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New Neo Blythe

The collaboration by "Pom Ponnet," a sophisticated, French-taste
children's apparel brand and CWC have given birth to the Neo Blythe
"Rendez-vous Chouchou". 


The skirt of the dress she wears is gorgeously
embroidered with a scene from Paris. The scene included a corner cafe
and the Eiffel Tower looking down are all elaborately done in beads,
spangles and rhinestones.  The rhinestones and cut-beads hemmed on the
upper front of the dress create an elegant look. The big ribbon on the
back of the dress adds the final touch of charm to the fashionable
outfit. The eye change charm is embossed with a crown. She carries a
cute, heart shape bag with a ribbon and pearl handle. The top hat
has the letter P written in with rhinestone. The lace gloves and socks
complete the look!
Blythe's fluffy friends is a sweet poodle with a pink lead and a
light-blue polka dot dress.

Bwana Spoons at Wootini in December

One day Jessie the Wanderer woke up on the beach with way too much sand in his ears, and said "I don't wanna wander no more." So he set out on a mini-quest to find some land and build some proper shelter. From this came Jessie's Palace.


Wootini presents Bwana Spoons, the original Rainbow Master, on Friday, 9 December, from 7pm - 12am in the Carr Mill Mall, Carrboro.  Expect to see lots of new paintings, tiny sculptures, and piles of driftwood, along with refreshments and music from Family. Show runs through 9 January, 2006.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope all of you readers have a great Thanksgiving!  Go eat some turkey or turducken or tofu-turkey or whatever you eat.


I will be taste testing one of the Holiday Packs from Jones Soda.  Mmm...Turkey and Gravy soda!  I'll be posting the 2 taste tests over the next 2 months.

December means the end of the year...which means our 2005 Toy Awards.

The last banner was designed by Shan Michael Evans and this week's was done by Pravin Sathe of

That's it for now!

…and Bears, O My!


Here's a preview of the 3 new Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo special edition figures.  Produced by STRANGEco and designed by Rocket World - the 3 new bears will use the same body design as Titus...just different paint applications.

From left to right - Titus the Grizzly Bear (released last year), Henson the Polar Bear (limited to 100), Septimius the Black Bear (limited to 100) and Peary the Bloody Polar Bear (limited to 100, only at Kidrobot).  Look for them at your favorite vinyl outlet sometime in January 2006.

Latest Wootini Gallery Now Online


The folks from Wootini send word that there latest show gallery is now up online and available for purchase.  If you remember, this past month's show was loaded with the work of Sam Fout and AD Puchalski (Angel Devil).  You've seen the photos you can purchase the displayed works for your own collection.


Sket One’s King Tut Dunny

I might be somewhat critical of platform toys sometimes. A lot of the designs we see are just the same old stuff.  The same artists doing the same work on a different figure.  I think that's why I like a lot of customs and platform toys done by Sket One.  A lot of his work talks to my inner 1980's child (see his upcoming CiBoys line).


Kidrobot has taken Sket's very popular King Tut Dunny (just ask Whoopi Goldberg - who allegedly purchased the original) from the inaugural custom Dunny Show, and shrunken it down to a formidable 8 inches.  This is my favorite Dunny so far.  Not only will the original Blue Tut be available...but the evil Red Ramses (OK...I think they might be calling this one the Red Tut) will be available as well.


The Red version is available only at Kidrobot (500 piece edition) on December 29th and the Blue version will be available at finer retailers on January 5th (2,000 pieces).  I am guessing that both and will have this figure available.

mimoco Announces goSeries mimobots


mimoco, the company responsible for fusing designer toys and technology, is pleased to announce the next series of mimobots, the goSeries. Featuring four brand new designs (plus a yet-to-be-revealed secret character) from artist Yahid ‘Serial Killer’ Rodriguez of Mazatlan, Mexico; they land on Earth in early December.

"The mimobots propagation has begun," stated Evan Blaustein, founder of mimoco and the brain trust behind mimobots. "The goSeries further expands our vision to combine functional technology with designer toy style."

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REVIEW: Vice Do’s and Don’ts

Gimix Toys first release is the 4 figure line of Vice Do’s and Don’ts.  They teamed up with Gavin McInnes (the founder of Vice Magazine) and Pat McEown (the cartoonist).  I’m still not exactly sure what the difference between the Do’s and Don’ts are…but it makes for some interesting reading.


The line of Do’s and Don’ts contains 4 different characters.  They are split into 2 Do’s and 2 Don’ts.  There is one girl and one guy in each set.  Becky and Craig are considered the Don’ts while Beatrice and Baby Balls are the Do’s.


Each package is designed like a New York City bodega.  The front and sides are see-through, so it’s a box that can stand up in your collection.  Even though each package looks identical, they all contain a specialized bio.  The amusing bio tells readers exactly why the character is either a Do or a Don’t.  There is also a funny Stats section that tells of height, weight, political beliefs, favorite bands, etc.

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New Noupa News

The creator of Uglydolls and Noupa, David Horvath, has a number of new figures coming out.


There is a 10-inch Noupa Evil Robo Trexi contains a 3-inch Greedy Pilot Trexi inside of its' head.


There will also be a 3-inch Noupa Trexi Set with all of your favorite Noupa characters.


There will also be a new Qee - David Horvath's Series 1 and several vinyl figures in collaboration with Yoyamart.

Big Puff Maki Poster

Have you seen Enjin Factory's line of Instant Sapien figures?  If not, you're missing out on some very cool toys.  Don't fret, they have not yet been released.  Look for them to hit stores early 2006.  We do have a sneak peek at the poster of their first character - Big Puff Maki.  Combine a little James Bond, Japanese anime and blood and there you go!