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NYCC19: Heavy Metal Magazine

Heavy Metal Magazine will be bringing a number of collectibles - produced by Incendium Online - to New York Comic Con 2019. They will be held up at Booth #341, with the following...

Taarna FigBiz Action Figure
Purple Lightning Accessory; Gold Sword with Silver Handle Accessory With Sheathe and Belt

Nelson FigBiz Action Figure
Red Rubbery Guts; Claw Attack Hand; 50 Caliber Machine Gun; 50 Caliber Ammunition Box

Japanese Prototype Taarna FigBiz Action Figure
Limited Edition of 250 Pieces
Black Smoke Lightning Accessory; Silver Sword Accessory With Sheathe and Belt

Japanese Prototype Nelson FigBiz Action Figure 
Limited Edition of 250 Pieces
Black Smoke Guts; Claw Attack Hand; 50 Caliber Machine Gun; 50 Caliber Ammunition Box

Ron English x Clutter present Big Poppa – The Brooklyn Way

Pop surrealist Art Legend - Ron English - has teamed up with longstanding Designer Toy Gallery and production company - Clutter - to release the Big Poppa designer art toy. English's iconic figure - The McSupersize - meets the greatest MC of all time. Standing in at 6 inches tall, this new vinyl figure will be available first at Five Points Fall 2019 (October 4th and 5th 2019). The figure features three removable accessories: sunglasses; crown; chain. 

This first colorway - titled "The Brooklyn Way" - is limited to 100 pieces worldwide and priced at $150.00.

Plaseebo – “HOWLER” Misfit Robot

Plaseebo has announced the “HOWLER” Misfit Robot will be available from the Plaseebo web store on Friday October 4th 2019.

The Howler is a one of a kind 8.5-inch hand roto-cast resin figure with a body chamber filled with space junk that is visible inside the viewing port on his chest and is illuminated from within by a switched color-changing LED unit mounted in his backpack. Batteries are replaceable. Hand painted and signed by artist Bob Conge.

You can read the backstory here:

POP! TV – The Walking Dead Series

Funko is expanding their POP! TV - The Walking Dead Series with a handful of new designs. There are five new designs - to be exact. You can bring home some of your favorite characters from TWD, including Pop! Daryl, Pop! Dog, Pop! Alpha with a mask, Pop! Judith, and Pop! Michonne.

If you're interested in pre-ordering the, or grabbing some of the already-released Pop! collectibles from The Walking Dead, follow this link over to

Titan Merchandise NYCC 2019 Exclusives

In addition to previewing their 2020 DC Hero TITANS vinyl figures, Titan Merchandise has announced a number of 2019 New York Comic Con exclusives that will be available at Booth #2142. No word on pricing or run availability on any of these.

DC HERO TiITANS: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 3-inch John Constance Hero TITAN Incantation Variant

DC HERO TITANS: ARROW Green Arrow & Canary 3-inch Hero TITANS Twin-Pack

KAWAII TITANS: Tokyo Ghoul 3-inch Ken Kaneki TITAN

KAWAII TITANS: My Hero Academia 3-inch Deku & Bakugo U.A. High School Variant TITAN Twin-Pack

Kidrobot announces New York Comic Con 2019 Exclusives

Kidrobot has announced their lineup of exclusive for New York International Comic Con 2019. They will be at the Kidrobot/NECA Booth #110, with the following collectibles.

Kidrobot x The Simpsons Nigiri Blinky Mini Figure
Rainbow Chrome NYCC Exclusive Edition
Limited to 1500 pieces
$20.00 each

Kidrobot x Sanrio 3" Hello Kitty Unicorn
Chrome NYCC Exclusive Edition
Limited to 1,000 pieces
$20.00 each

Kidrobot x Bob’s Burgers Louise Dragon with the Girl Tattoo Mini Figure
Red Chrome NYCC Exclusive Edition
Limited to 500 pieces
$15.00 each

Deathcat – Silver Blank Edition

Toy Art Gallery has announced their newest release. The new Deathcat - Silver Blank Edition by Deathcat Toys is a 4.5-inch tall figure done in shimmery silver-grey soft vinyl. Designed by Deathcat Toys and produced by TAG, the piece will be available beginning on Wednesday October 2nd 2019 at Noon PT for $45.00.

Fragil SuperJanky “Burnt AF” Edition

Superplastic has released the Fragil SuperJanky "Burnt AF" Edition from Lisbon-based street artist Add Fuel. Featuring a special high-gloss finish, and bold symmetric patterning that matches the artist’s famed azulejo mosaic tiles, this piece includes a mini-tile that can be held in its hand. Standing 8 inches tall, Add Fuel's 2nd high-gloss SuperJanky is limited to a run of only 400 pieces. You can pick up one now for $75.00.

Five Points Festival Fall Party

Clutter and the Five Points Festival have announced the return of the Five Points Fall Pop-Up in Union Square. During the weekend of New York Comic Con 2019 (October 4th and 5th 2019), the Five Points Fest Fall will take place at 815 Broadway in New York City from 1PM through 10PM.

They'll be showcasing some several vendors, including Czee13, Bunny Mischief, eddieinthecity, Ezerd, Gabriel Kash, ILikeCoolShit, Martian Toys, Ron Reeves (SPandEX), The Coven of Cuteness, and Vincent Scala. Live painting will be sponsored by Blick Art Materials, with exclusive drops, giveaways, beer, music, and much more.

Ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series – Wave 1

Super7 has announced the debut of their Ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series. There are currently 4 figures that will be part of Wave 1 in this 7-inch articulated figure lineup. The TMNT Ultimate - Wave 1 Figures are a made-to-order release, with a pre-order window running from October 1st through October 31st 2019.  Each figure will be available individually for $45.00 plus shipping.

Raphael comes armed with: Fully Loaded Weapons Rack; Communicator (open and closed); Alternate Head and Hands; Pizza slice

Splinter includes: Fully Loaded Weapons Rack; Walking Stick; Ninja Bow; Baby Turtle; Removable Robe; Alternate Hands; Cup of Tea

Foot Soldier
The Foot Soldier comes armed with: Fully Loaded Weapons Rack; Alternate Hands for Ninja Poses

Baxter Stockman
Baxter Stockman comes with: Fully Loaded Weapons Rack; Alternate Hands; Mouser