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Congratulations Are Due

Publications pay millions of dollars for snapshots of Britney Spears' baby or Ashton and Demi's wedding.  Well I only had to give my left arm to get the photo of the year...the Sun-Min and David wedding photo.  Yes, it's true.  The creators of Uglydolls and Spider Boom were recently wed.  And I say: Congratulations!


REVIEW: I.W.G. Mini Figures – Part 1

If you’ve read any of my previous reviews, you know that I am a fan of Rocket World’s Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo line of figures.  I bestowed upon them the title of best toy line for 2004 for their 6-inch rotocast vinyl figures.  Patrick, of Rocket World, has yet again teamed up with STRANGEco to produce a very cool line of figures.


The I.W.G. mini figure line contains the same characters as Series 1 of the larger vinyl figures.  If you are a fan of the larger versions, you’ll definitely like the mini line.  All of the characters are equipped with the same accessories and they all come with an added bonus – a skull and crossbones that specifically displays the damage inflicted by each character’s weapon.

This review will be our first of 3 revolving around the new I.W.G. mini line.  Three reviews with 3 characters in each review.  Don’t worry…all 9 characters are currently available.

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New ‘Friends With You’ Plush


STRANGEco is reporting that Friends With You will be launching a new plush line - The Burger Bunch.  This line will contain three new characters ( might look familiar).  There is Bumble Grump, Muffin and Mr. TTT Burger.  You might remember the Mr. TTT Burger character from Friends With You's Good Wood Gang.


Look for this line to launch in December.

Corpse Bride Figures Released

For some reason, when I was writing the title to this story, I wrote Princess Bride as opposed to Corpse Bride.  One was a live-action fairy tale starring Andre the Giant, Fred Savage and Billy Crystal...the other...a stop-motion Tim Burton film.  Not to be confused with one another!


McFarlane has released a plethora of Corpse Bride toys upon the world!  Plush, plastic, 3-inch, 6-inch, 12-inch, etc, etc, etc.  Like The Nightmare Before Christmas, the Corpse Bride characters are easily transformed into "toy form".  The figures used in the movie were all sculpted of clay, which makes for a smooth transition.

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Be Seen!


This is a friendly reminder to all artists - pros, amateurs, kids with coloring books - that we are still looking for banners for the site. It's a nice way to have your artwork seen by peers, fans and companies.  For more information...check out our previous press release.  We're all looking forward to seeing what you folks can dream up!

Plush Rush coming to Central Ohio

Announcing something new!  The first ever PLUSH RUSH!  It's a whole bunch of plushy, art goodness held in Columbus Ohio and hosted by Mr. Pickles, Jenny Harada & Acme Art Company.  PLUSH RUSH will celebrate handmade plush from over 80 artists around the globe!


What is plush, you might ask?  Some may describe it as squishy, squashy fabric-y forms of art, others may say that plushies are handmade warm & fuzzy toys.  They may be made out of felt, flannel, fleece, velvet – whatever!  Some have faces!  Others wear funny t-shirts!  One thing is for sure – they’re all made with love!

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November’s Gallery Show at Wootini


The Dark Children and Rabbits from Another Place with So Far, No Good show debuted at Wootini on November 11th.  It runs through December 5th, when it gives way to a show by Bwana Spoons.  The current gallery showcases the works of A.D. Puchalski (Angel Devil) and Sam Fout (Project Neptoon).

Thanks very much to Dave from Moon Toad Productions for all of the great photography work!


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3DRetro – New Dunnys up for Pre-Order has a number of brand spankin' new Dunnys up for Pre-Order.


Huck Gee's tattooed 8-inch Don'yoku Dunny was first shown at the Visionaire Dunny Show in 20-inch form.  It has been shrunken down and mass-produced for everyone to own. Or 2,000 that is the edition size.  Availble for $39.50


DOMA - a group of Argentinian artists - has also created a Dunny.  Like Huck Gee's Dunny, this one will be released on December 1st.  It will be available in Red or Blue versions.  The Red version is limited to 1,500 pieces and the Blue version is limited to 1,000. Available for $29.50


Ron English Rabbbit


Ron English has received widespread recognition upon the inclusion of his
subversive art in the film "Super Size Me." Before the film gained popularity,
many people may not have been familiar with Ron's colorful, unique style, but
they'll probably never forget it. For many of us, who have been following Ron's
career since the mid-'90s, his art has made an impact on our senses. Ron has
been designing his own billboards, featuring witty and controversial comments on
politics and popular culture, and risked arrest everytime he put them

His contemporary take on the classics is instantly recognizable: Van
Gogh's Starry Night with a well-known hamburger joint in the background,
a multi-faced Munch's Scream, and Monet and Kinkade-inspired landscapes,
sometimes serving as home to our three-eyed friend, Rabbbit.

He's made of durable soft vinyl, and comes in a full-color window box,
with original Ron English art inside and out!

Available at for only $15.99 each!

A Happy Halloween From Uglydolls


The folks from Pretty Ugly Inc. were kind enough to provide a group of very special kids with some great Halloween gifts.  The students of Mrs. Slivka's class (yes...that would be my wife) received brand new Little Uglys.  Considering the kindergarten through 2nd grade children were playing with 15-20 year old toys, they were very excited to get their own Little Uglys.

It's great to see a company donate toys to kids who can really use them.  These children probably have no clue that people their parents age collect Uglydolls by the truckload.  They just see them as a fun, new toy.  And that's the way it should be.

If you'd like to purchase your own Little Ugly, check out the Uglydoll Store.  Also, look for Uglydolls in the new hit movie - Zathura.