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Mondo x Rockin’ Jelly Bean – God Bird Man Tiki Mug

Mondo has teamed up with artist Rockin' Jelly Bean to release, straight from Japan, another series of Tiki Mugs. The God Bird Man Tiki Mug features Rockin' Jelly Bean's visage in tiki form. Available is two different glazes - the Mondo Exclusive Red Variant (red with yellow details) and the Green Variant (green with yellow details).

Measuring approximately 7 inches in height, the ceramic Tiki Mug holds about 16 oz of your favorite beverage. The Mondo Exclusive Red Variant is limited to a run of 150 pieces and runs $70.00 each. The Green Variant is an edition size of 130 pieces and runs $65.00.

Avengers: Endgame Minimates

The Avengers: Endgame Minimates figure series, from the hit film and produced by Diamond Select Toys, is currently available to purchase. There's a special exclusive Marvel Minimates box set that includes four figures: Tony Stark in his Quantum suit (with alternate heads for Hawkeye and Ant-Man), Black Widow (with an alternate head for Nebula), Quantum Suit Hulk, and Quantum Suit War Machine. 

There are four two-packs available exclusively at Walgreens stores, each pairing two cast members from the sure-to-be-blockbuster film: Iron Man with Thanos, Black Widow with Hawkeye, Hulk with War Machine, and Quantum Suit Captain America with Quantum Suit Rocket. (The last pack also includes alternate parts to turn Captain America into Thor, complete with Stormbreaker)

You can currently pick up these, plus plenty of other Avengers: Endgame collectibles, over at

UglyDolls: My 15 Years of Reporting on Ugly

Way back in 2004, I started a website called Toytoons. One of the first toy reviews I ever did was based on Sun-Min Kim and David Horvath's plush UglyDoll series. It was one of the reasons I got into the indie/designer toy scene in the first place. (Also, I think Alita Friedman needs some major recognition as she busted her tail for UglyDolls) You can check out the 36 pages of UglyDolls posts I have on Plastic and Plush - going back to 2005.

Now, 15 years later, the film version of these unique creations is being shown on the silver screen. And while I haven't yet seen the movie, it appears the film's message is similar to what David + Sun-Min have been conveying for years. In today's climate, a little positivity is a good thing. Exclusive Midnight Moon Bat – Sweet Fang Edition

Kidrobot and Martian Toys have released the Exclusive Midnight Moon Bat - Sweet Fang Edition figure from artist Nightly Made (aka Megan O’Brien). Her first ever vinyl figure, this 4.5-inch tall pieces is limited to 100 pieces worldwide (in this colorway). Oh...and you can hang the figure upside - like a real bat - by its tail. Go ahead and pick one up now for $49.99.

Kidrobot x South Park – Vinyl Mini Figure Series 2

Kidrobot and the folks from South Park have released the South Park Vinyl Mini Figure Series 2. The series of 3-inch tall vinyl figures features new figures of “the boys” as well as fan favorites like Token, Wendy, Tweak and Craig. You can pick up the blind box series for $9.99 each. This all new series includes the 16 characters featured below:

  • Wendy
  • Bebe
  • Timmy
  • Jimmy
  • Craig
  • Stan Puking
  • Token
  • Tweek
  • Heidi
  • Cartman
  • PC Principal
  • Gerald
  • Kyle Fro
  • KyleCouseKyle
  • Scott Malkinson
  • Kenny Buttface

Scooby-Doo Bendable Figures

NJ Croce has released their new line of Scooby-Doo Bendable Figures. The five main characters (Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Daphne, Velma, and Fred) are featured both individually and as a set. You can pick them up for $8.99 each or for $32.99 for the set of five figures.

God of War – 1/6th Kratos Deluxe Figure

Mondo Tees has announced the pre-order for their 1/6th Kratos Deluxe Figure from the video game God of War. This deluxe figure features 25+ points of articulation, real fabric belts, pants, apron, and ptergues. In addition to Mimir and the Leviathan Axe, Kratos features several weapons, such as his Blades of Chaos with chains, interchangeable heads, hands, and much more.

The figure will be available in both Regular and Mondo Exclusive versions. The Exclusive Version comes with an additional Leviathan Axe and Blades of Chaos (with chains) in their fully upgraded Valkyrie forms.The Regular Edition runs $230.00, while the Mondo Exclusive (available through May 31st 2019) is $235.00. Look for them both to arrive around Q1 of 2020.

Masters of the Universe Collectors Choice – Snake Mountain Playset

Super7 is back with the pre-order for their Masters of the Universe Collectors Choice - Snake Mountain Playset. Standing in at 36-inches tall and opening up to be 48-inches wide, the Snake Mountain Playset will be available for pre-order until May 31st 2019. Scaled for Super7's 7-inch tall MOTU figures, this massive playlet will run $750.00 ($600.00 per playset plus $150.00 for shipping to U.S. domestic addresses).

The highly detailed playset features:

  • Demon with moveable jaw
  • Narrow bridge of red hot lava falls
  • Functioning trap door
  • Real chains to shackle Skeletor’s enemies
  • Break-away wall secret entrance Skeletor’s table and bone throne
  • Horrifying dungeon creatures (figures not included)

Pop! Games – Fortnite Series

Funko is adding a number of new figures to their Pop! Games - Fortnite Series. Whatever your battle strategy happens to be, or your favorite character is, there are 11 new figures added to the Pop! Fortnite universe. They include the Pop! Loot Llama, a 10-inch Pop! Loot Llama, Pop! DJ Yonder, Pop! TomatoHead, Pop! Leviathan, Pop! P.A.N.D.A. Team Leader, GID Pop! Rex (Target exclusive), GID Pop! Skull Trooper (Walmart exclusive), Pop! Love Ranger (Best Buy exclusive), Flocked Pop! Cuddle Team Leader (GameStop exclusive), and Pop! Brite Bomber (Amazon exclusive).

You can grab these as well as a number of additional Fortnite Pop! figures over at

Pinky and The Brain Vinyl Art Figure

From Kidrobot x Animaniacs comes the newly released Pinky and The Brain Vinyl Art Figure. Ready to take over your toy collection, and then the world, Kidrobot has released this 7.5-inch tall vinyl figure that features the scheming duo is caught in the perfect moment of madness while Brain explains the plan on how the world will be theirs by morning as long as Pinky follows along. You can currently grab your very own for $49.99.