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Rock Poster Mini Figures?


STRANGEco has just signed on a very exciting group of artists for a new mini figure series, featuring a superstar line-up of designers from the Rock Poster world. Curated by Jermaine Rogers and co-produced by Wootini, the series is currently under development for release in early 2007 and will feature designs by Jermaine Rogers, Lindsey Kuhn, Jay Ryan, The Little Friends of Printmaking and several other prominent poster artists.  The line up features some of the most revolutionary artists in the field from old-school masters to established heavy hitters to up-and-comers, all actively producing Poster Art.

Here are some examples of artwork by Jermaine, Lindsey, Jay and the Little Friends of Printmaking. These aren't necessarily the toy designs, but a good flavor of the various artists' styles.


Nakanari’s Puffy Family


Nakanari has sent in some photos of his new Puffy Family set.  The set consists of a customized Cre8tive Peeples figure, custom spraypaint can and canvas.


Pleo by Ugobe


I recently saw some video of a very intriguing toy that’s set to be released around the end of this year.  Pleo, produced by Ugobe, might look like an ordinary dinosaur toy, but looks can be deceiving. 

The man behind this creature is the co-creator of the FurbyCaleb Chung.  If you thought that the Furby was impressive, you will be amazed at exactly what Pleo can do.  Ugobe says that they are "re-animating life by transforming robotics into life forms".  This figure takes the Tamagotchi and Furby phenomena to an entirely new level.

The demonstration video leads me to recall the Sony Aibo.  However, Pleo has a much less robotic exterior.  And with an anticipated retail price around $200, it’s less than 1/10th of the original Aibo’s price.


Sneak Peek – Kathie Olivas’ Violet

Not a Plastic and Plush Dicussion Board member yet? Well, you're missing out on some cool news if you're not checking out our board.  Wheaty Wheat Studios is offering a limited sneak peek at Kathie Olivas' Violet toy prototype based on her Misery Children series.  You can only see the sneak peek by checking out our Wheaty Wheat Forum.

CONTEST: Mr. Bunny and Fire Cat Finalists


The judges (Debbie Yoon and Chris Lee from Wheaty Wheat and myself) have selected our 5 favorite haikus, so now it's up to you to choose who will take home the first and second place prizes.  You want to know who the finalists are?  Well you'll have to go check out our discussion board to see if you made it.  Then vote for your favorite haiku in our online poll.  Voting will close on April 20th at 12:01 am EST.  Remember that the first place winner will get their choice of the two figures above and the runner-up will get the other.

Lifestyles of the Cute and Dangerous


Have you ever wondered what cartoon
characters do in their spare time? Do they get in trouble? Do they get
married? Do they hang out in bars? Tristan Eaton believes so. According
to Eaton they are just like us, filled with insecurities, ambitions,
mischief, love and bravery. These characters spend a lot of time
entertaining us in cartoons and in comics, but what exactly do cartoon
characters do when we turn off the TV or put down the comic book? Well,
they do graffiti, have sex, get arrested and of course fall in love.
Eaton will give you a rare, inside look into this secret worlds of
cartoons at his very first solo exhibition in Tokyo, set to debut at
Gallery LELE, April 4th, 2006. Eaton will display a vast series of
prints, paintings, toys and even bronze statues that will reveal the
'Cute & Dangerous' lifestyles of seemingly innocent cartoon.

The Opening Party will take place on Friday April 7th from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm and all are invited!

REVIEW: Phony Baloney


Who would have thought up a line of law-enforcing swine, other than the minds of SEEN and Planet 6?  The Phony Baloney pigs seem to find themselves in some rather precarious situations.  The team of police officers can be seen in their first full length comic book – Phony Baloney: Phony Island Phiasco, which is produced by Terminal Press.  They also have been immortalized in plastic as a set of 8 figures and claim to be feeding you the truth about pork.

The Phony Baloney line can be purchased individually or in an 7-piece box set.   I guess it depends on whether or not you like a specific character or the entire line.  The box set does not include one figure – Porked!  However, I would recommend picking up a copy of the comic book, as it gives a nice background to the entire line.


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Kricky The Alien Frog


Broken Heart Robot has not even been released yet and Genshi:Toy already has plans to release their second toy - Kricky The Alien Frog.  The photos are of the 3D renders, including the actual SoftImage XSI application workspace that they're modeling the figure in.

Unlike Broken Heart Robot, which was outsourced to do the 3D modeling (with Atomic Monkey), GENSHI:TOY is modeling this one in-house using SoftImage XSI.

This will be a platform vinyl toy, but unlike some other "platform" (dunnys, munnys, buds, etc.) toys, this will be 4 inches tall and will NOT be blind boxed.

Tentatively there will be 8 colorways of varying rarity and a couple of them customized by top artists (though NOT the usual suspects.)

Tentative suggested retail price of $24.95 and tentative release date of Fall 2006.

Check out the 360 degree view of the figure here.


World Cup Soccabots


World Cup Soccer might be one of my favorite sporting tournaments.  It only happens every 4 years, and since it’s happening in Germany in 2006, I’ll need to wake up extra early.

is celebrating the World Cup in style – by creating a line of Soccabots.  The 4” tall soccer robots are available in 16 unique designs – representing 16 World Cup countries.  They also come with their own soccer ball. 


Wavedog Custom Munnys


Dan from has sent us a photo of his 2 latest custom Munnys - Boo Pok (above) and Vooddha (below).  The Munny's headdress is made out of wood and the entire paintjob is fairly impressive.  Both of these custom figures will be made available through VinylFixx.