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osirisorion’s Sewer Sludge Gilbert

Rob Ingellis - aka OsirisOrion - is revealing his custom Zukie that will be featured in the upcoming "Zukie vs The World" group show on July 27th 2012 in NYC. His custom is named Sewer Sludge Gilbert. It was sculpted using Magic Sculpt and airbrushed with Monster Kolor paints. If you're interested in purchasing the […] Read more

osirisorion’s Customs for Toy Invaderz

OsirisOrion will be taking part in the Toy Invaderz group custom show which opens at the RGB Lounge in Chicago, IL on June 30th 2012. His customs include a Target Earth Gebora (above) and Ultrus Bog (below).

osirisorion’s Sweet Demon

As you might know, Tenacious Toys' Candy Coated Custom Show opens this weekend (April 21st 2012) at the London Candy Company NYC. One of the artists taking place in the show is Rob Ingellis aka OsirisOrion. Here's a look at his "Sweet Demon" custom 8" Dunny that will be featured at the event.

osirisorion’s Mickey Mouse Custom

Rob Ingellis - better known as OsirisOrion - has revealed his custom Mickey Mouse for the Mickey Mouse Showcase that Play Imaginative is putting on. This one is done up in Robert's distinctive style without any additional sculpting.

osirisorion’s Custom Bellicose Bunny

The Belicosity Show will be taking place at Toy Art Gallery on March 23rd 2012...and we're beginning to see some of the customs using the Belicose Bunny vinyl figure as the platform. (The original figure is from Nathan Hamill and produced by 3D Retro) This one is from OsirisOrion, and here's what he has to […] Read more

osirisorion’s Doppleganger Print

OsirisOrion has released his Doppleganger print. This limited edition run is printed on high quality photo glossy paper. Each print is hand numbered and signed by the artist (on the back of the print) and limited to 50 prints. Purchase the Doppleganger print for $15.00 plus free shipping in the US (just $5.00 for shipping […] Read more

osirisorion’s The Seeker

OsiRisORion just completed work on his latest painting - "The Seeker". This one is a 24" x 18" Acrylic on Wood Panel.

osirisorion’s Oil Slick Outsiders

Rob Ingellis aka OsirisOrion has announced that he'll have a limited run of custom Oil Slick Outsiders available this Friday (April 22nd 2011) at the Toy Street event taking place in New York City. Limited to only 4 pieces, you'll be able to pick them up for $100.00 each.

osirisorion 50% Off Sale

OsirisOrion has opened up a new shop and he's already having a huge blowout sale on everything in stock. Enter the code "DEADMAN" and save 50% on everything in the shop. That means custom toys and paintings, too. This mega sale ends on March 21st 2011, so if you're interested in picking something it […] Read more

osirisorion’s Custom Alien Argus

OsirisOrion will be a part of Mark Nagata's Alien Argus Custom Group Show that will take place at Toy Art Gallery beginning on February 26th 2011 from 7PM to 11PM. This was the first piece that OsirisOrion painted following some intense surgery on his hand and wrist (that's like shoulder surgery for a pitcher). You […] Read more