“Oil Slick” Jouwe Custom from OsirisOrion

As the opening of the Jouwe Custom Show approaches, more and more artists are revealing their custom creations. This time around, we’re taking a look the “Oil Slick” Jouwe custom … Read More

OsirisOrion @ BIC Buddy Show

OsirisOrion has posted this video of the opening of the BIC Buddy Show this past Friday at Zakka in Brooklyn, NY. Well worth the 6+ minutes of entertainment.

OsirisOrion’s Rollie Show Coverage

OsirisOrion took some video from the opening of The Rollie Show. It features interviews with Nemo and Rolo of RoloWear NYC, plenty of custom deodorant roll-ons, and the Sucklord interviewing … Read More

OsirisOrion’s Kalua Moola Custom

OsirisOrion’s artist crossover series custom variant has hit the Argonaut Resins store. It uses Lord Mesa’s Kalua Moola, which stands at 4″ tall. The custom comes with 1 resin coin, a signed Certificate of Authenticity by artist/designer Lord Mesa and…

OsirisOrion x October Toys Custom Gwins

OsirisOrion has joined forces with October Toys to create a run of 25 custom Gwins made exclusively for San Diego Comic Con. Out of the 25 handpainted customs, there will be 5 different designs (with 5 figures each). Each Gwin…

OsirisOrion vs Rumble Monsters Release Info

OsirisOrion has dropped detailed news of his official custom run with Rumble Monsters. The custom Bop Dragon run will hit his webshop on Saturday May 30th 2009 at 8PM EST. There will be two colorways – “Deadly Nightshade” and “Radioactive…

OsirisOrion x Rumble Monsters

OsirisOrion is working on an official custom run of Rumble Monsters Bop Dragons. This is his first official custom project with a company, and while the above photo is only of the blank figures…it does show off the official header…

OsirisOrion Custom Kaiju for It Came From Skullbrain Group Show

OsirisOrion sent us photos of his submission for the upcoming Super7 Kaiju Show “It Came From Skullbrain” that will take place on April 13th at Super7’s retail store in San Francisco, CA. This group show will feature a bevy of…

The Art Hustle Series 3

The Cardhacks and SideKick Media have announced the upcoming release of The Art Hustle Series 3 trading cards. With over 110 participating artists and personalities, the series includes: Original Art/Sketch … Read More

REVIEW: NYCC Space Junk Destroyer

Background Back in October 2012, Bad Applez Inc. and Plaseebo teamed up to release a small run New York Comic Con Exclusive Space Junk Destroyer customs. As you might already … Read More

Molten Lava & Sewer Sludge 3″ Resin Dunnys Pre-Order

Pre-orders for the Molten Lava & Sewer Sludge 3″ Resin Dunnys by artist OsirisOrion opened up this morning (Saturday December 1st 2012) at midnight. Each Dunny is hand cast in … Read More

Resin is King Series 2

Tenacious Toys, in conjunction with Dead Hand Toys, has announced the upcoming Resin is King Series 2 release. The blind-boxed resin mini figure series features resin work from 16 artists. … Read More