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Domestic Disturbances Show

Artist OsirisOrion will have a solo show - entitled Domestic Disturbances - at the David Apuzzo Photography & Art Gallery in Hamden, CT. The opening will take place on Friday January 22nd, 2010 from 5PM until 10PM. Check out the promo video below for a sneak of what to expect.

New Osiris Orion Customs

Osiris Orion has completed a pair of new customs for some upcoming shows. SlaGG - a custom 8" Dunny - was created for the upcoming Multiversal custom show (December 3rd). You can check out Wizard Sleeve Toys for more info and purchase inquiries. Secondly, Osiris has customized an 8" Qee, named Mortuus Lepus for the upcoming […] Read more

Destroyer Customs

Argonaut Resins has posted the above sneak peek photos of the upcoming series of Destroyer customs. Kat Sapene, Emily Beaulieu, Chauskoskis, OsirisOrion, and Brian Slivka (yep...that's me) are the five artists who have customized these blank resin figures. Check back for more details and photos to be revealed.

Le Moola Custom

Eric from Argonaut Resins passed along photos of this Kalua Moola custom from Frenchie of Montreal Vinyl. His name is "Le Moola" - the 1940’s French Canadian boxing champion of the world. And they have more Kalua Moola customs coming...

Space Junk Terror Custom

OsirisOrion produced the above custom for the recently opened Munny Grubbers group show that is on display at JustBlazed in AZ. The custom - named Space Junk Terror - is one of my favorite customs from the artist.

Toy Break Episode 62: Matt Has A Big Gun!

It's Toy Break Episode 62, and by the title, you can probably guess that Matt is back...and with a gun. But it's just a prop replica. Why don't you just watch it to find out what I'm rambling on about....