 Plastic

Our final Plastic and Plush Awards category is the Plastic Toy of the Year. While the term "plastic" encompasses a whole array of collectibles, we are mainly looking at vinyl toys here. So here are the top five plastic toys of the year 2013...

Oliver Mortimer 3

5. Oliver & Mortimer from Artoyz Originals (Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters)

Released in several colorways, the Oliver & Mortimer figures were released by Paris-based Artoyz. The husband/wife team of Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters each designed a character in this set...both characters easily fitting in with other toys released by the artists.

turboPISTOLA Ion Men

4. Ion Men from AOI and turboPISTOLA

The smoky black sofubi Ion Men feature plenty of interchangeable bits and pieces. Different heads, hands, bodies, etc. And while the quality for these little guys is great, what was also special is a price point around $20.

Monster Worship Mecha Black Greasebat 2

3. Mecha Greasebat from Monster Worship (Jeff Lamm)

We've seen Monster Worship release the Real Fighting Greasebat along with the Mini and Micro Greasebats...but the Mecha Greasebat gave Jeff Lamm's character a little different twist. Looking more like an old school Japanese sofubi, it was just as popular as the other it sold out fast.

Kozik Clockwork Carrot 2

2. A Clockwork Carrot from BlackBook Toy (Frank Kozik)

This was likely the closest race in all of the categories this year. We've seen the influences of A Clockwork Orange in plenty of Frank Kozik's work, but A Clockwork Carrot is a pure homage to the iconic film. If I wasn't such a fan of Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece, I likely wouldn't have been so drawn to the vinyl...or maybe I still would have.

T CP Tide Pool Stinky Ginger

**WINNER** 1. Tide Pool Stinky Ginger from Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus (Chris Ryniak)

Another of the T+CP - Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus - collaborations was Chris Ryniak's Stinky Ginger. I reviewed the Tide Pool Stinky Ginger on the site and was thoroughly impressed with the design and execution. It's probably one of the top crafted sofubi vinyl pieces that I've seen - from sculpt to paint. Plus it's an angry chunk of makes me scared to eat sushi.

2013 PAPAs: Plush Toy of the Year

PAPAs 2013 Plush

We haven't seen much of a change in the realm of plush toys. While some of the smaller brands have become much bigger, there still are a number of artists out there making small run releases. This year, we take a look at five of our favorites from 2013.

Uglydolls Universal Monsters

5. Universal Monster Uglydolls from Uglydolls (David + Sun-Min)

With the expansion of Uglydolls to various licenses, one of the first series to be released was the Universal Monsters. Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, the Mummy...they're all there. Scary + Ugly + Cute = so confusing.

Review Horndribbles 01

4. Horndribbles from Explorers Playground

The Horndribbles are a series of four characters that were released as plush toys. Spawning from Herbert Joel and his Zapp and the Oogah-Oogah-Nut book, the series of four very different plush toys really appeal to the youngsters.

Madknits Minis 1

3. MadKnits Minis from MadKnits

Since the face is hand-cast resin, the MadKnits Minis could technically fall under the resin category. But the plush body is enough for it to grab a spot here. MadKnits went the blind-bagged route - one that we don't usually see in the plush world.

Uglydolls Ice Bat Batman

2. DC Comics Uglydolls from Uglydolls (Sun-Min and David)

Superheroes and Uglydolls. By teaming up with DC Comics, kids and collectors are able to get an Ice Bat Batman or a Wedgehead Robin. It's one of those license deals that just makes sense.

Goodsell Vince

**WINNER** 1. Vince the Videotape from Dan Goodsell

Dan Goodsell took to Kickstarter to get his Vince the Videotape plush produced. There were 143 backers that got one of the Obsolete Vince (with X'd out eyes). From the world of Mr. Toast, Vince is a must have for anyone that remembers they need to "Be Kind, Please Rewind".   

REVIEW: Iron Man 3 – Series 2 Cosbaby (S)

Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 01


Iron Man 3 was the seventh installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the first film following the enormously successful 2012 film – The Avengers. Starring Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, it was just as successful at the box office as the first two. And like the first two films, collectible and toy tie-ins were readily available.

Hot Toys, which has produced toys based on the first two Iron Man films, has released sixth scale, collectible busts, and Cosbaby figures based on the Iron Man 3 license. For this review, we’re taking a look at Series 2 of their Iron Man 3 Cosbaby (S) figures. Featuring six Iron Man Cosbaby figures, this series gives us a different spin on how we think about the Cosbaby line.

Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 12

The Facts

Iron Man 3 – Series 2 Cosbaby (S)
Series: Cosbaby (S)
Manufacturer: Hot Toys
Material: Plastic snap kit
Dimensions: Approximately 3” tall
Points of Articulation: Zero
Designs: Mark XLII, Mark XLII (Battle Damaged Version), Mark XLII (Pepper Potts Version), Tony Stark, Iron Patriot, and War Machine Mark II
Accessories: Each Cosbaby will includes a special diorama base
Pricing: $69.00 set

Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 02


The Iron Man 3 – Series 2 Cosbaby (S) set comes in a long rectangular box. This comes packaged as a set, so you won’t need to purchase individual figures to complete your set. The box features a plastic windowpane front with minimal Iron Man artwork highlighting it.

Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 24

Our Opinion

The second series of Iron Man 3 Cosbaby figures features six new designs. We’ve seen most of these characters – one form or another - in some of the previously released Iron Man Cosbaby series, although I can’t remember seeing Pepper Potts released in any of them.

Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 20

In addition to Pepper Potts (in a Mark XLII suit), there are two additional Iron Man suits – that same Mark XLII in a nice and shiny mask-down version and a battle-damaged version showing Tony Stark’s face. There’s also a Tony Stark Cosbaby sporting a pair of his faux Google Glass. This is the first Cosbaby, that I can remember, that had this crossed arm sculpt. Finally, there’s the Iron Patriot and War Machine Mark II with flames and smoke shooting out of their feet.

Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 08

There are a few differences between this Cosbaby series and other. Usually, Hot Toys doesn’t include bases with their Cosbaby figures. In the case of this series, every single figure comes with a display base. The Mark XLII, Mark XLII (Battle Damaged Version), Mark XLII (Pepper Potts Version), and Tony include a base that resembles Tony’s workshop. The Iron Patriot and War Machine Mark II come with a flight landing diorama base.

Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 04

I like the addition of the base. A lot of the time, I find that there are some Cosbaby figures that have slightly curved feet. This calls for some strange poses in order to get them to stand correctly. With a base that the figure locks into…that’s been eliminated.

Also, the Iron Man 3 Cosbaby figures don’t have any articulation. In all of the other Cosbaby series I have come across, they’ve been extremely articulated. Since they’re pretty delicate, and not really meant to be played with, I don’t see a huge disadvantage to the lack of articulation. Like I said before, sometimes I had to struggle to position other Cosbabys so they wouldn’t fall over.

Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 16

Overall, I’m satisfied the Iron Man 3 designs that they’ve released. I think some version of The Mandarin would have been a nice addition, over the various versions of the Mark XLII. But I like the transition of the Cosbaby line to being a little more collector friendly.

You can pick one up at the following: $69.00 per set

Iron Man 3 Cosbaby Grades
Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 25
Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 26
Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 21
Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 22
Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 17
Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 18
Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 13
Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 14
Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 09
Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 10
Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 05
Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 06
Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 15
Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 07
Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 19
Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 11
Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 23
Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 27
Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 28
Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 29
Iron Man 3 Cosbaby 03