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Crane Kick Cat

Lulubell Toys is taking pre-orders for the Crane Kick Cat designed by Japanese wood carving artist Shidokou. Crane Kick Cat stands approximately 8 inches tall and is cast in white sofubi for this first painted release. This version is hand-painted in a traditional Maneki Neko paint style by Grody Shogun. The figure will be available to pre-order through March 27th 2019 at 5PM PT. Priced at $110.00, it is expected to ship late May or early June of 2019.

POP! PEZ – NFL Series

If you've ever wanted to eat candy straight out of a player from your favorite professional football team's neck...Funko has you covered. They have announced the POP! PEZ - NFL Series. It features generic football players from the following teams in sports beanies, football helmets, and baseball caps: Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, New England Patriots, New York Jets, Oakland Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Seahawks, Tennessee Titans, Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins, Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Washington Redskins. I'm guessing I just listed every single NFL team.

Look for these, plus other NFL Funko collaborations, to be available to purchase over at

Strawberry Sundae Seatus – Saturday at Lulubell

Scoop up this delicious new Strawberry Sundae Seatus by Gruesome Toys this Saturday exclusively at Lulubell Toys. The Strawberry Sundae Seatus is cast in light pink and black marbled vinyl with purple glitter all over. The vinyl figure stands approximately 8 inches tall and articulates at the neck and shoulders. Limited (although we don't know how many pieces will be available), the Strawberry Sundae Seatus drops online this Saturday, March 23rd 2019 at 9AM PT for $85.00 plus shipping.

Nendoroid DX Version Black Panther

GoodSmileCo. has announced the new DX Version of their Black Panther Nendoroid figure from "Avengers: Infinity War". The figure features full articulation as well as a double-joined neck allowing for all sorts of acrobatic poses befitting the Black Panther. The Nendoroid comes with interchangeable hand parts that are slightly larger than normal. A Wakanda-themed base and a horde of the innumerable Outriders, which take up about half of the base, are included along with two individual Outrider miniature figures. You'll also get a miniature version of the Border Tribe with their shields active and a flying miniature of War Machine Mark IV. Plus there's an extra portrait featuring T'Challa with his mask off (along with a serious face plate and a shouting face plate).

Currently, you can pre-order the figure through April 10th 2019) for ¥6,574 (about $60.00). Release date is set for sometime in August 2019.

Jade Street Guru at Silent Stage

Clutter has announced the release of their Jade Street Guru Limited Edition Sculpture. “The streets have their own rules, the players make their own way. The Street Guru lights the night!” From UK street artist Czee13 comes this traditional green jade colorway of the 6” Street Guru, exclusive to Silent Stage, produced by Clutter Studios.

Limited to a run of only 50 pieces, you can pick up the Jade Street Guru from Silent Stage (an online exclusive) for $199.99.

Worry Bean Family: Lavender Edition

Taylored Curiosities has released a Worry Bean family set featuring two adults, two children, and a ‘pet’ Positive Thought. The Worry Bean Family: Lavender Edition is handmade and available for £22.00 (about $28). 

The pigments are all hand-mixed, so the shade will vary but will all be a variation of lavender. The big Beans are just over one cm tall. And each one comes stamped with the official TC logo. Also...they're slightly lavender scented.

Sucklord: Interview With a Diva and Polyester Schoolgirls

The Sucklord has dropped twelve new custom creations showing off some iconic male characters as females (although, who really knows what E.T. was). There's the Interview With a Diva series based on Andy Warhol's Interview magazine and Polyester Schoolgirls, made to look like old store advertisements (I appreciate the Bamberger's one). Available over at Suckadelic, these one-off figures include a 3.75-inch tall Resin Bootleg Action figure under a blister pack and mounted on 8-inch x 10-inch Framed Graphic Card. These are created and signed by The Super Sucklord and sell for $175.00 each.

Masters of the Universe: Faker 1/6 Scale Figure (Mondo Exclusive)

Mondo has announced the pre-order availability for their Masters of the Universe: Faker 1/6 Scale Figure (Mondo Exclusive). This exclusive version includes an interchangeable Battle Damage Portrait. Standing at 12 inches tall, this version is limited to a run of 750 pieces. It's expected to ship around September 2019, and the figure can currently be pre-ordered for $165.00.

The MOTU Faker (Mondo Exclusive) includes:
  • Regular Portrait
  • Vintage Portrait
  • Battle Damaged Portrait
  • Power Sword
  • Sheath
  • Shield 
  • Battle Axe
  • Rifle Blaster
  • 6 Different Interchangeable Hands
  • Figure Stand

Threezero – 1/6 Ultraman Suit (Anime Version)

Threezero is currently taking pre-orders for their 1/6 Ultraman Suit (Anime Version) collectible figure. Priced at $129.00 (worldwide shipping included), the figure is expected to land in Q2 of 2019

The 1/6 Ultraman Suit (Anime Version) collectible figure includes:

  • LED Light-up features: 
    • Eyes
    • Color Timer on chest (Selectable/switchable between red light or blue light)
    • Specium Blade device on both arms
  • Specium Blade effect parts
  • Pair of relaxed hands
  • Pair of spread fingers hands
  • Pair of fists
  • Pair of hands in Specium Beam shooting pose

Thomas Nosuke Tiffanyblue Edition

Tomenosuke has announced that they will be releasing new versions of Doctor A's latest figure - Thomas Nosuke - beginning on Saturday March 23rd 2019 at 11:59pm Japan Time. The Tiffanyblue, Edition will be limited to a run of 40 pieces (5 for AP and 5 for PP - meaning 30 will be sold). All of them will come with a bonus miniature accessory in the style of the space pistol that was used in the 1956 Sci-Fi Classic, "Forbidden Planet." Thomas Nosuke can be made to hold it. 

You'll be able to possibly grab an AP (artist Proof) of the Tiffanyblue edition at Doktor As' booth at Toy Con UK 2019.