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Attaboy and Annie Owens on TV?


Hi Fructose was well represented on the October 17th edition of Attack of the Show! on G4Attaboy and Annie Owens sat down to discuss their uber cool quarterly publication - Hi Fructose magazine.  The segment lasts about 3 to 5 minutes and you can actually watch it on the G4 website (scroll down and the link is on the left).  Some nice publicity and helping to inform others of this whole "subculture".

REVIEW: Mega Man Retro Roto Vinyl

OK…I’ll admit it.  I never owned an original Nintendo system…not even Super Nintendo.  I went from the Sega Master System to Sega Genesis.  We had Wonder Boy and Alex Kid…not that memorable.   At the same time, Nintendo had about 50 versions of the Mega Man console game available.


Jazwares had acquired the Mega Man license a few years ago.  They began producing 3, 6 and 10-inch plastic figures of characters from the very popular video game series.  While the 6 and 10-inch lines were more “action figure” based, the 3-inch line satisfied collectors looking for mini figures.

Jazwares has recently launched their Retro Roto Mega Man line.  The only similarity between these and their other Mega Man lines is the characters.  This line is made of rotocast vinyl, which in basic terms means: a mold is made, spun very quickly and plastic is injected into the mold – making the figure hollow.

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Announcing the OFFICIAL So So Def Recordings Vinyl figurine


Jermaine Dupri Presents: AFROMAN.

AFROMAN comes with an exclusive MIXTAPE CD only available with the figurine.

AFROMAN will be editorially supported by national / international
press encompassing: TV, radio, web, print, music, fashion, art,
lifestyle, and figure collectible publications.

AFROMAN was sculpted in JAPAN by top designer Monster5. (Mr.Cartoon,
FAFI, Disney, Humanoids, Devilrobots)

AFROMAN has already been featured on the pages of FLAUNT fashion
magazines for their "Couture toy" fashion spread.

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Planet6 Updates Galore!

SEEN and the folks over at have done a complete redesign of their website. You'll find a ton of toy related info, with the launch of Phony Baloney almost upon us.  There is also past projects such as Spraycan Monsters and the SEEN tag.


Plus! Get some sneak peeks at Toy2R and adFunture projects SEEN is working on.  I'm definitely looking forward to those!

Spawn Series 28: Regenerated


Now it's not really Urban Vinyl, but the newest line of Spawn figures from McFarlane Toys are pretty cool.  The latest series is all updated figures from previous lines.  Since there was such a resounding response to the first offerings, they've decided to re-release them.

NTF and Meltdown Comics Charity Auction


Meltdown Comics and Necessaries Toy Foundation have donated a full set of Camille Rose Garcia figures to auction off in an attempt to raise money for the Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund.  Camille will sign any or all figures if the winning bidder wishes so.  100% of the proceeds go to support the Red Cross and their Hurricane Relief Fund.  So if you wanted to pick up this set's a cool way to help out those in need AND to get some cool toys.  Click here to check out the ebay auction.

Sneak Peek at The Pony Project Customs


The Pony Project, brought to you by Hasbro and Thunderdog Studios, is set to open at the Milk Gallery in New York City on October 21st.  It's a custom show featuring some of the best and brightest female artists customizing every little girls favorite toy - My Little Pony.  It's obvious that this exhibit is directed towards females - but us men should get a kick out of most of the designs.  Here are a few customs to check out.



Early Bird Figures…a little later

It's always nice when you receive something in the mail that you completely forgot you had ordered.  As is the case with the Star Wars Early Bird Figures.  I'm somewhat surprised they found their way to me as I didn't enclose the original UPC sticker from the package (I threw it away) and then I moved from PA to NC without giving the folks at Hasbro my updated mailing address.  And plus, I ordered them way back in May.


It was a mixed bag of emotions.  I obviously didn't read into what I was ordering.  I thought they would be exact carded replicas of the 1977 line, however, it was the "Early Bird Package" that was the exact replica of the 1977 Early Bird Package.  The figures are the new fangled versions of 4 of the original characters - Luke, Leia, Chewbacca and R2-D2.


They are pretty impressive.  Luke has the vintage telescoping lightsaber that discretely pops out of his ever so straight arm.  Leia is a great rendition of the opening scene from the original Star Wars flick.  Growing up, my dog took a liking to chewing off Princess Leia's feet...I'm still traumatized by this.  You can spin R2's head around and a little antenna pops out.  And this Chewbacca is probably the best toy version of that character I have ever seen.  I never liked those crazy growling versions that made him look like a rabid dog...although, his expression on this toy is that of a 13 year old who just got braces and doesn't want to smile.

This is still a great set of Star Wars toys - only 50,000 sets were made available.  If anyone is interested in seeing up close shots, post it in the comments section and I'll update the post with some pictures of the figures.

REVIEW: Monster Plush and Wall Mask

A few weeks ago we introduced you to Miss Monster (aka Melita Curphy).  If you have not checked out her website since then, you’ll be surprised by the changes that have taken place.  She’ll be adding a store shortly, and if you are interested in any of her handmade toys…you can email her to ask questions.


Miss Monster sent in one of her plush creations as well as a painted wall mask.  The plush figure also includes a monster face that has been cast in plastic and painted.  Both of these should be available through the online store at

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INTERVIEW: We Chat with CWC’s Junko Wong

Plastic and Plush chats with Junko Wong, the founder President of CWC, about the reemergence and rejuvenation of the Blythe Doll.  Blythe was originally created by Kenner in 1972 and was only produced for one year due to poor sales.  She made her comeback in 2000 in photos by Gina Garan and Parco's Christmas campaign produced by CWC in Japan.   The first neo-Blythe, Parco Limited, was produced by CWC and manufactured by Takara, with permission of Hasbro was released in June 2001. There are a number of new Blythe dolls available and an entire website devoted to this special little doll.


Were you a fan of the original Blythe dolls, which were released by Kenner in 1972?

No, I was already a teenager in '72 and interested mostly in boys!

Was it the photography work of Gina Garan that really turned you on to these figures?

It was in Gina's photos that I first saw Blythe. In the picture, I saw a beautiful doll that I thought the women in Japan would fall in love with and could sense the potential of the product as a cultural icon.  I also simply saw a beautiful photograph that the talented photographer Gina Garan took.

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