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Motorbot MAD*L Customs


Motorbot sent us a few photos of his wood grain MAD*L customs.  These are for the upcoming show at Missing Link Toys (in Oregon).  I always enjoy a good, hand-painted wood grain pattern.  Nice work on the knots as well.  These are named Clarence (above) and Rupert (below).


The Tourney Field is Down to 8


It's down to the final 8 competitors in our March Madness Toy Artist Tournament.  The votes from the Sweet 16 are in and you have narrowed the field down to Tristan Eaton, Sket One, MAD, Tim Biskup, Michael Lau, Eric So, Huck Gee and Pete Fowler.  Four of these artists will be moving on to the Final 4 and representing their region.  The polls will be updated tonight and voting will last until 12:01 am EST on Thursday April 6th.

Broken Heart Robot Versions


Check out the photo of the Broken Heart Robot - Standard, Glow-in-the-Dark and San Diego Comic Con Exclusive edition.  The Standard and Glow editions will be available soon from your favorite vinyl store, while you'll only be able to pick up the Clear version during the artist signing at SDCC 2006.


Fugitive Toys Giveaway


Fugitive Toys is having a big giveaway where, for every $50 you spend, you receive a Horvath 2-Faced Dunny or a 4" Dalek Ice Bot.  So if you spend $'ll get 3 free toys!  And if you spend $5,000...that means 100 free toys!

Rolitoland Safari Mini Figures


New from Rolito and Toy2R - Green T and Savage Sally.  The 2.5" Rolitoland Safari Mini Figures will be available in mid-April.  I like seeing Toy2R producing these new sculpts.  Considering that this is set A...I wonder what set B will look like.

Nades from Jamungo


Jamungo is releasing the brethren of the uber-popular Blow Up Dolls (BUDs) - Nades.  They are the same size as the BUDs, so the parts are interchangeable.  Each figure is individually blind-bagged.  There are only 1,000 pieces in the edition - 950 Grey and 50 Caution Orange.  So you have a 5% chance of picking up the special chase color.


Ledbetter’s Toxic Swamp Bear Qee


All of you maniacal Joe Ledbetter fans shall rejoice!  Toy2R is releasing Joe's 8" Toxic Swamp Bear Qee.  Look for it around April or May this year (that would be next month).  Since the ad says Green Version...I'm going to guess that there might be some other versions in the works.

Contest from

We know you LOVE to win things (especially toys), so here is yet another chance for you to do so. is sponsoring a Discussion Board Contest that gives the winner a choice of 6 different prize packages:

Krypt Kiddies Victory and Blitz Set (When Released)
Little Apple Dolls Series 3 Set of 5
Living Dead Dollies - Series 2 Set (When Released)
Mad L Artist Series 1 Set (When Released)
Series 1 Hanpanda Kingdom Set of 2 - Nyanpan and Usapan
Series 2 Teddy Scares Set (When Released)

Here's what you'll need to do!
Post a photo with you and one of your favorite toys in the following message board thread.  If you have any problems posting the photo, you can email it to me at  The winner will be chosen by Joann from  The contest ends on April 16th at 12:01 am. (extended from April 9th)

INTERVIEW: Carnival Cartoons’ Garnet and Jared


As you might now know, Carnival Cartoons (Jared Deal and Garnet Syberg-Olsen) recently released their first, independently produced, figure - Buzz Carney.  We discussed the future plans and past influences of the guys responsible for The Carneys.

What exactly is Carnival Cartoons and who is involved with this venture?

Garn: Well, Carnival Cartoons is a company that Jared and I formed after we met in 1999/2000 while working at MTV animation in New York City. We have similar tastes when it comes to cartoons, and also similar drawing styles so it seemed like a good fit. We also found that we work really well together so we decided to partner up and form a company so we could start pitching our own show ideas. After the show we were working on at MTV didn’t get a second season…I headed Back to Vancouver where I’m from, and Jared stayed in the Big Apple, but we have continued to work together since then by phone, email, ftp etc. and with the odd trip back and forth. So…in a sense we are a “virtual animation studio”. Right now its exciting times for us, because we’re heading in a whole new direction creatively with the whole vinyl toy production thing. Its pretty cool because we’ve developed a huge library of original animation related content that really lends itself to toys…and it interesting to see the big players in animation are starting to think in the same way…what with the recent purchase of a stake in Kidrobot by WildBrain Animation Studio.

Jared: Yeah, it’s cool though because we don’t actually need a studio space, where we both physically can sit at a computer side by side (although that would be the dream situation). We’ve been able to crank out heaps of work on our own projects, and for other clients working remotely. Ya gotta love the interweb!

Your artwork and humor reminds me a lot of Ren and Stimpy.  Who and what influenced you and your artwork?

Jared: Crap...we have sooo many influences.  There are so many great artists out there now; it seems like every day we discover someone new who just blows us away.  Yeah, you're right one of our biggest would have to be Kricfalusi & well, pretty much any other ex-Spumco artist...Jim Smith, Bill Wray, Katie Rice, Chris Reccardi, Gabe Swarr, Fred Osmond, Stephen DeStephano…the list goes on. Other big influences...Mary Blair, Tim Biskup, Gary Baseman, Gendy, Craig McCracken, Craig Kellman, Tex Avery, Jeff Soto, Dave Cooper, Chris Prynowski, Aaron Augeblick. And some new finds...Nick Cross, Todd Kauffman, Joel Trussell, any one from the Meathaus crew (Zach Baldus, Easo, etc.).  We could go on for days!

Garn: For sure! Jared’s right… its like you find new animation artists all the time that are so good it makes you want to cut off your hands and give up drawing! Blogger is a great way to see stuff you just wouldn’t be exposed to otherwise. It’s so easy for artists to post stuff and give you peek into their world. I also like to look outside of animation for inspiration. There are so many great painters, illustrators, and designers out there that really get me worked up. J. Otto Siebold, Michael Bartalos, Melinda Beck, Ragnar, Calef Brown, Kirsten Ulve, Evan Hecox, Jim Flora, Lane Smith, Rod Filbrandt, The Clayton bros., Jeff Kleinsmith, Gary Taxali, Stuart Davis, M. Sasek…seriously this interview could just turn into a list of influences.


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