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Fatima Signing


On April 6th, Sam Flores will be on-hand at Upper Playground in San Francisco.  He'll be there to sign one of the hottest new toys of 2006 - Fatima.  Be sure to get there early as it's only running from 6 pm until 9 pm.  The show is presented by Upper Playground, Ningyoushi and Fifty 24SF.

Carnival Cartoons T-Shirt


The guys at Carnival Cartoons have sent word of their first t-shirt.  It is adorned by the CC logo - well, actually 2 of them.  There are 2 elephants facing each other on a red shirt - available in M, L and XL.  They cost $25 Canadian...for more information, click here.

8″ Qee – David Horvath & Sun-Min Kim

Toy2R has announced 2 new Qees from the creators of Uglydolls - David and Sun-Min.  The 8" Gel 3.0 Bear has been designed by David Horvath.  When you purchase the 8" Qee, you'll also receive a 2.5" artist Qee in the form of the designer.  Sun-Min Kim's 8" Spider Boom Toyer looks ready to eat a piece of cake.  It also includes a 2.5" artist Qee.


RoboPuppetMonster Show in Berlin


Its time for the RoboPuppetMonster show again!  The gallery – “Supalife-Kiosk” - in Berlin, is hosting 8 different artists this year for the show, and go-monos is going to participate with their handmade leather characters and some funky animations featuring those characters.

The opening will take place on the April 8th in Berlin.

“Primeval” Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Diamond Select Toys' upcoming “Primeval” Buffy the Vampire Slayer action figure is due to be released in Spring 2006.  The figure will only be available to U.S. fans through the DST web site, a limited quantity will also be available in Europe, the U.K. and Australia.

Due out in May of this year, the full release of seven action figures features the many incarnations of the Summers sisters - Buffy and Dawn!  In addition to the core release of Chosen Buffy, Lessons Dawn and the limited Once More With Feeling Dawn, three exclusive figures were previously announced for release.  "Primeval" Buffy marks the fourth and final exclusive figure and joins the ranks of Time and Space Toys' Buffybot, Action Figure Xpress' Cheerleader Buffy and Diamond Previews' Vampire Buffy.  Each action figure also features the scanned likeness of Buffy stars Sarah Michelle Gellar or Michelle Trachtenberg!

Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios, "Primeval" Buffy features several episode-specific accessories including an Initiative tazer, axe, stake as well as Adam's power core.  An Initiative-style base allows fans to recreate the Season 4 battle, which featured a "Super-Slayer" Buffy taking on the demon/human/robot hybrid, Adam.

REVIEW: Carnival Cartoons’ Buzz Carney


Carnival Cartoons’ first independently created and funded figure – Buzz Carney – hit store shelves a few weeks back.  It’s a fairly limited run piece (only 250 created) and has been made available through a number of online retailers.

Buzz is the first vinyl character from Carnival Cartoons’ The Carneys line.  If you haven’t checked out our interview with Jared Deal and Garnet Syberg-Olsen, the men behind Carnival Cartoons, there is a ton of additional information regarding future vinyl toy releases from the company.

When it comes to Buzz Carney, it was a pretty spectacular first attempt.  The toy is packaged in a window front box and has a decent amount of reading information on the rear.  Each toy includes a number stamped certificate of authenticity that is signed by Jared, Garnet and sculptor Eric Nocella.


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Two New Figures From Suckadelic

Two brand-spanking new figures from the Sucklord and Suckadelic.  Well...they are sort of new.  They are actually upgrades of 2 Suckadelic classic figures.  We finally get a new Sucklord figure - Sucklord 77.  He " builds upon the carcass of his former incarnation with new beats, a new crew and new ladies. Look out!"  The only difference between the Galactic Jerkbag Volume 2 and the original is the color.  He is "limited to only 93 pieces, this space chump is sure to depress even the most jolly Supervillain!"  They are both available through Suckadelic's online store.


Odd IC by Lunartik


Lunartik sends word of his limited edition digital canvas entitled Odd IC.  The 12" square by 1.5" deep canvas is limited to a run of 20 signed and numbered pics.  They are only available from Octane3 for £60 + £8 shipping and handling.

Shawnimals Pocket Stache


Rotofugi has the new Pocket Stache from Shawnimals for sale...only $6.95.  I saw these at Toy Fair - there is a photo of me wearing one out there - and they are a lifesize moustache.  If you have poor facial hair growth, you could probably just glue it on.

Schamcy Presents UNKL


UNKL founders Jason Bacon and Derek Welch will have a month-long show at Seattle's Schmancy Toys.  The show begins on April 7th and runs until May 4th.  Derek and Jason will be at the April 7th opening (which lasts from 6 until 9 pm).  The shop is located at 1930 2nd Ave.